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Housetraining Puppies
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Pitch    Posted 04-03-2003 at 04:33:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
We just got a couple of mutt puppies thet are probably 10 or 11 weeks old. We have had them about ten days and they are just beginning to know their names. When should they start to get a clue about being house trained? First thing in the morning they do know to go to the door to go out but the rest of the day they go wherever. We keep a close eye on them but they p so fast that by the time you take two steps towards them they are done. Its been so long since We've had a dog I can't remember how long this process should take. My wife says that we cannot do the old method of rubbing their noses in it and throwing them out the door. We are trying the new politically correct methods and I see no progress. With the old dog we did the nose rub and that dog would explode before he crapped in the house.

Cacti lover    Posted 04-06-2003 at 11:56:30       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I breed shih tzu bichons and I've found that the kennel method is the most effective. At bed time the puppy gets put in his kennel to sleep. In the morning when yu get up the puppy goes straight outside to go pee, stay outside until he pees if he won't put him back in the kennel and try again a little later. This will prevent him from sneaking off in the house to do his deed. Once he has gone pee bring him back in the house and play with him for awhile. Then feed and water him when he's done eating take him straight outside. When ever your not available to supervise the pup he should be in the kennel. Chances to make messes in the house are not a good idea. Once the pup responds and starts going outside, then slowly you can eliminate the kennel if you wish.

Alvin NE WI    Posted 04-03-2003 at 18:36:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
When you take a young puppie out to do his job, show him, what ever you want him to do, they learn by watching..Yah right!

DeadCarp    Posted 04-03-2003 at 18:13:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
We use to use newspapers - just scatter a few pages in the house, when they get the hint praise them, move the papers to just the kitchen, and in a few days ease them towards the door, and then outside. Pretty soon they'll wanna go out to find a newspaper to go on. :)

jal-SD    Posted 04-03-2003 at 14:43:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
Just a word of advice that my dear departed Dad used to give us kids when were working with an animal: "If you are going to train that (dog, horse, cow, cat, rabbit, sheep, etc.) you have to be smarter than it is". (My $0.02 worth. jal-SD)

Linda    Posted 04-03-2003 at 14:12:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
Some additional comments -

Every single time the puppy eats or drinks water (even a tiny bit), wait until he is finished, then scoop him up and take him outside and tell him to go potty. A puppy is like a human baby or a calf - pour food in the top and pee and poop come out the other end. They empty out their system when new food is taken in.

That's the only problem I have with the treat advice. We never gave our dogs treats after they went potty - lavish praise and petting was enough for them. I fear that with some pups if you give him a treat as he comes back in the door, you are just asking for him to pee and poop again.

Don't leave food out all the time for now. Put the food out when you can watch the pup so you can scoop and run as soon as he's through eating.

Also, try and get the house deordorized. The pup is going to want to go wherever he has previously gone in the house. If you can use pet odor removal cleaners, you may save yourself some grief.

Crating is an excellent suggestion. It is recommended the crate not be too big - just big enough for the pup to stand and turn around. Too big and he may choose a corner of the crate as a bathroom.

You're going to have to teach your pup to unlearn some habits, and that is going to take more time than if he hadn't gotten into the habit of going in the house already, but it can be done with patience and LOTS of persistence.

As for rubbing their nose in it, that's the way I was taught to train a dog when I was a kid. The only time I've ever resorted to that as an adult was when my adult dog lifted his leg in the house because his nose was out of joint when a visitor brought another dog with her. I stuck his nose in the puddle and scolded the heck out of him, then outside we went. He never did it again.

BOSS    Posted 04-03-2003 at 13:51:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
This way will teach them to go on command.
It is best to get a new dog on a weekend, Remember, you get out of the dog what you put in it. Every 15 minutes take the dog outside to a designated area, and say, "go potty" 1 time. wait for a few minutes then bring him back inside. wait 15 minutes and do it again, until he goes potty. When he finally does go potty, give him tons of praise, "good dog" "atta boy" whatever. Then when you bring him inside right after going potty give him a little treat at the door.
Then wait 30 minutes, and do the whole routine again each time saying "go potty" when you get to the right spot in the yard. after he goes potty, PRAISE !!!! and a treat when he comes in.
stick with the 30 minutes apart for the rest of the day. crate him at night, then in the morning take him rigt outside and "go potty". Take him outside every 30 minutes or so, until he gets it.
When you are doing this potty training, there is NO playing, just going potty. praise and treats AT THE DOOR when you come in.
You will be training him for a few things, 1. not going potty in the house, 2. going potty on command, and 3. every time he comes inside, he knows he gets a treat, so he will always run to get inside when you call him.
Good luck. It should only take 2 days and he will be trained.

