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Country Discussion Topics
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Movin' on up
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Cindi    Posted 07-25-2003 at 19:22:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
We are poor. It's no secret to anybody who knows us that we have been struggling lately. So when Jill came home with an honest to God, label on the butt, pair of sure enough Levis this afternoon I just had to gaze at them in wonder.

We don't do labels. Usually whatever generic jeans we can lay our hands on for ten or twelve bucks a pair is good enough. I couldn't help ribbing her, just to see what would happen.

"Next thing you know you'll come waltzin' in here sportin' some Gucci shoes."


"Or maybe a Prada handbag....woooohooo!"

I sashayed around the kitchen waving the jeans around like a flag. She snatched them and grinned at me.

"Gucci," she says 'sounds like a bad skin rash, and I wouldn't know a Prada if it ran up and bit me on the butt. These were on sale, thirteen ninety nine, thank you."

"Oh! Good shoppin'! Walmart?"


Now I know where to spend my govern-mental rebate check!

Jimbob    Posted 07-26-2003 at 20:53:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
I buy inexpensive- a name brand pair of jeans don't impress me. In fact, I just don't care for anything except the basics.

LH    Posted 07-25-2003 at 20:07:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
Good quality jeans and shoes are about the only thing I spend money on. I prefer carharrt drawers and army surplus shoes since ya always get your monies worth

Cindi    Posted 07-25-2003 at 22:23:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well, the girls weights fluctuate so much and Jake grows everyday, so spending any real money on clothes for them is just crazy because a month down the road it won't fit. Fred and I wear rustlers. Once they get ugly, they go for work jeans.

LH    Posted 07-25-2003 at 22:45:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
I agree with you on kids clothes they sure outgrow them quick. And Rustlers are good I wear them when they are on sale for casual dress jeans

You people...    Posted 07-26-2003 at 04:36:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
Don't have Rummages and garage/lawn sales where you live I take it...

Levis (and any other name brand you want) are usually in the 50 range...25 is a big price for a shirt...Last month I got The Wife 48 brassieres on 'Dollar Bag Day'...And that wasn't everything in the bag neither for that dollar...The Girl has about 10 new swimsuits, and school clothes are all taken car of too...

One man gathers what another man spills...

Salmoneye, The Broke & Cheap

Be Phlatt    Posted 07-26-2003 at 09:42:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
You're tool cool Salmoneye!!(ROFLMAO)...Phlatt

Cindi    Posted 07-26-2003 at 05:04:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
We do, but we usually have to drive a while to find 'em. To find a really good yard sale area, it's about sixty miles to the nearest good sized town. Now we do have a Beall's outlet, and I shop there a lot. That's where I found my t shirt that I wore all over town that has our hometown name on it that I didn't realize was mispelled until Jill told me three months later. Mom, Wauchula has TWO u's in it. :0

Sorry...    Posted 07-26-2003 at 05:47:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
I forget that some people have not been overrun with yuppies yet...Today there will be at least 10 lawn sales within a 2 mile radius, and the rummages are unreal...

The cast-offs from the rich folk around here are all name brand (LL Bean, J-Crew, Gap, etc.) and little used...The clothes are really nice and they sell them for nothing...Try and buy a stinkin roofrack to carry a bike or a canoe paddle and you'd think they are selling gold bars though...

My kid will be the best dressed scutter in the first grade...And the Wifes frillies are expensive as all getout new...



Les    Posted 07-26-2003 at 09:05:16       [Reply]  [No Email]
The Loon Area Christian Fellowship runs a thrift shop in Lincoln. It's one of the best places to shop around. They make more than enough money there to support the ski ministry. A lot of the help is volunteer, including my mother and a bunch of other ladies and men from area churches, and just about everything they sell they got for nothing. They're in a little strip mall about a mile from Loon Mountain which is the busiest ski area in NH. They had so much money that they bought the mall from the previous owner and now rent some of the units and have sold others.
It's a great place to shop for clothes.

Ayuh...    Posted 07-26-2003 at 09:31:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
The Congregational Church in Burlington runs a thrift store in the basement on Mondays and Wednesdays...The name of the place is 'The Possibility Shop'...Lots of good stuff and good prices...All volunteer...

Heck...Even the Salvation Army is an OK place, but the prices have gone up in the last few years since they started PAYING their 'help'...


Maggie/TX    Posted 07-26-2003 at 10:21:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
Bargain shopping is the only way to go! When the kids were little and my parents were alive, I would visit them in Birmingham every summer and stock up on kids clothes at the Thrift Shop there. The Thrift Shop benefits the battered women's shelter and has great prices.

Here, there are several really good resale shops, plus good yard sales every weekend. My daughter seems to have learned the ethic of looking for a bargain very well. Maybe too well. She only buys shoes on sale, but has at last count 41 pair. Her middle name is Imelda. ;)

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