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Pretty unusual Bug?
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WallSal55 -    Posted 05-29-2003 at 10:36:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
We have some bugs that are yearly visitors to OUR
home--have never seen them except where we live!
They are black w/yellow band through their
middle. (They remind you of miniature bumble bees!! They do not fly though.) They look like they could be fuzzy like the bumble bee, not shiny and smooth like a roach,etc. They are probably 3/8 long. (under 1/4") Any idea what they are? Not a spider! Are they are harmless?

BadMoon    Posted 05-29-2003 at 22:54:18       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Speaking of unusual bugs, I got an email from my nephew a couple days ago. He said beware of a new insect that has a very painfuk sting. Actually it don't sting rather it urinates and the liquid is very painful-kind of like acid on the skin. Said if you touch somewhere else it will painfully spread. According to him some one had to go to the Doctor and it rubbed off on the Dr. Don't know what happened after that! Has anyone heard about this? Is there a new urinating insect that is worse than a fireant sting? I'd like to know for my Grand Daughters sake.

Maggie/TX    Posted 05-29-2003 at 15:35:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
You might check a web site to see if your bugs look like Velvet Ants, order of Hymenoptera, family of Mutillidae. I have an insect book where I found this. These insects are from 1/8" to 1", depending on whether you are dealing with a male or female, but they say the males are winged. Around here, they are mostly red and black but the picture in my book shows yellow and black on one and yes, they are furry. If this is what you've got, BE CAREFUL. The female can sting the fire out of you and around here they are called cow killers, due to their sting.

Ron,Ar    Posted 05-29-2003 at 17:23:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yep, that sounds right, we call them cow ants sometimes but most people call them velvet ants. And the lady is right about the sting too. ..and hard to kill,if you step on one they just mash into the ground mostly.

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