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Weed control info needed
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Brian    Posted 04-28-2003 at 10:32:49       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I have a small plot of my yard(3/4 acre or so) that is totally overrun with weeds, dandelion etc.
I played around last year with my F12 discing it up but this year I would yeally like to plant some grass or at least kill off the weeds, but want to do it right. I would even do a cover crop like rye, cowpea, or buckwheat but not shure how to plant it. Can it be broadcast and gone over with a springtooth harrow?
Any advise will be greatly appreciated and sorry for for any grammar/spelling errors I admit I am really really bad at that stuff. ~Brian

Fawteen    Posted 04-28-2003 at 14:02:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
The best, environmentally safest way to get weeds out of a lawn is to crowd them out with a healthy stand of grass. Healthy grass will out-compete weeds pretty handily.

If you want to till that patch under and cover crop it a couple or three times to build up the soil, that's a good idea too. Oats or Annual Ryegrass do a good job of smothering weeds, come up quickly, and look a lot like grass in the early stages, so that might be an option. Buckwheat will do a lot for soil structure, and you can grow two or three crops a year, mowing it just after it sets flowers and resowing.

If appearance is less important that soil improvement, a Peas/Oats/Vetch combination will do WONDERS for the soil, with the oats sprouting quickly for erosion control, the peas fixing nitrogen, and the vetch giving a lot of biomass for green manure.

Broadcasting any of these crops and lightly raking them in (I think a drag-harrow might cover them too deep) or dragging a piece of chainlink over them to cover them should work fine.

You might want to get a soil test done and fertilize to recommendations before planting.

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