Jim (Mi)    Posted 04-03-2003 at 10:58:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
Another option that sometimes works if you want to keep their noses
clean is those puppy pottie mats at a pet store. They are supposed
to have a smell built in them that attracts the dogs attention. You can set it in a area for 2 or 3 days so they smell it and understand what to do with it, then set it outside. It has worked in some cases. I am still for the nose in the mess. But once the animal does good to show positive reinforcement. My lab seems like he was broke a month or two after I got him.

Rich    Posted 04-03-2003 at 11:39:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have a friend who used those too... the only problem she had was that the dog didn't "get" the going outside thing because it was conditioned to go on the mat, not necessarily outside.

Kelly    Posted 04-03-2003 at 07:58:13       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I have a border collie we got at 7 weeks old. She was trained by 4 months old. We crated her in our bedroom when we weren't home. I went to Petsmart and bought one of the big plastic carriers ( not really a carrier, since it was so big) I wanted her to have room to chew a chewie and lay comfortably. It also had a food and water bowl attachment. I am home all the time so I was able to take her out every 30 minutes or so, and if she went, she got a cookie, if she didn't she didn't get a cookie. They figure out pretty soon if they go they get a cookie. Having a border collie, you can't scold or hit them, not that I would hit any dog, but some people spank. They do not respond well to scolding. So positive reinforcement is the key. Get a book called the Dog Whisperer. It helped me learn how to train gently. Remember though, the crate is not to be used as punishment, it is used as a den, a safe place, never as punishment. The book helps a lot. Good luck!


Mac/MS    Posted 04-03-2003 at 07:32:07       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I've been through this several times and it is fairly easy to train them but it takes some extra effort. Best way is not let them have free run of the house, keep them in travel kennel or something (we use a baby play pen) they feel is a save place and let them out from time to time for play and interaction. Dogs like to have a save place and don't like soiling their living space. I'm not talking keeping them penned up all the time and time out will increase as they get older and learn not to go in the house. Carry them out often even if you don't think they need to go and be watchful as to when they suddenly stop doing an activity and start looking around (they are looking for a spot). I keep Amos 4 months old in the laundry room now with a baby gate to keep him in and let him out in the house while we are sitting around. Praise them when they go out side and say Bad dog when it happens inside. Remember accidents will happen. Took about a month and we haven't had a accident in several weeks now. Also if you get up at night take them out also. They learn fast.
Good luck and patience patience.

Kelly    Posted 04-03-2003 at 08:02:45       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Also, praise, praise , and more praise when they do it outside, don't say anything if they have an accident inside, give them no acknowledgement. Pretty soon they will go on command, mine knows what go pee and go poop means, and does! So when you go on a trip or something, you don't have to worry about accidents in the car, or standing around forever at a gas station waiting for them to go! :)

Rich    Posted 04-03-2003 at 07:03:06       [Reply]  [No Email]

do you have a crate/kennel to put them in? the best method I have found is to put them in a kennel when you can not keep a close eye on them... then keep taking them outside (pretty often) if possible, take them to where they have gone before outside so they associate that area with bodily functions.

After a while, they will associate going outside with "doing their business". It sounds like they are pretty smart if they already go to the door to go out in the morning, but they just know they are going outside in the morning... they haven't put it together yet that they can ONLY "potty" outside.

The problem you might have with rubbing their nose in it at this point in the game, is that they may not know what they did wrong and will just get freaked out about it.

If you are really consistent about taking them out often and keeping them confined otherwise, it shouldn't take long for them to figure it out.

Good luck.

cowgirlj    Posted 04-03-2003 at 05:57:04       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Pitch, I'm sorry...but we are talking about dogs? Right?
There is no "politically correct way". Animal's thinking have not changed in millions of years. It's humans that have changed. Use whatever method works the best and fastest way. Those pups are all ready getting a bit old and will soon have you two trained and be set in their habits.
Just my opinion.
Good Luck!

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