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Country Discussion Topics
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Neighborhood guinea hen
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Janet    Posted 05-23-2003 at 08:43:47       [Reply]  [Send Email]
For the last 2 weeks, we've had what we thought was a wild female turkery roaming the neighborhood. Come to find out, it's a purple guinea hen. It's really a strange looking and sounding animal and it loves the fact that many of us feed the wild birds. From what I've seen on this site, these are not really wild animals? They may actually be someone's pet (or livestock)? Do we do anything about it? Just let it roam? Will it grow tired of our neighborhood and go home? None of us have a clue. It seems to have a working agreement with the neighborhood cats and kids. Any thoughts or suggested websites would be appreciated. Thanks.

BadMoon    Posted 05-24-2003 at 00:20:38       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hi Janet, A few years back I started with 5 guineas. Wound up with a passel of them! Then the predators around here realized they had found a food source cleaned me out in two months. Owls, coyote,chicken snakes, and red foxes. The fox and coyotes would stalk the hens that were sitting. I witnessed an owl one night fly into a large gum tree, knocking 3 guineas out then swooped down and took one away. On three occasions I knew the hens were setting close by, so one day, while out in the yard, A hen flew up making all kind of noise. I found her nest and a huge chicken snake was in the process of swallowing an egg. I witnessed this twice more. I liked them around, they eradicated a sand flea colony in the yard, also ticks was scarce around here. I bragged about the guineas and a neighbor, who lived about a mile from me, got him about 6 of them. Well they wouldn't stay home, they came over to my guineas. So if a neighbor close to you has guineas, they will leave-unless you have them pinned up. Sorry bout' the long post. :^) Oh Yea! When I'd start up the lawnmower and start to mow, they would come running and follow me around and catch the grass hoppers. Neighbors used to set out in their yards watching me mow. Kinda funny I guess trying to work and about 25 of them following me around till I cut the mower off. That's All! ;^)

Clipper    Posted 05-23-2003 at 09:43:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
Had a flock of 12...2 things killed them off...1)going into the road(they are not rocket scientists) and 2)OWLS would grab em for supper at night! While we had em tho they cleaned the entire yard of ticks!!You will play heck catching her...jes let er roam!

Lisa    Posted 05-23-2003 at 09:07:33       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hi Janet! I actually own some guinea hens and they are great! My husband and I just recently moved into "the country" and have been having a terrible time with ticks. (I get at least 5 a day off of each of my two dogs.) My father-in-law (a seasoned farmer) suggested that we get several guinea hens, so my husband and I got 6 of them. They just roam around our yard and eat lots and lots and lots of ticks. In fact, about 75% of a guinea's diet is ticks. Since we have gotten the guineas, our tick problem has greatly diminished and we very rarely find ticks on us or our dogs anymore. Now our gunieas do wander, especially if they're spooked by something, and we often see them roaming in our neighbors yard or across the street, but sure enough they come home almost every night. The few nights that they haven't returned, they've shown up the next morning. Our neighbors love them and we just do too. They might not be the prettiest looking birds, but they certainly are useful! Good luck with yours!

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