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Sick Chickens?
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Greg F.    Posted 09-10-2003 at 18:42:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
We have some chickens (hens) that have been losing feathers and they donít seem to be coming back. At first I thought it was the roosters that were too aggressive so we moved them out but the feathers do not seem to be growing back.

The Road Island Reds seem to be the only ones affected.

Today we noticed one with large open sores. We moved her to a separate pen just to be sure.

Any ideas?

We are new the chicken thing but have had good luck for the last year and a half until now.


sammy    Posted 09-29-2003 at 23:56:22       [Reply]  [Send Email]
my chicken is sick. she stands in one spot and does not move. she hardly eats or drinks. she moves slowly and does not eat grass or stay with the other chickens .can you help please.

sammy    Posted 09-29-2003 at 23:52:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
my chicken has been acting really strange. she wont eat or drink much and she wont move . she stands in one spot and does not socialise with the other chickens. what can i do to make her better. please help i dont want her to die.

Tom A    Posted 09-11-2003 at 04:40:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
Might be a few different things.

This time of year is when chickens normally molt. Yours may not have molted last year if they were still young so this would be the first year you've really seen a molt and some hens really look bad.

Second possibility is exactly what you thought--roosters. We have several hens that appear to be "favorites" and usually have bare backs...totally bald patches in the very middle of the back, sometimes extending to the upper wings. Occasionally, they'll appear scratched up, too, but always seem to heal after a few days.

Third possibility is a combination of the two--you do have a few "favorite" hens that are losing feathers to roosters, and they're simultaneously going thru a molt which makes 'em look that much worse. Probably nothing to worry about.

Fourth and final (I think) possibility would be mites. But if it were mites, then I think all the birds would be showing problems, and not just a few.

good luck,

Sarah    Posted 09-10-2003 at 19:41:12       [Reply]  [Send Email]
It maybe the other hens pecking at them! We have that to happen! I am not sure what else it might be, but I know some of ours do peck at the others one back until they bleed if we dont watch out! WE have to take some and put them seperate because they get pecked at too much! Hope this helps some! Talk Later,Sarah

sven    Posted 09-11-2003 at 04:39:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yes, hens will peck each other, It's been years since I have been around chickens, but I remember some kind of a red colored salve type of stuff that was applied to the sore spots on the hens, seems as though it was more of a repelant to prevent the pecking, but may have had some healing properties as well. I don't remember what it was called, but I think it came in a small glass bottle, and had an applicator in the lid.

Greg F.    Posted 09-11-2003 at 10:54:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
Thanks for all the great replyís.
Could be a molt. They did not molt last year, as they were young. I also thought about mites and other hens pecking at her. She is in her own pen right now. I will keep the roosters out for a while and I think dust them all for mites just to be sure and look for something to put on the wounds.
Everyone is eating good and laying good so I think it may not be as bad as it looks. Wow are they ugly.

Thanks again,

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