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Country Discussion Topics
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Onions / Red Trillums
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PJW    Posted 05-15-2003 at 18:14:11       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Years ago I lived about 30 miles North of Detroit. At that time it was country. Down the road was a large forest complete with a flowing creek. In the spring the forest would be filled with red and white Trilliums. Even back then the reds were somewhat rare.

Today, I live further north in a forested area and have white Trilliums. Over the years the white flower had declined a bit due to the over population of deer. I would like to try and introduce red Trilliums and save as many whites as I can. Does anyone know where I can purchase plants or seeds for the red trillium?

In that same forest years ago grew wild onions along the creek bed. I have great memories of picking onions and eating them at the fireside. Today I live in a forest with a flowing creek. I have tried to introduce onion sets along the bed of the creek but the plants failed. Does anyone know the species of wild onion that grows in Michigan? Does the plant still exist? And where can I get the sets or seeds for this plant? I would appreciate any information you could send on the Red Trilliums or wild onions. Please email

Salmoneye    Posted 05-16-2003 at 13:57:31       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have White, Red (aka Stink Trillium), and as rare as they get, the Nodding Trillium...

They all grow wild at my Moms and some were transplanted here in the 30's...

See the link below...You will be better armed for looking for a grower as they are illegal for me to ship from VT...

Also found live bulbs on eBay, but do not know the legality of importing wildflowers in your area etc...Put in Red Trillium (or purple) in the eBay Search...

Tom A    Posted 05-16-2003 at 05:15:42       [Reply]  [Send Email]

It isn't listed in this year's catalog, but in the 2002 Flower and Herb Exchange catalog one person had red trillium listed. You could try writing them snail mail and see if they have any and just didn't list this year. There's also a painted and a white listed last year, too, but again none this year.

If you want, just email me, I'll send you the address of that person. Just delete NOSPAM from my email address above and it'll go through to me.

Good luck,

jamo    Posted 05-16-2003 at 05:14:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
Go to your library and check out a book titled "Gardening by Mail" by Nancy Barton. I'm not sure about the onions, but I know I've seen the trilliums in there.

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