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Country Discussion Topics
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Whats wrong with Walmart ?
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C Kulig    Posted 07-09-2003 at 19:43:42       [Reply]  [Send Email]

Gary in Colorado    Posted 07-10-2003 at 10:13:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
About a year ago, I was going to buy my son a shotgun for his birthday. Unthinking, I usually wait to the last minute and it was on a sunday. So wally world was the only place open. I purchased the shotgun and a brick of ammo, with the rceipt in hand I started to pickup the shotgun to leave and the sporting goods moron told me he would have to carry my purchase to my vehicle and I would have to put either the shotgun or ammo in the trunk and the other in the front. He say's it is store policy, I said regardless it's not a law, and I have proof right here in my hand that these are mine and I dont want you touching them. I was starting to get HOT. He paged management 3 times and none showed up so Iwalked out with my purchase and no one chased me down. Any more I definately go out of my way not to do any business with them.

C Kulig    Posted 07-10-2003 at 09:11:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
Wow, I don't know what to say. I didn't know that walmart was so evil. It does upset me when the cashiers are to lazy to properly scan stuff so I set of the alarm on my way out.We do joke about it though. There is this booming voice from overhead... THIS IS GOD. YOU ARE STEALING FROM ME. PLEASE STEP BACK INTO THE STORE SO YOU CAN BE SEARCHED.
I do most of my shopping a Walmart. Around here they have some of the lowest prices. I can't afford to spend more out of sentiment for the "mom and pop" places. Wish I could, but it ain't happening.
I figure if Walmart or Farm and Fleet don't have it, I don't need it.
If you want to see someplace that will rip you off everytime, go to the mall. Chad

Ron,Ar    Posted 07-10-2003 at 10:16:38       [Reply]  [No Email]
Let me say this, when Sam Walton was alive things were different somewhat. In case you haven't noticed the satisfaction guarenteed policy has changed for one thing. Wallyworld is one of the nations biggest abusers of labor laws (overtime policy/split schedules) in the country. You watch/look around you, they build on the outskirts of town,downtown dies. This used to be a problem for big cities with malls. Now it is happening in the smaller towns and the smaller merchants cannot compete.

Les    Posted 07-10-2003 at 03:04:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
If the whole world thinks Wal-Mart is such a bad place, why is the whole world in the store every time I go there? If the whole world would just shut up and take their business to an establishment worthy of their station, Wal-Mart would either smarten up quick or go out of business.
So, if the place is that bad, how about putting your money where your mouth is and go somewhere else. There's plenty of other choices.
Either that or kwitcherbitchin.

C Kulig    Posted 07-10-2003 at 09:26:50       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'm with you on this one. Best time to go there is after midnight. It's not so crowded and the people that are there are entertainment themselves!

Ron,Ar    Posted 07-10-2003 at 05:53:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
That may be true where you live Les, but here in this town there is no other place. They have already driven everyone else 'cept the grocery stores out of business and they are now working on the grocers and gas stations. I would just to know how many small mom/pop family owned merchants have gone out of business because of this nationwide.

Ludwig    Posted 07-10-2003 at 07:56:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
Frankly its because of people like my grandmother who confuse convienience with "better". She's got a Super Wal-Mart 13 miles away and will drive all the way there to grocery shop rather than go 2 miles to the grocery store. Last time I visited her she came back with 2 gallons of melted ice cream because it was hot out. She "got such a great deal" on the ice cream which we promptly threw out.
Now my Grandmom is not made of money and hassles me about spending my money to, forexample, replace a leaky gas can rather than fix(?) it. So we had a good long sitdown talk about how she's crazy to drive 13 miles to save $5. Was it yesterday we talked about pennywise and pound foolish?

Anyway I generally try to avoid Wal-Mart, but theres many a time I just can't resist, like $6 for a 2 DVD set of Bonanza...

guess that means    Posted 07-10-2003 at 04:47:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
that I can gripe. Sorry Les, but this time I disagree with you.

I don't go to Walmart or any of the big chains, and shop as much as possible at my local ma and pa stores. Yep, I do pay a little more sometimes (not always!) and I can't "one-stop-shop." But I figure it partly as my civic duty to help keep these places open.

