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Operate on own finger
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Jimbob    Posted 07-09-2003 at 08:40:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
I hit my finger lightly last year & this wierd growth came forth. It is about the size of an eraser head & is like floating.

I did go for a yearly checkup last year & doctor refered me to another doctor. Now, other doctor wants a review visit, then consulting visit to hospital explaining operations, finally another visit for review & scheduling. Good grief, all this is not necessary.

I was thinking of numbing my finger, appling a rubber band to reduce blood flow to a mild drip, using a sterilized exacto knife for a 1/4" cut & just pulling the loose growth out. A few home applied stitches from a kit I have & I should be fine. Heck, I have had larger cuts than this, no stitches or doctor visit.

Anyone done something like this? Or, am I nuts!

shannon    Posted 09-14-2007 at 22:46:29       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hi I work at cvs at 4pm today i cut my pointer finger with a box cutter it happened so fast I did'nt even notice how bad i washed it off and applyed a few tight bandaids on it around 6pm I went to go change the bandaid cause it was getting dirty as I was changing the bandaid I noticed that it was still bleeding the same as if I had just cut it so i cleaned it off and re bandaged it around 10pm when we were closing I decided to once again check it and clean it same result as before bleeding and stuff so i wraped it up and went home Im not sure of what else to do I never had a cut like this before i just wanted to know what i should do next I have no doctor to see or even health insurance is there any quick home remedys to like try or does anyone know when it should stop bleeding I know this is probably such a stupid question but im young and dont exactly know what to do.

liberty jones    Posted 07-13-2004 at 09:28:28       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Iíd use vitamin c- ascorbic acid, in case it is cancerous. First taking the supplement at the highest dose you can without making yourself get diarrhea for at least 3 days prior. then before you "operate" soak 4-5 tablets in enough water, says a tablespoon, this will hurt, after removing the growth- if you can stand the pain of removing it completely- drop some of the water vitamin c paste in to the wound. It will destroy some tissue but will help with healing time and make scarring less likely as well as give some small insurance against spreading cancer. Stay on the high dose c for a couple on months if you can, itís cheap. Iím not a doctor but I removed a small cancerous tumor from my lip in this way. No guarantees, you are taking a big risk, have your doc do it if you can get past the cost and whatever less is making you not want to go. Good Luck!

Denis Anderson    Posted 10-16-2007 at 06:02:00       [Reply]  [Send Email]
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The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc.

Corey    Posted 07-09-2003 at 20:46:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
1 sharp pocket knife wash it and the finger with soap and water, cut the skin across the top of the cyst, and don't use a rubber band as bleeding helps wash away things that might cause infection, wash it out with soap and water, if bleeds too bad, dry it, hold the cut shut and super glue it. Oh,,, and pray.

I even know the name of i    Posted 07-09-2003 at 14:37:12       [Reply]  [No Email]
They are called a 'Bible Cyst'...

The name comes from the practice of getting rid of them by placing the nhand on a solid object and giving the cyst a good whack with the big old Family Bible...

If your Doctor has no idea what they are...Tell him to look up Bible Cyst in the Medical Dictionary (trust me, it is there) and then find another Doctor...


PS...I do home surgery all whenever the need arises...But then...I have been called crazy by more than one person...

Ludwig - hmmm    Posted 07-09-2003 at 18:56:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
Bible cysts are generally cacifications. My wife gets 'em and yes we've done the whole beating with books. Eventually hers grounded themselves. Thats bad, they hurt for a long time. They're starting to go away now, no idea why, just they're time I guess.

I guess it was the eraser thing that threw me, I had an image of an eraser coming out of the skin. My dad gets 'em all the time. I call them 'aliens' because last year he had a big tumor removed from his shoulder that looked an awful lot like the alien from "Total Recall".

Anyhow, slapping calcifications with books is way better than cutting them out. Careful though as they can easily break through the skin and thats just nasty.

Salmoneye    Posted 07-10-2003 at 03:47:05       [Reply]  [No Email]

Mom has two on her left hand...She won't let me near em...

She's smart...


Taylor Lambert    Posted 07-09-2003 at 12:43:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have peice of bone and a saw blae that come out of my left pointer finger from an accident. I had one of these buggers swiming arond in my finger causing pain and the dr. wanted 1200 to remove it. One day it was close to the surfand and i Fetched a nice hunk of Carbide. Also have glass from a car wreck comming out alot now.

