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Country Discussion Topics
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About disagreements.
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Sid    Posted 08-21-2003 at 22:59:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
I think when it is time to stand up and speak we must stand up and speak Have been thinking about our recent visitor [Bob] and I think it was good that he did not go unanswered. I did notice it seemed some where getting preturbed but for the most part the responses where as polite as could be under the circumstances. Part of what got us in some of the messes we are in today is good people not speaking up when needed because they did not want to stirr the waters. A lot of nonsense went unchallenged and as a result some pretty silly rules where made. Keep on keeping on and remember the main thing is the main thing.

I can't agree    Posted 08-22-2003 at 04:34:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
Some folks are worth having discussions with, some are not. Bob was simply trying to stir up trouble...nobody was changing anybody's ideas, so there was *no* good coming from any of those threads and there was the distinct probability of getting the plug pulled on the site.

I love a good debate, but only when both sides are listening and thinking as well as talking and there was no chance of that with Bob and his ilk. As it was, the folks who argued with him were simply being led by the nose into playing his silly little game...and I, for one, hate to be manipulated.


LH    Posted 08-22-2003 at 05:26:16       [Reply]  [No Email]
I believe there is a difference between being manipulated and voicing ones opposing opinions. Youre right that neither side was gonna change their stance on the situation, but perhaps someone reading these posts who hadnt yet formed an opinion on any of the issues discussed might have been somewhat more enlightened after reading the various opinions. I can appreciate your concern over the moderator pulling the plug on the site. But I for one refuse to sit sheepishly by and allow anyone to tell us that we are all a bunch of hicks or that firearms or anything else for that matter should be banned because they are terrible things and we should not be allowed to own or use them. If we dont stand up for our rights, we wont have them any longer IMHO

yes, but...    Posted 08-22-2003 at 06:16:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
LH: I agree with you on gun rights and probably many other issues, as well as about the necessity to present "our side" in an intelligent debate. I won't stand by and watch my rights go anywhere.
But grade-school style arguments (including name calling from both sides!!) won't change anybody's mind about anything, and at best make you feel better for having "told that nitwit off" and at worst make you look a fool for being dragged into the manure pit with the nitwit.

I've seen some very good discussions on this site over several years, and even seen some minds change because of them. But the threads involving Bob ain't in that category, but were a series of childish rants.

tom a

LH Yep    Posted 08-22-2003 at 07:26:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
and I odnt need Bob to make me look like a fool I do that myself

LH    Posted 08-21-2003 at 23:12:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
I admit I get upset and very passionate about some subjects, but it also feels good to vent on some idiots. Anyway I think verbalizing is better than popping a cap on guys like that lol

Well...    Posted 08-22-2003 at 03:35:52       [Reply]  [No Email]
"I think verbalizing is better than popping a cap on guys like that"

Maybe...But so much less fulfilling for the soul...(and your trigger finger)...


dc - patience    Posted 08-22-2003 at 01:18:38       [Reply]  [No Email]

Have you ever been in one of those "god's quick" situations where everyuthing balances without help? well you know the wonderful thing? It's true! i've let stuff go for 60 years now and more often than not it gets its butt properly kicked without me! If they still raid your lunch bag, nail guns stick them to trees. saves ammo :)

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