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What is Going on with France Russia..I'll tell You
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Jimbob    Posted 03-20-2003 at 21:17:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
First France. Past- Ironic after Hitler standing in France enjoying Frances defeat, the USA sheds their blood of young men to liberate France from Germany.
Now- Make no mistake, the President of France is friends with Saddam Hussein. France contracted a nuke plant with Saddam back in the 1980s. If it was not for Israel bombing the plant, Saddam whould have a nuke bomb back in 1990 that he would have used on the US. France has lately contracted the largest oil deal in history with Saddam. It is suspected Iraq has more oil in western Iraq than any middle east country. France can not get thru their their head they ARE NOT a super power! They love to think so & pull their BS politics thru orginations like the UN or the European Commonwealth. You see, the USA is not an empire, the USA does not want world dominance. Now, what if France was a super power? France, you can go to hell!

Russia- Russia also has huge investimates in Iraq. They also want the oil & are terrified deals that have been made with Saddam will not only be exposed, but will lose billons also. Remember, the USA has lent a huge sum of money & other aid to Russia- they are not even capable of feeding theeir people or keeping them warm in the winter without foreign aid. Unlike France, Russia is desperate.

Saddam was behind the first bombing in the world trade center. The bomb in a truck in the basement was placed next to the wrong steel building supports. Thank God, the building would have come down! Over 1000 terrorists live in Iraq. Saddam vowed to kill President Bush senior & his plan was discovered just in time. The USS Cole is a Saddam act. Many embasemby bombings are Saddams acts. Believe it folks, Saddam is a madman and must be stopped.

God Bless our President George Bush for having the courage despite the UN actions & lack of support of other countries. God Bless out military personnel in the middle east........And, Saddam you can also go to hell.

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