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Hotpoint washer leak - bought used, know nothing a
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Patty Scott    Posted 07-19-2003 at 07:50:52       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I am having a problem with a hotpoint washer that I bought used. Everytime i wash clothes it leaks from the front underneath mainly on the right side. If anyone can help me diagnose this problem, please do. Tired of mopping every day!

Hal/WA    Posted 07-19-2003 at 20:47:50       [Reply]  [No Email]
One of the really nice things about Hotpoint and their twin GE appliances is that the company put out a series of manuals about each series of appliances that are basic enough so that nearly anyone could understand them. I agree that the first step would be to pull the machine out from the wall and take off the back cover. Then operate the washer so you can see what is going on and possibly easily find the leak from a hose or something obvious. If you can't easily find the leak, it might pay to get the washer book, which explains where to look for various types of leaks. There are a number of spots that could leak--some are cheap and easy to fix and some are really hard and cost a lot.

I was able to keep a GE that I bought used working for about 25 years raising 5 kids. I fixed leaks several times, mostly on hoses, but once on the "curtain" seal, which was a real job. I think that the GE washers are about as easy to fix by the home handyman as any that are out there.

But you have to decide when there is too much wrong with any appliance to justify fixing it. I quit working on my GE when the tub cracked where the bolts hold it to the main shaft. I suppose I could have come up with another tub, but we just bought a new washer to go in our new house, at my wife's insistance. Some parts are really expensive. I would really have to consider if the transmission or pump needed replacement if it was worth it to fix the machine. But I like to tinker.....

There are lots of washing machines available used. If the problem with the one you have is too bad, possibly the easiest and cheapest remedy would be to just get another newer used machine. But I urge you to look at what is going on with your washer. It could be something as easy as tightening a hose clamp or replacing a $10 hose. REMEMBER TO UNPLUG THE POWER CORD BEFORE EVER PUTTING YOUR HANDS INTO THE LOWER AREA OF YOUR WASHER. There could be electrical hazards. Good luck.

buck    Posted 07-19-2003 at 09:10:45       [Reply]  [No Email]

You may start by isolating the part ofthe washer that is leaking. Fill it with a small amount of water and turn it off and check for leaks. If no leaks appear then turn it to spin so it will discharge the water in the tub. If it leaks here then it is probaby the discharge pump or a line connected to it. If the leak in in the pump or connecting lines then it is an easy self fix but should it be a seal or part of the tub then in all fairness it is time for another washer as the repair will be more than its value.

John    Posted 07-19-2003 at 19:20:31       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Check out this website:

I've used it to keep my 20-year-old Maytag washer running.

Clod    Posted 07-19-2003 at 21:16:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
What do you guys say about this? a PLASTIC knob that goes on a Sears dryer.You know the big knob that you use to set the time of drying? That plastic knob is $24 00 from Sears. How cold it cost more than three bucks to manufacture a plastic knob?

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