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Country Discussion Topics
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Duck Treats
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Texas Al    Posted 05-16-2003 at 22:11:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
My wife brought home 3 ducklings from Tractor Supply a couple of months ago. We raised them in the shop and in the meantime I spent 3 weekends building a 3 by 5 duck house for the one-acre pond.

We moved the ducks to the pond a few weeks ago. After a couple of nights we were able to get the ducks to walk right into their house each night to eat, about 12 feet from the water of the pond. They mostly wanted to go in there to get fed.

My son's girlfriend had Pete the duck, who was give to one of her little sisters on Easter 2 years ago. He was colored green at the time. I guess nobody figured on him growing up. Pete liked to peck and your legs and pretty much won't let you walk around. They decided to bring Pete out and let him live with our ducks on our 24 acres.

Pete wouldn't go in the duck house at all. Meanwhile, our 3 ducks, who had gone in like clockwork for weeks, got their routine messed up and they wouldn't go in either. Earlier this week we finally gave up and let them stay out, as they have found something they really like in the shallow end of the pond across on the other side from the duck house.

Next morning one of our ducks was gone. Eaten by a coyote I imagine.

Now, even though Pete has returned to his previous abode, we are having the dickens getting our ducks to go in the duck house. They seem to be eating something in the pond and aren't that hungry for the duck food any more.

I need some ideas for a real duck treat that we could entice them with, if there is such a thing.

DeadCarp    Posted 05-17-2003 at 06:59:16       [Reply]  [No Email]
How hard would it be to stake out & float the duck house? It's kinda funny but when people dig ponds they want a big one, and as the workmen reach their booms out, an island is sometimes formed. What starts out as an oops, ends up as a perfect haven for ducks.
We have a flat-stepped ladder by our river dock and the baby mallards will roost on the lowest rung as they grow up every spring - makes a noisy approach for land predators and darn awkward for hungry fish - i'm thinking now if your duck house had a floating platform handy -- :)

Texas Al    Posted 05-17-2003 at 20:38:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
Unfortunately I'm afraid the duck house would float like a rock. The floor is Duroc concrete board, and it is a pretty heavy outfit.

I asked about an island in my pond when it was built, but was advised against it, as the guy building it didn't feel the one acre was quite big enough to get the depth I wanted (10' to 12'deep) all around the island.

I have thought about somehow constructing a floating island for the ducks, but I really question whether or not the ducks have enough sense to utilize it.

We had a devil of a time getting them in the house tonight, basically have to coral them in their, picking up the mallard and putting her in there. They are already now suspicious of us and we'll probably not be able to get them in there again.

williamf    Posted 05-17-2003 at 02:14:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
When we had ducks we would buy them a couple dozen crickets from the bait shop. They would go berzerk.

Texas Al    Posted 05-17-2003 at 20:40:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
I don't know whether our bait house has crickets, but I'll dang sure check. And feed them only in the duck house.

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