They return the favor by carrying different merchandise--usually the higher-quality, American-made, hard-to-find stuff that isn't anywhere to be found in Walmart/Kmart/Whatevermart. My local hardware store guy will go out of his way to find the one right screw that I need for some project and sell me just that--one. One of the local family-owned stores gave my kid a job several years ago. Now, even though he is away at college, he has an open door to work even a few hours if he's home just for a weekend or some short break; they take care of him like he's family...wouldn't get that out of any of the big chains.

So when we gripe about not being able to find or buy "the good stuff" anymore (and I remember somebody said that here just yesterday) the reason is that we all buy the cr@p "they're" selling...there are alternatives, but those alternatives will be fewer and fewer as y'all quit supporting them.

just my opinion,
Tom A

Salmoneye    Posted 07-10-2003 at 04:25:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
I dunno where everyone else lives, but I have never had a bad experience at Wally-World...

I go seldom, but when I do you can't beat the price of the things I buy...

$10 for a case of oil?

Spence - getting pricey t    Posted 07-09-2003 at 20:07:03       [Reply]  [No Email]

Ron,Ar    Posted 07-09-2003 at 19:50:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
whadda ya expect from a conglomerate that insists on running every mom & pop store in the country out of business. Whats wrong with Walmart? What ain't wrong with Walmart?

Clod    Posted 07-09-2003 at 20:04:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
I had trouble finding hot tomalies last week i rambled around thirty minutes then bought peanuts.They were suspicious I know ,,So the lady at the door looked in my bag and at the ticket,Told me to walk by the detector again..I took off my shirt and throwed it on her counter and said search me.You want my pants on the counter too? A crowd gathered to join me.I had nothing stolen but they got an earfull of me and the gang at the doorway..I said IF i had stolen something worth 3 dollars I would be in jail six months but how many customers get cheated here of more money and no one goes to jail?Im sure they watched me wandering the isles with no basket so that made me a thief.Well,, They will be more sure the next time they stop a customer because a big crowd was joining my side at the doorway.

Reddee    Posted 07-09-2003 at 21:57:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
Good JoB!!! Every now and again me and several others I know will check out at Wal-mart, and the alarm will start going off as you walk through the door! Of course the door person at our FRIENDLY Wal-mart want to see your receipt which you have to dig back through your purse to get, only to find that everything checked out except the cashier who didn't deactivate one of those security strips properly. Even though you know your innocent it makes you nervous and embarrassed as all get out because everyone in ALL check out lanes are staring to see if you stole something or not!! Well a few of us FED UP shoppers have decided that the next time it happens, when that buzzer alarm goes off and says please step back through the exit door that we would run like mad to our vehicle... you know really cause some excitement! What can they do?? After all the stuff is paid for with receipt ....ah somewhere in the bottom of my purse!! Make them work a little harder at making sure to properly deactivate those security strips!! Redd

Redneck    Posted 07-10-2003 at 02:58:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
My cousin did close to that.They came out of the store,no buzzer or nothing.As they went toward their car,security and police confronted them.They said look at my items,reciept whatever you want,we have done nothing.Instead they were handcuffed,thrown down face first on the cement,and taken to jail.They were innocent indeed!A little lawyer later they both walked away with a wheelbarrow load of cash from Wallyworld.

I say let them cuff and stuff,I will have the last laugh!

Clod    Posted 07-10-2003 at 06:23:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
There is a clique when big money like Walmarts buys security and deals with local police.The powers that be know where the money comes from.Even if you have stolen nothing,They will make it cost you for defending yourself.There is a payback for takeing care of the big moneymen and the police know who butters their bread.

Maggie/Tx    Posted 07-10-2003 at 12:04:21       [Reply]  [No Email]
I am still real proud of you for causing "The Scene They Never Wanted" for how you were treated at Wal-Mart! :)

Clod    Posted 07-10-2003 at 15:33:58       [Reply]  [No Email]
As for Mr Walton's way of thinking ,You are guilty of something if you come to his store.

Redneck    Posted 07-10-2003 at 19:30:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
The problems started after the kids took over after he died.Cheap crap,stupid employees,giving in to pressure from ripoff minorities.I hate the place.

Clod    Posted 07-10-2003 at 21:03:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
Are you kidding? The kids are far more educated than the old man..How could this be?

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