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Country Discussion Topics
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Lawn waters trouble
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Stanley Mopar    Posted 09-10-2003 at 12:49:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hello, and welcome to my world.
I have been having a problems with my lawn waters and Im an older gentleman and when I get down there and inspect my lawns with the magnifyer I can see burns.
and im also seeing alot of little little black bugs and litle mites and i think it may be infestations.
I am using a scoot-about to get around and I tend to nod off out in there with the sprinklers running and im seeming to understand that this makes for breeding grounds of infestations.
it hurts me to see my greens this way and im feeling so upset about this infestations.
I got a few little spots there on my right foot that are itching me awful and im worried it could be infestations from nodding off on the greens out there.
-S. Mopar

Maggie/Tx    Posted 09-11-2003 at 07:51:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
OK, if this is for real (just for grins I'll treat it as such) I would say it sounds like you've got chinch bugs in your lawn. Look for a product that is a treatment for chinch bugs and follow the directions. If the problem is not a shortage of water on the lawn and you've got brown or dead looking patches, then I would suspect chinch bugs, especially if you happen to have St. Augustine grass, which is a favorite of chinch bugs.

S.Mopar Thankyou    Posted 09-11-2003 at 11:44:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
Maam, I would like to thankyou very much, you are the first to give me a decent answer. Seems everyone else here just wants to harass me.
I will look into these chinch bugs and see what I can get down in there and do. I think that may be the problems because you say I water enough there but got those burns and brown patches.
i thankyou again.

Round em up....    Posted 09-10-2003 at 18:45:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
with a butterfly net...and have em fer supper you old fool....this will prove you're crazier than a craphouse mouse and you can get yerself committed to the state loony bin.

Call in the....    Posted 09-10-2003 at 14:42:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
asphalt trucks...when all is done paint it all green....yer neighbors will die of envy. :^)

BustedYa    Posted 09-10-2003 at 18:23:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
"Stanley" you might want to look elsewhere for your stooges. This site may be for country folk, but that doesn't mean that we are stupid. You are obviously not an old "nodder". I don't mind people having a good time, but when it is this obvious I have to call your bluff!

Stanley Mopar    Posted 09-10-2003 at 23:24:24       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well you know all I done asked for was a little help with what might be infesting and causing the burns in my lawns, I thought a country people might be a simple way to get a good answer seeing as all I got was grief from the exterminating company.
now All I asked was for a little help with how to take care of those infestations out in the greens.
I may not be in the last years of my life but Im sure not a young man anymore, and I do suffer from blackouts occasionaly which is why I ride the scootabout and just figured I would save myself a bit of embarrassment by just saying that I nod off out there.
I find it a bit upseetting how quick you are to judge me and my situation. and if any of you still have a good remedy I might put in the dirt out there to take care of the mites i will be greatly apreciative.

Stanley Mopar    Posted 09-10-2003 at 15:09:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well I thankyou for the idea there, but I dont quite want to just fill her in and surrender.
I enjoy having a nice greens out there and its good for the dogs.
now the neighbors are a bunch of spanish and I dont much get along well with them anyways so I have to say I dont much care what their opinion may be. I probably wouldnt understand their gibberish talk anyway.
as I tend to nod off out there on the scootabout and have awoken to find items such as limes having been thrown around about my feet.
I just wanted a simple darn answer about the infestations.

Hey Stanley....    Posted 09-10-2003 at 15:29:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
didn't mean ta squirt in yer coffee cup there....not seeing bugs makes it hard to identify just what you're dealing with there. Have you thought of capturing a few of these critters and then calling an exterminator ta deal with them? Mebbe that's the way ta go.... :^)

Stanley Mopar    Posted 09-10-2003 at 15:55:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
Oh its no trouble I sometimes come off a bit ornery but Im just an old beanbag.
I had to stop drinking coffee for awhile there as it was causing me frequent visits to the crapper if you know what I mean.
I called out an exterminator a few months back and just had a heck of an ordeal with those yahoo's, a few parts around the house come up missing, a bit of vandalism,overcharged,I was threatened with physical violence and as you see the infestations are still giving me a heck of a time.
the teenager punk they sent out to my property was trying to tell me I had river rats.

Seems if you want something done right youre best to be doing it yourself.
the bugs are small and a reddish brown black, and they get right down there in the dirt in swarms and feed on the grass roots. I think its their breeding grounds.
I slipped there last week on a lime and about threw my back out while servicing my scootabout.

Mebbe if you....    Posted 09-10-2003 at 16:00:37       [Reply]  [No Email]
could get a picture of them rascals posted here then the country folks might be able ta help you more....different bugs calls fer different treatments. :^).....(Sorta like dealing with politicians when it comes to extermination.)

Torker Meritson    Posted 09-10-2003 at 13:28:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
Are you using any fertilizers or chemical sprays for this? I had a similar problem, turned out my septic tank which is under my lawn was full.

Stanley Mopar    Posted 09-10-2003 at 14:37:31       [Reply]  [No Email]
Mr. Meritson I haven't been in use of a spray for quite some time due to my right foot cramping up out there during appliance. I have however been using a mixture of St.Ides malt liquor and a laquor thinner spritzed around the perimiters to keep the cats from crapping in there. it lets off quite a fume.
Im sorry to hear about your septics but Im afraid Im going to have to say no thankyou.
what I need is a home remedy for the infestations themselves
I sure aint calling that Orkin after what happened out here the last time.

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