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Country Discussion Topics
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Things that howl....
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Cindi    Posted 09-10-2003 at 21:10:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
...and make your skin crawl.

In Texas we had legends out the wahoo. It seemed that every county had a ghouly of some sort. Half man half bear, half man half panther, things that ate hunters when they found themselves alone in the woods in the dark, leaving nothing behind but maybe a gnawed on boot or a chewed gun stock.

If that wasn't enough, the Mexicans brought the tales of their legends over from Mexico and it seemed that just hearing about them was enough to make you think that the monsters had crossed the river right behind them.

Example, the chupacabra, or the goat sucker. To hear them talk, there was one behind every bush but nobody had ever seen one and lived to tell about it. Well I've seen pictures of that dam thing and I reckon that it's some type of computer magic that made that happen, as the story says you don't get to live if you see one up close enough to get a snapshot.

Then there was some type of owl creature that stood as tall as a man. I wish I could remember the name, but it had a special sound it made and if you heard that sound in the dark, you might as well put your head between your legs and kiss your butt goodbye becuase you were toast.

Here we have the skunk ape. A relatively harmless evil monster that kind of bears a remarkable resemblance to bigfoot, only smaller. Close as I can tell, the scariest thing he's ever done is 'been seen'. Yeah well whatever. I have bigger fish to fry.

I have discovered an evil monster right here on my place. It walks on two legs, and for lack of a better name I will call it the abracadabra, or the joy sucker. Capable of making happiness disappear with a single howl.

Usually only spotted in the evening hours, it can be surly and downright vicious. It sneaks into the house when no one is looking and takes over not only the couch but the remote control and God forbid anyone should make a happy noise, the sucking sound can be heard all over the house as the monster sucks all the joy out of....

Okay, Fred came home in a bad mood. I'm over it. Seriously though. What is your local monster legend? Everybody has one. What was it that your mother used to tell you was going to get you if you didn't go to sleep RIGHT NOW DAMMIT!

What was your Blair Witch/Chupacabra/Joy Sucker?

Shorty    Posted 02-05-2006 at 13:00:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
We have a goatman here in the Colorado/Fayette county area over here in Texas. There's a Goatman Woods, Bridge and road, all three are supposed to have the spirit of the goatman lruking around. Except the legend goes way back into the 1800s, it's still pretty interesting.

There was a man who lived in the woods, and he was somewhat deformed, but he had the look of him like a goat, thus giving him the named the goatman. He would often kidnap the local children, do what he pleased with them, and then either kill them, or kill and eat them. He'd skin them, too, because he wore a goatskin over himself, and he's wear the children's skin. No one ever caught him until a few years later, where they hung him on this big oak tree. Well, right before he was to be hung, he made a pact with the devil, where he'd later come back, except when he did, he had a human man body, but the head of a goat.

Now the tree is still here, alive and everything, but they say at night if you drive by, you can see his body hanging there. And you know which tree it is because it hangs completely over the road, (its a little country road) and if you go there and turn off your lights and stuff, he's supposed to come. Then you'd better high-tail it out of there as fsat as you can. In Goatman woods, thats where he was said to live, because it was the town around that area. This is all around the area of Weimar, Columbus, and Schulenburg, Texas. They're three little towns within a short distance of eachother.

