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Country Discussion Topics
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Homemade backhoe?
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DeadCarp    Posted 05-07-2003 at 18:58:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
Anyone (other than yer job :) ever try to put one together? There are plans etc.

Trouble is, there's always a catch, you know? I'm about fed up with northern Tools - they advertized a little one for $4400 and it turns out, you can't GET one for that. According to them, it's a "catalog item" so i HAVE TO have it shipped for over $700, can't pick it up; if i get it sent to their "retail" store and drive back there to bring it home in 5 days (i was standing in their store asking where to get it, this was their best offer) they'd hafta charge an extra $200 for retail. And i CAN'T get one FOB the factory wherever that is, to save the $700. So heck with Northern anymore, i'm stubborn & burred enough to might build my own for half that. :(

Marie Gattie    Posted 11-16-2007 at 11:10:19       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Still looking for the Trencheman II?
We have one in South Central Florida that is used in Clean Like new condition. It has only been Used Once to dig out a basement. (not in florida obviously)
Pick up is OK or delivery for a fee. (Fuel & road expenses)
Contact us if you want to

mark hitsman    Posted 03-12-2005 at 14:41:25       [Reply]  [Send Email]
hi,i just finished a small backhoe and so far it looks good and runs great i have a about 3500 into it and alot of fun building it i do have one problem with the joy stick controls it seems it wont operate without putting flow to the oppisite valve so if there are any hydraulic people out there that can help please contact me thanks mark

Clint    Posted 12-06-2003 at 11:06:21       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I know what you are saying about Northern Tool. By the way I am building my own backhoe.
Back to Northern, which I don't do business with anymore. I wanted a 3 pt. scoop for my little tractor that was on sale. Same problem! Not in store can't pick it up at the factory and cost more then what you can by locally if you pay shipping.
It cost them a lot of business. my friends and I bought three scoops but not with them.

Taylor Lambert    Posted 05-11-2003 at 17:12:32       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I have a cousin that made his own TLB from a datsun moter and transmission and a Moline rear end and made all the booms on his own. It works good smaller than my 3500 Ford hoe. If youll send me an email address ill send you some pictures. I found a 3 point ARPS hoe for 1200 at a freinds but have another freind looking at it. It needs a few cylinders packed, if he doesnt take it Id beglad to tell you where its at. It may be too far for you to get it its in Mississippi. I may start buildin mini hoes in the shop to sell, i have a small machine shop i hoby round in. Take care Taylor Lambert

TimV    Posted 05-08-2003 at 09:17:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
Deadcarp: I've seen a couple of the Cadplans backhoes, and they're a nice unit. On the other hand, I own one of Northern Tool's Trencherman II's (which is what I assume you're referring to) and I love it. The only problem with it is that the dump height is very low--it's rated at 3 1/2' and that's optimistic. It's barely high enough to dump into my ATV dump cart, and nowhere near high enough to dump into a pickup. Other than that, it's a nice little rig and handy as all get-out! Now if I could only keep it in my yard instead of all over half the county doing freebies for friends I never knew I had......! I bought mine (very lightly) used for $2000--it's a 1996. The dump height on the Cadplans units is high enough to dump into a pickup, though I don't know the exact figure.

Dave    Posted 05-08-2003 at 08:27:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have given it a lot of thought some time back. The only used ones I could find around here were too big for my Ford 2000. Below is a link to the plans that I was going to use. I have since changed my mind and decided to buy a used Tractor/Backhoe/loader. You can find an old one for about $3000-$5000 and in my case I think I would be better off because it would come with the larger tractor and hydraulic system so I could do the kind of work that I need to do.

Redneck    Posted 05-08-2003 at 02:43:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
You can't find a good used one?

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