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Country Discussion Topics
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Moving To The Country From The City
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sherry    Posted 07-06-2003 at 17:21:13       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Please email me about country living and how you think we would like it or dislike it thanks.

Salmoneye    Posted 07-07-2003 at 06:14:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
You'll hate it...Bugs...Animals...Weird Sounds...No lights....Spooky Old People in houses that need paint...Roads aren't wide enough for your Hummer and are barely wide enough for your Audi...Strange Smells...Some People Only Mow Their Lawns Once A Week (maybe less *shudder*)...Water is free and tastes good (what's up with that?)...There is no 'culture' unless you know what a 'Reel' is...People 'set' on the porch/veranda/lanai and actually talk and watch fire-flys on a nice evening (see the part about the bugs)...People only lock their cars in the summer so no one fills them with Zuchini while you are in the store...And worst of all...ALL THOSE GUNS!!!

Please stay in the City where you are safe and comfy...

Les    Posted 07-07-2003 at 12:36:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yah, especially all those guns. Good thing you mentioned that. I forgot all about it.
You just never know when one of them guns will just go off and cause all kinds of destruction. And everybody not only has them, they carry them around right in plain sight!

I still get...    Posted 07-07-2003 at 12:51:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
The occasional comment about my Easy-Rider Rifle-Rack in the truck...Stuff like "What on earth do you need that for" and, "I didn't think there was anything in season this time of year" and my favourite, "Isn't that an 'assault' weapon?"...

I usually just tell them that I am adding "Local Flavour" to town so they feel they are getting their moneys' worth on that half million dollar house on 2 acres...Wouldn't want them to feel gypped after all the trouble they went to moving to 'The Country' and all...They do find me handy when I pull 50 foot of chain, a chainsaw, 2 gallons of water, an ice cold beverage or any of a couple dozen other timely and much needed things out of that truck though...

I love my job so...



rhudson    Posted 07-07-2003 at 00:38:25       [Reply]  [Send Email]
i get in trouble with this every time, but i never learn.

a. animals also live in the country, sometimes a lot of animals, like cows. they smell, they make noise, they sometimes get out of their place (just like kids) think of the problems you have controlling your teenagers and multiply that by the number of cows and you get an idea of the problems a cattle farmer faces. if you purchase a plot near a pasture, there will be times that a hundred or more cows will be against a fence next to your property. its not personal, it may the temperature is better there.

b. what is a beautiful hay field today may be a pasture tomarrow.

c. roads are bad, narrow and agricultural traffic will be present. thats means you will sometimes have to stop or follow slow (12mph) equipment with no room to pass for long stretches of road. it is bad form to drive these roads at speeds of more than 35mph. there will be mud on the roads at wet times of year. there will be dust during dry times of year. in some areas the roads will not be clear of snow or ice for weeks at a time. while the use of the horn may the be answer for all problems in the city, it is ONLY used to say hello in the country, you are expected to wave at all traffic and people on the local roads. country people serve to miss wet potholes in nonpaved roads. the potholes get bigger if you drive through them.

d. services in the country will be meager as compaired to city life. your trash will probably be your trash to get rid of. in other words, you will probably have to bag and transport your own trash to a dumpster or dumpsite. fire protection will be in the form of underfunded, volunteers who are working a full time job and offering their time to help the community. (they could use your support, by the way). police (Deputy Sheriffs) will be some distance away and at times (nights) there may only be one or two on duty to serve several thousand citizens. your water/sewage is yours. you will have a well and tank systems to maintain. electrical power and land line phone service will be lost during some ice and wind storms and will stay out for days or even a week or so at at time. it will be your responsibility to weather these times (be prepaired)

e. most places do not appreciate always on outside security lights. (it reminds country folks of city life and is therefore an insult)

f. realize that the little 25 acreas you purchased was probably part of a larger farm that had been in your neighbors family for over a hundred years. your neighbor farmed it since childhood, and worked a full time public/industrial job at a third of the pay you received at your job to keep it. he failed, it had to be busted up and sold. thats where you enter. there may be some misplaced hostility towards you. someone will have to overcome that hostility, you are the outsider. it would help for you to make the first move by humbling yourself.

g. endear yourself by helping the local farmer with a couple hours of manual labor (showes him that you are not too good to get dirty and proves other things about your nature). beware that is most areas of the south you will have to offer your services three times during a conversation for it to be accepted or even considered a valid offer.

h. realize that at your job, after 8 hours you leave it and go home. in the country (farm) the farmers whole day (24/7) since childhood is immersed in the job.

i. the country is not for the weak, just like the city is not for the weak. but for different reasons.

j. entertainment will not be of the type or intensity that you are use to.

with all that said i would not trade country life for any reason. to me, its the only way to live.

well its too late to continue and my blood sugar level may make me even more negative. so i'll stop for now. i have given you alot of negatives, thats what i'm good at. but you have probably seen the positives sterotyped on tv or movies or at least in your imagination. just something for you to give some consideration to. i'm sure not all of them will apply to where you are planning to move to.

oh by the way, the ultimate olive branch is to be offered an invitation to attend the local church. this is a critical point, don't take it lightly.

i have not been skillited at this site for some years, and just remember, i'm probably an idiot and best ignored. best wishes to you.

jdjim    Posted 07-07-2003 at 09:11:50       [Reply]  [Send Email]
You won't get in trouble with me for the post , I (my family) have been full time grain and livestock farmers here on this farm since the mid 1920's . Now we're down to just 50 beef cows ,lots of corn , soybeans and a little hay ground . Also 80 acres of permanent pasture that everybody from neighboring town thinks is their's and uses it for hunting , 4 wheeling etc without permission even when the cows and calves are in it . That's one gripe . REMEMBER this is country , we make a living (try to anyway) out here , when we come to town we live by your rules (laws) . In season there is machinery running almost around the clock , dust , noise and sometimes smell , we've lived with it , hasn't hurt us , won't hurt you . Trucks , wagons and other equipment moving slow down the roads in and out of fields . They have turn and warning lights which we do use but 99% of the motorists don't pay attention to probably because they are too busy on the cell phone .I can go on and on with this but won't . Get the point , we have no objection to you city people moving out here JUST DON'T TRY to change the country to meet your expectations .

Tom A    Posted 07-07-2003 at 06:02:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
All great advice for somebody moving to the country.

Like you, I wouldn't willingly trade my country life for anything.

Sherry, you had asked about whether we'd think you would enjoy country living. Very hard to say without knowing more about you and why you are considering moving there. We all come for different reasons. I like the peace and quiet and solitude, working in the soil, growing my own food, great friends and neighbors, the ability to have all the critters I want. To "pay" for that I work all day in an office and spend every other bit of available time digging, building, hauling manure, making hay, mowing brush, feed animals, collecting eggs...partial list but you get the idea. Vacation? Not since I've been here, but you know, the life is really one big vacation anyway.

anyway, if you come out here, Rhudson's list is a good one. But life here isn't all pretty scenery and low cost of living, so don't make that you only reason for moving.

good luck with whatever you do!
Tom A

Les    Posted 07-07-2003 at 02:31:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
You won't get hammered by me, Mr. Houston. There's so many more things that could be added to your list that it just ain't funny. I made a similar one one time and got all kinds of flack for it.

Les...Sorry    Posted 07-07-2003 at 12:38:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
I thought you were rhouston, not rhudson. I'll try to pay more attention next time!

country person    Posted 07-06-2003 at 20:19:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
live the way you want and don't tell us how we should live and we will get along just fine

Bernie    Posted 07-06-2003 at 17:46:27       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hey, read some of these posts and you'll learn all you need to know...ha

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