BW    Posted 09-11-2003 at 22:45:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
Witch's Pond .... A small pond that is said to be bottomless , that when it was common to cut ice in the winter that a team of horses and a wagon was pulled ? Under by someting living in the pond , local lengend has it the the ice broke UP ward before the whole thing when down , ice was 6-8" thick , and men were standing next to it when it happened , ....
Large snakes in the swamps , local DPW was out paving a dirt road over for the first time , at noon the crew takes lunch break , one of the workers ? looks up the road and records say (in town hall ) that he was what looked lolike a stove pipe laying across the road , a couple of men got up to get a closer look only to find that it was a snake with a head the size of a shovel and was as long as the width of a 2 lane street ....My dad would pick wild blueberrys in the swamp until the day he was out picking and had his hand in a high bush blue and looked in and saw just a bit of a snakes body ,,, it was bigger than the calf of his leg ,,,, very slowly took hand out of bush and left , ,,,he never when back in the swamp in warm weather ever again ..... even had a report of Big foot local night patrol was parked by the swamp , ,,, big foot came out picked up the cruiser shake it and dropped it , they beat feet to trun the car around to get light on what they say was a hairy 8-9' creature that smelled bad and just walked back in to the swamp ....right
Bullet proof devil hounds , etc ect etc ,just some of the funny stuff here in MA , the Bridgwater Triangle ,,,,
Bill g,
yup some people have just to much time and not enough to do , but think up this silliness ....

Maggie/Tx    Posted 09-11-2003 at 08:15:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
Cindi, when I first moved here, there was a story going around about the Day Lake Monster, or Goatman. For many years, folks have claimed to have seen some kind of half man, half goat critter out in one particular area. It was supposed to have a really bad smell and a blood-curdling scream. The area is heavily wooded and secluded and mostly used by hunters or teenagers looking for a place to neck. I wouldn't give the story any credence at all, except for the fact that two people I trust have seen and/or heard things out there that can't be explained away completely. I even heard something scream one night out there when we went looking for it (many years ago). I figure what I heard may have been a panther or some normal animal that I was just not familiar with, and the power of suggestion did the rest.
Here lately the legend has been renewed, but now they are calling what they have "seen" the Monkey Man, saying it is covered with hair and looks apelike. One account even claims a county sheriff's department officer saw it in someone's barn one night. Next time I see that officer, I plan to ask him about that. :)

Cindi    Posted 09-11-2003 at 10:00:16       [Reply]  [No Email]
Lol Maggie. Seems like all the Texas stories have a half man half something else. I remember there were tons of stories when I was growing up there, but I only seem to remember the ones that were the best told. Whne I lived outside Lockhart there was a half man half somehting else and it screamed like a panther or a woman, depending on who you listened to. Did you ever see the legend of boggy creek?

Maggie/Tx    Posted 09-11-2003 at 11:55:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yes, I saw Boggy Creek, but can't rememeber a lot about it. I do know that when I first heard about the Day Lake whatever-it-is was in 1971 and the story of it had been here for quite a while before that. The thing I heard the night we went looking did sound like a panther or a woman. I KNOW panthers used to come through here back then, because I did see one years ago.

Also, back in the early '70's, I lived in a little house on the bank of the Trinity River. I heard something making a noise one night that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck! It was a scream-like noise, but it sounded HUGE. Now that may sound funny, but think about it. You've heard bulls bellow and they sound "big." This thing sounded BIG to me. It was impossible to tell which direction the sound came from, as sound carried across the water and the woods were very dense. I had just gotten straight in the bed to go to sleep when I heard it. You better believe I DID NOT get up and go out on the porch to see if I could see anything or tell where it was! It was probably just somebody's cow across the river or something, but at the time, it did sound unearthly to this recently ex-city girl. LOL!

Gary, Mt. Hermon, La    Posted 09-11-2003 at 05:59:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
Vampires, but ran 'em all off by planting 20 acres of garlic.....they starved to death...again

Dave Smith    Posted 09-11-2003 at 04:40:43       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Sounds like Fred must be a sore looser and came home from his hunting trip skunked. If he don't get skunked once in a while he won't apreciate when he is successfull.
Dave <*)))><

Cindi    Posted 09-11-2003 at 08:18:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
No, this was a late meeting regarding company finances that held him over so late that he didn't get home til nine. He was just tired and grouchy and wanted quiet, so when Jill and Jenny got on a giggling kick over....I have no idea. They were just doing that giggling thing that girls do over nothing and he demanded they take it to their room. I for one can deal with noise as long as it is happy noise.

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