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Country Discussion Topics
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Thanks to you Syrup making guys and gals
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Sid    Posted 04-19-2003 at 16:48:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
who posted on this site about your making syrup, as a result of your post and pictures wich got me to ask a question or two I am now the proud owner of genuine unadulterated deeelicious pure maple syrup. In an Email from a poster on this site who offered to send me some and I more than willingly accepted his offer. I got a bottle of pure maple dyrup in the mail today. I tasted it and it is so good that I wanted to just drink the bottle right then. But I will wait for the pancakes to put them on. I do not know if the person would want me to mention his name or not so I will not. But he knows who he is and thanks are in the E-mail to him. Man you guys sure make some good stuff back there.

Salmoneye    Posted 04-20-2003 at 03:04:37       [Reply]  [Send Email]

Looks like the fat lady has sung here...

If I am reading my Logs correctly, I ended with about 3/4 of what I expected for the year at 30 gallons or so...

Now I can start pulling taps, washing buckets, cleaning the pans and arch, and backflushing and plugging lines...Then I can cut wood till August...Move the shack to it's permanent home up back (it IS the Wifes greenhouse afterall)...then I can...

Alot of work?...Nah...It keeps me out of bars and away from loose women...


Ron/PA    Posted 04-20-2003 at 04:08:07       [Reply]  [No Email]
Salmoneye, sounds like you got some good eating, while you tear into that list you got! I've been talking to some of the big houses around here and they all had a bust of a year, about 10 days and the it ended. They all seem to have the same opinion,,JUST WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR!!!
Happy Easter

Ron/PA    Posted 04-19-2003 at 19:34:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
Sid, the strange part of this story is that some people that have never had pure maple syrup don't like it nearly as well as log cabin or aunt jemima,, It's all a matter of what you are used to. As far as being alot of work,,, so is any thing I do here on poverty patch,, however most of it is a labor of love,, love of food! The rest is economics, I can still raise T-Bones cheaper than I can buy hamburg, and Pork chops cheaper than I can buy bacon. Plus I know what I'm eating.
I'm glad someone was kind enough to send you the real deal, enjoy, and be like me,, meter out every drop,,,,,, hehehehehe

Plowin    Posted 04-19-2003 at 17:02:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hello Sid, You know I looked at the pictures some of the fellas have posted. That looks like a lot of work, glad to hear it was worth it. I guess all things that are good takes some doin. God bless all, and have a happy easter, Plowin

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