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Country Discussion Topics
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Playful Pigs
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Jimbob    Posted 07-07-2003 at 10:42:28       [Reply]  [No Email]
While hosing of the wood floor I notices the pigs like to play in the water stream. Are pigs kind of playful animals? Do your pigs like water?

Lazy Al    Posted 07-07-2003 at 16:34:07       [Reply]  [No Email]
Do pigs like playing in water ? gee honey I don't know . I think kids today are alot smarter than the kids in the sixty's just at different things
You can't hardly work on these cars of today with out alot of test equipment They run 100,00 miles
with ease . If you want to know about computer ask a five year old . YOu want to work on an
old f12 with a kid that don't know what a F12 is . We were always tearing a part out cars because we had to just to keep them running They don't

Jimbob    Posted 07-07-2003 at 17:22:58       [Reply]  [No Email]
20 some odd bolts that come out counterclockwise, a few gaskets, a few hoses & linkage vs pigs reactions to their environment. Kind of apples-oranges, you think?

Lazy Al    Posted 07-07-2003 at 18:50:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
Don't take it personal now All I'm saying is kids today have so much to learn that we didn't
when we were kids . It's a wonder they do as good as they do and a lot don't and fall thru the cracks . and no it's apples vs apples I see on this site all the time questions about wells
and pumps . septic tanks . animals and crops that I wonder why they don't know these things
and I read this site and a couple others and learn some thing every time .

Some one coming out from the city who was never exposed to a well or septic system has no
idea how it works all they worried about in the city was turn on the faucet or flush the stool .

Like I said alot of today's kids don't have to work on cars so they don't know how to fix them
I don't work on my car any more still work on the tractors because they are all old and you
still can but some of the new tractors would be a different story
My 5 year old grand son can add two seven digits numbers to gether and get it right At five
I could hardly count to ten if I remember right . My ten year old grand daughter was figuring out how much sugar you could dissolve in ten oz of water I still can't do that . and don't
want to
That stupid kid that don't know rigthty tighty lefty loosey might suprise you on some things that
he does know and can do .
I had an old whizzer motor bike as a kid and learned a lot with it I think I pushed it farther than
I rode it. They always told me it had screwdriveriuss but it was a learning exprience

That kid asked you to help because he looks up to you and you call him brain dead behind his
back think about it . There's always something more to learn and nobody knows it all .
That's all I have to say on this subject .

Jimbob    Posted 07-07-2003 at 21:02:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
Nothing personal, thanks for reply.

Cindi    Posted 07-07-2003 at 11:00:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
Pigs love water. They can swim as well as any other animal. Ours have a pond to use and they stay about half submerged in the hot part of the day. Course the pond isn't fit for anything else after they have their way with it, but that's okay. If you really want to have a fun time, get them a kiddy pool (just kbnow that they will tear it up pretty quick) and fill it halfway with water and just watch them.

They will sit half in and half out and scratch their behinds against the edge, fall over, fall in, fall out. They are a trip.

Our five hundred pound sows will try to cram into a ten gallon rubbbermaid tub if it's got water in it.

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