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Country Discussion Topics
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Reddee    Posted 07-06-2003 at 21:36:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
We have this neighbor who is literally making me say, think and do things I normally wouldn't do. We live in a very small country town in Missouri. I love..No I worship the Country, I hate city life as far as living there. Put me out in the middle of the woods somewhere and I'd be finer than frog hair!!! haha Anyway.. we aren't that far out in the country yet. This neighbor is obsessed with Property lines. Her little piece of this earth that she "owns" is as far as her pathetic miserable mind can see. What a small world she must live in. She insisted on putting up no tresspassing stakes on "OUR" property because she was so sure it was. WRONG We paid for another survey to prove this to her. At this point we are just shaking our heads at this woman in shock. Why??? we never gave any reason for this possesive behavior. She screams at my children and the other 2 kids who live close for riding their bicycles close to her drive way, for retrieving a basketball, softball, any ball in the event it "ROLLED" onto her sacred ground. YELLING OBSCENITIES! CUSSING!! I've yet to personally witness this ABUSE but when I do......!!!! My children now cannot play ball in their own yard for fear of upsetting our neighbor...I guess just to keep the peace until we can move. It started with mowing too close to her property line, to no tresspassing sign that say tresspassers will be prosecuted to cussing at our kids (she has kids of her own)threatening to call the cops for riding their bicycles too close to her driveway. Now all I can think about is someway to get back at her which is so unlike me. Hey, I'm a firm believer in "won't you be..My Neighbor"!!!lol I so much want to pour salt or paint thinner...on her flowers that overflow on our side of the "property line"!!! Help!!! I hate this. She makes us all miserable!! I really want a piece of this @#$%^!! She has gone to far and I want my revenge!! Ain't that a terrible way to be??? Yes it is and truley I'm ashamed of myself!!! What is one to do with neighbors like this??? No she isn't an 'old crotchity woman either WHAT IS HER DEAL?????????? I need to live in B.F.E LOL!!!

Willy-N    Posted 07-07-2003 at 09:58:37       [Reply]  [No Email]
Just to let you know what was going on with my neibor. They had loud Banchee type 4 wheelers and the straite section in front of my place is where they would ride and blast back and forth all day. When the wind was right the dust would just cover the place. They had a road in front of there house but did not ride on it, did not want the noise and dust. I asked if they could not just go back and forth in front of the house all day. The road goes thru my land and thru theres also. They did not stop in fact it got worst. So after a while of this I decided it was payback time. They liked so sit out in front of there trailer at night and injoy the stars and they had no power either. I liked to see in my pastures at night (Ha Ha) so I climbed my light pole and turned my 2 big 400 watt HPS lights twords the pastures. They have not been pointed that way befor and are used to light my driveway and shops when needed at night. I could not help that there place was just on the other side of my pasture. The light did light up there place real good and I could watch them but they were blinded looking my way. This went on for a couple of nights and the 4X4s got worst also. Then I decided I wanted to hear some good old funky music once in a while and brought my two 32 inch Stadium Loud Speaker Horns out. I had a stereo that put out 150 watts so you could hear them about a mile away if you wanted to. I did this for a couple of days also. Then the owner came over and asked me to turn down the music and move my lights back to the way they were. I told them I will make you a deal, ride your 4X4s in front of your place instead of mine and I will. We shook hands and called a truse and have been freinds after that. You see all I figured was they did not understand being nice at first by asking them to stop so I would give them a little hassle my self and it was bugging them so now they understand it can go both ways. First time I took this approch and it has been 5 years with no problems. Mark H.

MikeH-Tx    Posted 07-07-2003 at 10:34:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
Willy-N, that is a great story. The only thing I would
caution Redee on, is that to escalate things assumes
some sort of rationality of the other folks. If they are
crazy, escalation of hostilities might get really ugly. The
Hatfields and McCoys come to mind.

Reddee    Posted 07-07-2003 at 12:21:37       [Reply]  [No Email]
Mike, Iwas thinkin' the same thing bevcause apparently this woman is a little looney!!! But Willy-N..That was a very inspiring story thanks!!! Redd

Willy-N    Posted 07-07-2003 at 13:38:41       [Reply]  [No Email]
One thing I did on my fence lins was to put T-Stakes on the line every so often but when I built my fence I put it back about 12 Plus feet so I could mow on both sides of it along with maintaining it with out problems. The 8 ft T-Stakes set the line and that way the fence is all mine to take care of but can't be used by others. My corners are set in concrete. Mark H.

Willy-N    Posted 07-07-2003 at 11:04:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
That is where reading the peoples rational thinking. If it even starts to get weird just call the cops and let them figure what to do. Be ready to not sleep at night for a while too. Mark H.

Spence    Posted 07-07-2003 at 08:00:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'd keep it friendly and calm and just ignore
the bantering. The kids should be told to stay clear, but kids will be kids and you can only expect so much and accidents will happen. There may be a day where she may want to have a discussion on the issue, until that happens ignore it. If you have the opportunity to help her out, give it to her, maybe that'll open the door to what's really bothering her. You may want to tell her that any day she wishes to discuss the problem in a civil manner over coffee your available. Keep the door open.

There will come a day where the fence issue will get in the way of what she needs. That will
confront her with her own rules face to face. No person is an island.

