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My basket case mare...
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Tins-NY    Posted 05-24-2003 at 09:38:21       [Reply]  [No Email]
Just wanted to share my TB mare, Chocolate Tango, with ya all(Im not a proud horse mommy at all haha). She just turned 7 in Feb but thinks shes 2, TBs mature so darn slow LOL. Shes a OTTB (exracer), was lightly raced about 2 years and has been off the track since 4/00 and then was on pasture till I got her. Other then her race training she didnt have anything else done with her when I bought her. Shes a big girl at 17.1-2 hands and will push her weight around if you let her think she can LOL. She was retired from racing after making about $200,000 to produce more racers since she has really awsome bloodlines but breeding her didnt work out so I got her for a song. I was working on her training and she was doing really well till she injured over the winter and laid up on stall rest for over 2 months which set us back a bit but we are going to start working again next week. Im still doing an english saddle with her but I will switch her over to weatern when shes ready, we might even do a lil jumping to. Shes a major handfull, very high strung but shes loving and fun and is willing with a huge heart, Ive always been known for my crazy horses LOL. I dont plan to do much more then just pleasure riding with her and possibly a QH or arab cross baby in the distant future. Everyone says she needs to be a fancy dressage horse cause shes very animated and floats along the ground in the most awsome moves...Im a 'need for speed kinda person' and dressage always bored me so Im not interested. Heres the link to her pics, I need to update them soon with some spring pics. It was a horribly cold winter and most horses around here had trouble keeping weight on. Even thou she was blanketed all winter she did end up a lil ribby so we are working on that now with tons of weight building stuff and green grass, these darn TBs are so tempermental about everything LOL. It doesnt help that the place I board her at is horrible and they dont feed her like she is supposed to be fed. I am going there myself now twice a day to do everything myself so hopefully she gains back the weight she lost, shes not overly thin but I like my horses to not show any rib...The first pic is her sire who she got her QH type build, the next 6 are when I first got her last spring and then the rest are late last summer after much coat care and working her...I think she is totaly awsome LOL. She will be my buddy forever and we will grow old together, I could care less that everyone thinks shes got screws loose LOL, shes my girl...

In case the link doesnt show up here it is, Im not good at this kinda stuff...

Stretch    Posted 05-25-2003 at 06:38:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
My first horse was a TB off the track. Big(17 hand) bay gelding, bowed a tendon. No more racing. Sweet fella, but as he got stronger he got more uncontrollable. Probably my fault as much as his. Found out my western addle didn't fit him right. The girl that has him now rides English and loves him. No more TBs for me. I just want to trail ride. Not saying they're bad horses, just not right for me.

My SIL breeds TB mares to a Clydesdale-cross stud and gets really nice-size well-manned babies. MIght want to think about that if you like the big horses.

Dave 2N    Posted 05-24-2003 at 17:14:59       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I'd breed her to a Quarter Horse; I think you'll get a dandy foal!

Tina-NY    Posted 05-24-2003 at 20:39:50       [Reply]  [No Email]
I think to get what I love from both the QH and the arab I need to find Tango a QH/arab stud, that would be one great athletic foal. Now if I could only find a stud cross that is nicely bred with great conformation I will be all set...needle in a hay stack LOL.

Dave 2N    Posted 05-25-2003 at 06:25:27       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I still think you will get what you want with the QH cross. The TB/QH cross has been on of the most successful in the history of horsedom. Look around a little for the right QH stud; you'll get both the athleticism and smarts in the foal.

Check out a TB named Three Bars some time; crossing him on QH mares produced some of the greatest runners, racers, pleasure horses and conformation horses ever seen. His bloodlines in QH's still have impact today.

My $.02 and your mare so do what you want.

Dave 2N    Posted 05-25-2003 at 06:27:32       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Forgot to mention that the Three Bars?QH cross produced some of the most sensible cattle working horses ever.

Jimbob    Posted 05-24-2003 at 16:20:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
Nice horse. Barn looks great also. We do not have any horses, but a lot of folk around here do have a horse or two. (Northwest Michigan).

Tina-NY    Posted 05-24-2003 at 20:33:41       [Reply]  [No Email]
well you should definately look into a horse or 2 or 3 or 4...they are like pringles, you cant just have only one LOL. Yes the barn is very nice and I would love to have a place of my own that nice but looks are decieving. The place is the worst stable I have ever seen and I have seen a couple real bad places. Most of the time they are to busy or just to lazy to feed and water so the horses just stand outside for days without anything. All of thier horses are underweight and a couple are borderline abused at this point. I pay a lower rent and do my own care and I buy my own feed and bedding, I go now twice a day to feed Tango and make sure she is put out and brought in. Its such a shame they are like this cuase this farm is in a very high stable rent area and they cant get or keep boarders longer then a few weeks time. The horse bissiness is all based on word of mouth and reputation and these people have ruined a real good thing.

JanO    Posted 05-24-2003 at 11:36:34       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Tins, thanks for posting the pics. She's a beauty!!! From the sounds of it, she don't have any screws loose, just a typical TB. I think I'd breed her to a QH though. Arabs are beautiful, but the combo with a TB is asking for a handful. Besides, although I love Arabs, QH's are my favorite....

Enjoy her, she is definatly a keeper.


Tina-NY    Posted 05-24-2003 at 20:15:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
Thanks, I think shes a keeper also. Once we work some more of the bugs out she will make a great pleasure horse, she will never be a push button kids horse but thats not what I wanted and I love her to pieces even if the barn owners say she is mannersless and rude LOL. For some reason she has reared up a few times while they take her out from the pasture, althou Im sure it has nothing to do with them opening the gates to let all the other horses run up to the barn while she is held back to wait-she was a race horse after all. I have had to have major screaming fits with them about her not running up to the barn at a dead gallop, I dont want a horse with a broken leg or a real dangerous habit. Shes never reared up on me so I chalk it up to them having lazy, bad horse skills. I cant wait to get to close on our farm later this summer and I can really start working with her and do things the way I want them done. Im also keeping a look out for a mellow part draft gelding for the kids and hubby and so Tango will have a buddy since she wont hear of being alone.

Not long ago I would have also said QHs were one of my favorite breeds along with rocky mountain and mustangs but I have since found my love in a wacky TB mare LOL, Ive had a good many horses but never a full bred TB and boy its been fun haha. Ive always had a major pull toward 'crazy' high strung horses that people would just say 'your gonna get hurt' about, its just what I like. I think if I could find a nicely bred 15 or so hand QH arab/cross stud I would really think hard on that combination, steadyness of the QH and the high strung nature of the arab I think would make a great mix with my mare. I belong to a couple exrace horse groups and Tango is pretty much a normal off track horse, in some ways she is doing real well and others we are still lacking but it takes time to relearn and desensatize all that training. I am very proud of her and cant wait to hit the trails with her, hopefully by the end of summer she will be ready.

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