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Country Discussion Topics
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Driving to fast
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Ladyhawk    Posted 08-16-2003 at 14:50:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
I need some good suggestions. I live on a county rd. A one lane road. At the end of the road is a gate. Ranchers, contractors and casino patron drive down the road like a bat out of H*ll. My house is right on the road. Any suggestion on how to keep them from driving so fast past my house. They don't have any coutesy..

Salmoneye    Posted 08-17-2003 at 04:02:27       [Reply]  [No Email]
A handful of kids 'jacks' carelessly misplaced up and down the road...

DISCLAIMER: This Information Is For Educational And Amusement Purposes Only

toolman    Posted 08-17-2003 at 11:14:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
if i may use that same disclaimer Salmoneye, i hear a hand full of roofing nails, inch an a half or so long desposited just past your on driveway has an EFFECT.

Jerry (KS)    Posted 08-16-2003 at 17:34:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
Here was one framers "fix". It just might work for you:

Farmer John lived on a quiet rural highway. But, as time went by, the traffic slowly built up at an alarming rate.
The traffic was so heavy and so fast that his chickens were being run over at a rate of three to six a day.

So one day Farmer John called the sheriff's office and said, "You've got to do something about all of these people driving so fast and killing all of my chickens."

"What do you want me to do?" asked the sheriff.

"I don't care, just do something about those crazy drivers!"

So the next day he had the county workers go out and erect a sign that said:


Three days later Farmer John called the sheriff and said, "You've got to do something about these drivers. The 'school crossing' sign seems to make them go even faster."

So, again, the sheriff sends out the county workers and they put up a new sign: SLOW: CHILDREN AT PLAY
That really sped them up.

So Farmer John called and called and called every day for three weeks.

Finally, he asked the sheriff, "Your signs are doing no good. Can I put up my own sign?"

The sheriff told him, "Sure thing, put up your own sign."

He was going to let the Farmer John do just about anything in order to get him to stop calling everyday to complain.
The sheriff got no more calls from Farmer John. Three weeks later, curiosity got the best of the sheriff and he decided to give Farmer John a call.

"How's the problem with those drivers. Did you put up your sign?"

"Oh, I sure did. And not one chicken has been killed since then. I've got to go. I'm very busy."

He hung up the phone.

The sheriff was really curious now and he thought to himself, "I'd better go out there and take a look at that sign... it might be something that WE could use to slow down drivers."

So the sheriff drove out to Farmer John's house, and his jaw dropped the moment he saw the sign. It was spray-painted on a sheet of wood: SLOW: Nudist Colony…..go slow for the chicks

Juliana    Posted 08-16-2003 at 16:11:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
Boy, I hear ya! I live on a gravel road that dead ends and there is one family that races by, not caring what kind of dust they stir up. Needless to say, because of them, all that white dust comes into my house. I have thought of putting up a sign, but I think that's tacky. Let me know if you come up with a better solution.

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