Reddee    Posted 07-07-2003 at 06:42:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
Thanks Cyber Neighbors!!! Golly, For the first time in 4 1/2 years I have this urge to invite ya'll over for some BBQ and beer!! LOL!! Being neighborly or any other ADULT tactics don't work with this woman (we've tried just talking reasonable with her)!! I just pray that we will be able to get the place we've had our hearts set on for a little over a year. This Thursday we will know for sure!! Ironically the owners weren't sure of the property lines!! So the surveyors will be there Thursday to determine this for us! Ain't that a Riot?? Anywho..I need to get out side and mow Our 3/4 acre that blessedly adjoins Sacred Ground!! LOL
By the way, last night was my first visit to this board and I must say I was on for HOURS!! Just reading and laughing along with ya'll!! A lot of ya'll seem to have really formed nice friendships (cyberally) I guess. Anyway I will visit here OFTEN!! Ya'll are great! Thanx!!! Redd

DeadCarp    Posted 07-07-2003 at 05:12:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
First i'd ask her why - maybe she had a rotten experience with the last neighbors or never had her own place before or her ex beat the tar outa her and kicked her out or her medication is wrong or something - people aren't normally this way and she's probably as unhappy as you are and doesn't realize how it looks. Then again maybe she was raised greedy, her folks were obviously dysfunctional, her whole family is ratty, she needs more schooling to learn communication without profanity, her sons are twice the man she'll ever be, she drives a rattletrap, goes to the wrong church and her rooster developed such an appetite for fleas he ate her whole dawg! Whatever the case, no outsider deserves your grey hairs, so borrow her stapler to add signs facing her side & heck with her.

Cindi    Posted 07-07-2003 at 05:02:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
When we first bought our place it had a line of saw palmettos running down the property line on our side. The very first time we met our neighbor to the east he made sure to tell Fred not to ever remove them as they made a great natural privacy fence.

Well in the first place, we didn't need the privacy, he did, he's the one who collected junk cars and other assorted crap. In the second place these palmettos are natural homes for snakes and all other kinds of creepy creatures. He didn't make a suggestion, he didn't make an observation, he basically said 'don't take them out'.

We didn't bother to explain to him that we had decided when we looked at the property to take them out, we just started yanking them out a little at a time, and he started sticking his nose up in the air every time we drove by, to make sure we knew how he felt. Then one day my husband was out working on the road on the tractor. Same neighbor came running up screaming at him that he was doing it all wrong, blah blah blah.

Fred said, "if you wanted to the do the road yourself, why didn't you do it?"

"I don't have a tractor" he says.

"Then I suggest you leave me alone and let me do it." Fred said.

This all happened in the space of the first couple of weeks. Now we smile and wave at each other as we go by, no problems. This guy has ten acres and was used to being able to use our thirty as he saw fit until we moved in. It just took him a while to realize that he didn't own it.

I thought Fred was really rude at first, but now I know he was just setting the limits, and it has really paid off for us, as this man's other neighbor has nothing but trouble from him. The thing is, we knew what he was like from day one. Now he doesn't speak to us, but he also doesn't give us any greif. He views Fred as unreasonable and rude, despite the fact the Fred would never dream of telling anyhone what to do with their own property. Fred pegged him for what he was and cut the communication right from the get go. Best thing he ever did.

Dave in Mo    Posted 07-07-2003 at 04:35:20       [Reply]  [Send Email]
She's just a VERY unhappy person. Wouldn't matter who lived next door to her. And she's trying to infect you with her disease.....sorta like the Devil pullin' others down. Don't let her do it. Ignore her as best as you can. Let the kids play like normal kids. Tell them to ignore her or laugh when she cusses them out. Tell her to call the police whenever she wants. After a while, they'll stop coming once they find out what she's like. Basically, she's a person who has never grown up, not willing to take the good with the bad of any situation.

hay    Posted 07-07-2003 at 03:42:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
obviously this type of neighbor needs professional help to work on her people interaction skills. i would simply ignore her and her actions unless she becomes violent. then it is time for law enforcement to "chat" with her. i am not going to let anyone ruin my life or my little piece of the world because of her actions. revenge or "getting back" at someone only tends to make the situation even nastier than what it already is.

Pitch    Posted 07-07-2003 at 02:28:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
I think Willy-n has the right tact. Why don't you get both your old and new property maps and a pitcher of lemonade and go and have a sit down with her. Surveys do vary slightly landmarks change over the years and it is possible that hers differs slightly. Anyway if you take the highroad in this situation and it does you no good at least you then have a clear conscience. There is some reason that she feels as strongly as she does, or it may just be that she is a looney tune in which case you must just grin and bear it.

Willy-N    Posted 07-06-2003 at 23:16:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
I guess I am different. I would treat her a little different. I would try to be nice at first and hope it works out for the best. But after a while I would declare war and return the favor cause I have my rights also. I bet if you bring out the big guns (Expression only) she may change and want a truce. I had a nice Pair of 400 Watt HPS Flood lights on a 30 ft pole along with a Pair of 150 watt 32 inch Loud Speaker Horns. Remember what they did in Panama to get what's his name to give up? I did it once now we are best of neibors in fact she said can we have a truce and be freinds? I said sure no problem but they also relised I had to live here just like she did and there are 2 sides to the fence rule. Just don't live in a glass house when you throw some rocks at hers. Mark H.

BW    Posted 07-06-2003 at 22:42:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
If you were staying I would suggest a good high fence the fact you are moving I would praye that the buyer finds out after the sale is done what kind of a neighbor she is,( BTW just how much are we talking about a house lot or a number of acres , sections etc ? ).... but then a fence may also close the deal to ... Good fences make good neighbors,,, but not always ...
I hope you find good neighbors if and when you move ...
Bill g.

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