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Country Discussion Topics
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Junk PCs
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Clod    Posted 07-24-2003 at 06:30:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
Do any of you find PCs that people have tossed away and try to make one good one out of parts? (on a small budget?)I like to learn this as I go. One big thing is to identify the boards and componets so you can get drivers.There are free drivers online at a driver site..It is more simple if you can get it put on a CD disk as a floppy wont hold all the info.But I also asked at the internet cafe at the mall where they suply drivers for to bucks.The guy said he would put it on a CD for the same price.If any of you does rebuild old PCs maybe you could add useful info here for me. Ofcourse this may not be country? Do only city folks do these things?If that is a fact then there is one good character of city folks.When I grew up in the country I often built things of old parts or did without the things I wanted. One PC site I post here tels of building from cheaper new parts but I have found several that are relative to this subject.I often hit a brick wall called ignorance when I start into things like this and do not find info I need for weeks.

Dude...    Posted 07-24-2003 at 08:32:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
I am a complete advocate of recycled pieces and parts for building up a puter...However...The site you linked is whacked...That guy has you up over $500 before you get done with the innards...I am more of the mindset that FREE is best...I have 4 running PC's at this time and 5 working MACs...The largest rig I have is a 700 Celeron with 128 megs of RAM...I take any and all 'junks' that are given to me...For net surfing and e-Mail you don't 'need' anything fancy...My 166mhz P1 with 96 megs of RAM is just as fast as my 700 when it comes to surfing, and I have DSL...The guy at that site is pushing Socket 478 technology with 512 megs of RAM on people...Great if you want to network game or do high-end graphics manipulations such as with Bryce or something, but for straight bare-bones online it is way overkill...

He is right though in one respect...If you can handle Lincoln Logs or Legos then you can build your own puter...


Clod    Posted 07-24-2003 at 12:13:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well,, Im not really surpised to see this name here.Ha ha~ Is there anything you dont try to do? Yes.I saw the guy likes the max numbers in his equipment.I am on an an E Machine 400 I3 PC now that was sapposed to hit the dumpster according to the expert in this town.It does all I need to do.My boss sent a big Comp USA that I use but can hardly tell the diffrence.I dont play those PC games nor know anything of 3 D.I have a giant 3 ft high tower here a pal found behind a business office.Pentium 2 and lots of memory.Award BIOS . But it dont care if I poke a Windows 98 CD in it.It ignores it ,even though I tried both pal in California says he will carry me through the trip by e mail on how to get the decks to accept a WIN 98 program.If he sit here he could make it go in five3 mins or find why not.But communication on high tech stuff by e mail will bog down.I thought about formatting the hard drive but I pulled that trick on this one and it has me gun shy now. A guy gave me a MAC and somehow decided the HD was bad.He bought another MAC because he liked them so well.I compared MAC and PC HD prices.The MACs have higher priced parts..I ripped the hard drive open just to look inside.-------The PROGRAMING is my problem.Electronics is not hard for me to understand.The simple way is to buy components with a CD inside the boxes because you have a driver there that goes with the part.But I want junk!

The good thing...    Posted 07-24-2003 at 16:05:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
About the way you are doing it, is that you will know what is going on in the end...

Bottom line is that if you can ID the components down to the MotherBoard, you can find the drivers/bios/jumper settings/etc, somewhere on the net...The page you find may be in Japanese, but hey...That's what online translators are for, no?...

I have learned more in the last decade on the net than I did the first 30 years of life...

Fun toys, eh?...



Clod    Posted 07-24-2003 at 17:25:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
salmoneye ,,You amaze me. I have a long thing here.Read some if you get time.Add more here too if you think of more on PC building.From junk.

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