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Country Discussion Topics
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Taylor Lambert    Posted 07-17-2003 at 21:24:28       [Reply]  [No Email]
Ive been reading the posts about angels and the unknown. Its got me to wondering what kind of noise i heard a few months ago and also recently. I heard it one morning before i went to work I was out on the porch and heard it. It started out a low bellow then turned into ahigher pitched yodel. It sounded fairly close. I tohught it was a bull bellowing but there hasnt been cattle within 15 miles of here. It un nerved the dogs to. When i got home i looked for tracks but didnt find any like a cows hoof. I did find a few bobcat prints but the sound didnt sound like a bobcat squall. A few miles from here dad and six others where in a truck comming home and talking about animals we had here and about that time something black and long leaped across the road in two strides. About five miles from there another friend spotted the same thing while letting his deer dogs run at night but he said its hed wasnt shaped like a cats head. He told me he wont go back there at night. Just recentlly 19 miles away where i run a landfill my bosses wife swears she saw something she thought was a big dog hop across the road that resembled a a big cat with a long tail. Since boar hogs and ferrel pigs were released back here i dont get far in the woods with ought my 12 ga and slugs. Dad told me that when he was a kid that he d heard stories of Panthers or pumas. I didnt know we had alligators here in northeast Mississippi till one got offed at the rock quarry slurry pond. It was just a rarecase none have been seen since that. I wished i could find the article clipping on the huge rattle snake that was Killed 23 years ago when Yellow creek was cleared for the nuclear plant. It was huge the measutrements wer something like 10 inches circumference and 9 feet long. Theres still alot of land here thats never seen a human i recon.

BadMoon    Posted 07-18-2003 at 23:33:51       [Reply]  [Send Email]
How you doin, Taylor? You know about where I live out Hwy 30 East of NA. About 3 years ago my wife was goin to Prayer Meetin. She cut thru the country at the Old Bar U ranch off 30. She was going down a hill, in a isolated area, about 3 miles from the church. She said something big and solid black darted across the road in front of her. She remembered the tail as long as its body and thick, like a tube. Said it was bigger than my brother-in-laws deer dogs. She swears by it and my wife don't lie... BadMoon

Taylor Lambert    Posted 07-19-2003 at 07:19:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
THats how this was, My friend that runs dogs said the one he saw had more pointed nose than a cat bt now he was pretty shaken. he wont hook to a car in that area if hes alone.

Ron,Ar    Posted 07-17-2003 at 21:39:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
sounds like the panther stories around here. Game & Fish comission claims there are no panthers left here but most folks believe differently. Like the bear population, G&F said there were no bear in central Arkansas either. Not long after that a log truck hit one south of town, knocked it up into the windshield of an oncoming car. Killed woman, little girl and bear died also. I never heard G&F clain lack of bears here again.Man don't always know everything around him.

Charles(Mo)    Posted 07-18-2003 at 03:01:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
Ron for years the Mo. Conservation said that we didn't have any bears or mountain lions in Mo. Even when one of their agents filmed a mountain lion near his home in Ellington, they said the video wasn't clear enough for proof. We saw the video, it was on the news, there was no doubt in our minds.

About 10 years ago, a small black bear was spotted on the edge of the town near us. The game warden trapped it and took it to be released somewhere out in the boonies. At that time the Conservation Commission admitted that they had reintroduced bears into Mo some 35 years ago.
I don't know why they denied it for so long. Now they are doing the same thing about mountain lions. And they wonder why people have no trust in our government.

Not to long ago, a friend showed me a couple of pictures that were taken about 5 miles from my house. The man that took the pictures was having trouble with something that was eating deer food out of a feeder that he had set up on his farm. He believed that his neighbor was coming in on his place and turning over the feeder every night. He confronted his neighbor about it, but he denide it. He complained to the sheriff and the sheriff said he couldn't do anything unless he caught him in the act. After several complaints, the sheriff loaned the guy a camera that had a motion detection switch(took a picture if anything moved in front of the camera). So he set it up out by the deer feeder and he found out what was messing with the feeder. The camera took several pictures of a bear turning the feeder over and also there is a picture of a mountain lion walking by the feeder with a coon in its mouth.


Lenore    Posted 07-18-2003 at 07:01:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
My theory on those animal rights/environmenatlist wackos (not to be confused with realistic people who care) is they are used to Hollywood's portrail of nature. So if they drive out to a wooded spot, park along the roadway and do not see animals frolicing; they think there are none. Most have never walked through woods and sat still long enough to see any in the natural habitat. My opinion.

Clod    Posted 07-18-2003 at 16:16:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
My idea of an animal /reptile expert is that Austrailian on TV that always gets snake bit.Now there are biologist up in Austin who tell us how to live in the outdoors.They spent their life on concrete in a big city.Lots of people can talk about wrestling bears.But i prefer to listen to one who has done it then talked.

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