Be Phlatt    Posted 07-09-2003 at 10:41:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
Here we have what is called "emergency care clinics" (Promed&Romed), they do about anything that a hospiital or outpatient surgury center does except you don,t have to do the multi visits.. they are run by several board certified doctors.. don't believe I would try it myself , good luck ,Phlatt

Ludwig    Posted 07-09-2003 at 10:24:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
They're usually called "skin tags" and yeah, I've done 'em before. The trick is to be VERY clean, don't hurry and give it some time to heal.
When you sterilize your cutter, don't use a flame, that just puts carbon on it and wastes your time. Put in a pot of water and boil the snot out of it, pressure cooker would help, it'd be very good to get over boiling temp.
Then soak in rubbing alcohol until yer ready to cut.
I like the rubber band idea, I hadn't thought of that. I probably wouldn't stitch, especially if you aren't going deep. Get a bunch of gauze pads. The PADS not raw gauze which can stick inside the wound. Make sure you've got rubbing alchol and hydrogen peroxide on hand for cleaning, and bacitracin or neosporin or other topical antibiotic for wound treatment.
Clean the area to be cut really good. Start by washing your hands really well, dry with a clean towel, then peroxide, then alcohol. Be real careful not to touch anything other than clean towels so not to contaminate it.
Then, pulling your cutter from the alcohol, wipe it dry and make your cut. DON'T go deep or you will need stitches. Keep the piece, give it to the doc for biopsy.
Then smoosh your gauze pads into the wound to cut the blood. Hold it tight for awhile to help the clot form. DON'T leave the rubber band on for more than 5 minutes or so, your finger needs the blood to survive!
Once you've slowed the blood flow, hit a clean pad with the topical antibiotic and tape it on good.
Then for petes sake don't do anything for awhile! Don't move the area or flex or nothing. DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL or take asprin as both thin your blood which you don't want right now. If you need some pain relief take tylenol, but not ibuprofin. Anything that reduces swelling is a blood thinner... The only exception is a perscription med, keep taking that.
Eat good, but stay away from fats for a day or so.

If you bleed excessively, say for more than an hour, go to the doctor.
If you accidentally cut deeply, go to a doctor.
If it doesn't show signs of healing by the next day go to a doctor.
If it starts to smell, turn green, or leak puss, go to a doctor.
If you feel sick, light headed, dizzy, can't sleep, sleep too much, or just feel wierd, go to a doctor.

All my instructions are always at your own risk. Be clean, be careful, be safe. Its not worth losing a finger/hand/arm to save some time not going to appointments.

Hate to disagree...    Posted 07-09-2003 at 14:40:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
But what he is describing is not a Skin Tag...Skin Tags do not 'float' beneath the skin, they protrude from it...

See my post above titled "I even know the name of it"...


Ron,Ar    Posted 07-09-2003 at 14:52:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yep sounds like you two are talking about two different things. It don't bother me to operate on my own self either.

Clod    Posted 07-09-2003 at 10:54:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
That Ludwig has impressed me here.

Ludwig    Posted 07-09-2003 at 11:01:52       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well, you see I got hurt alot when I was a kid. My mother is a nurse so she was real good at putting me back together. Then in Boy Scouts I did alot with First Aid training. Fancied being an EMT at one point but never persued it. In college I got out of taking gym classes by taking "Wilderness Medicine", "Mountain Hiking" and "Orienteering" which were probably 3 of the best classes I took out of the 40 odd classes I had in college.

Clod    Posted 07-09-2003 at 13:06:38       [Reply]  [No Email]
My brother in law was a boxer.He taught me to box and almost taught himself how to be a sugeon by practicing on me. I used to be a Boy Scout too.It is one of the best oganizations for young guys.They can learn a large variety of skills and a bit about honor, which they fail to teach in schools.

cowgirlj    Posted 07-09-2003 at 09:39:44       [Reply]  [Send Email]
you're nuts!

Jimbob    Posted 07-09-2003 at 10:45:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
My wife says I nuts also. But she still loves me.

clod    Posted 07-09-2003 at 09:00:16       [Reply]  [No Email]
Watch for infection..My sisters husband used to sew me up with thread. Sometimes the magic works,sometimes it dont,,Good luck..>>>Got a job here in the shop.

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