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Country Discussion Topics
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How can we clean up our school pond?
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Kildonan Elementary Schoo    Posted 09-11-2003 at 10:58:46       [Reply]  [Send Email]
We are a small school for students with dyslexia and as
part of our 6th Grade Science class we are trying to
figure out how to clean our small pond. It gets run-off
from the cornfields and is quite dirty. Some fish, turtles,
snakes and Mr. Beaver live there and we don't want to
harm them. Can anybody give us some ideas on how
to make their and our lives cleaner and healthier.

Mr. Wall- 6th Grade Scien    Posted 09-12-2003 at 04:38:10       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Arriving at work this morning I was pleasantly surprised
to see that responses were posted to our class
question. Unfortunately, it would seem that I will have
to selectively edit the responses my class will read
given the immature nature of some of them (though it
might be a good lesson on the unpredictability/danger
of using the internet). This is a legitimate post and I am
quite knowledgeable about the environment, but this is
also an exercise for the STUDENTS to learn to use
available resources to find out information. It is my
intention to see that the pond is restored to its original
size and intended use (as a potential "watering hole").
The kids are quite eager to "get dirty" and do as much
of the investigation and clean-up themselves so
thoughtful, relevant comments to that end are

ATW/WA    Posted 09-12-2003 at 16:31:46       [Reply]  [Send Email]

Mr. Wall,

Unfortunately, your pond is not the only polluted item around here, the forum responses here are not indicative of the frequent forum members who normally share this board. As with your pond, we will have to consider the source, and eliminate the garbage.

In the meantime here are some sites, that I use from time to time.


As with any I'net transfer of information, please preview to ensure content is "Appropriate for the intended audience"

Here at Moses Lake, WA. we are also concerned with water quality. I will send information as I can, regarding some of our efforts.

I lean towards "Bio-Filtration" where possible, a few cattails and Redwing Blackbirds won't hurt.

The following site will discuss mycological approaches to various "pollution solutions"..: o)

Please post back with follow up progress reports of your class and the pond project.


Willy-N    Posted 09-12-2003 at 12:51:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
The internet can be very predictable and you would want to screen for children's veiwing. Glad your class is doing this project and best of luck on it. Mark H.

Tom A    Posted 09-11-2003 at 11:44:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
A lot depends on you and the pond.

How big is the pond, and how much time and energy do you want to devote to the project?

Clean up could actually make a very nice, long-term science project for your and build a biological filter to process the excess nitrogen that is in the pond (you can do it without a lot of cash if the pond is small and/or you are clever) and also figure out ways to reduce and clean the runoff going into the pond (can be anything from planting a grass border to piling up bales of straw between the fields and the pond).

Less effective than a filter, but not bad, is to float bales of straw in the pond. My town actually stakes them around in the park's pond so they don't blow around. As bacteria decompose the straw, they use nitrogen from the water and help keep it clear. I'm told that barley straw is best for the purpose, but wouldn't swear to that (again, might be an interesting science experiment).

If the pond is actually pretty big or you don't have the time or resources, you might want to contact your local ag. extension agent for suggestions and help...or the local scoutmaster, as there are usually young men looking for good Eagle Projects to do and that might be a good one.

good luck,

VADAVE    Posted 09-11-2003 at 11:40:17       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Suggest you open the pond drain. The pond will be "clean" in that there is no water. Your dyslexic students will be in no danger of drowning and you will be in no danger of the resulting lawsuit.
Of course now there is no catch basin and the streams and rivers turn muddy. Red Dave is right if the critters are there it is not poluted and I'll bet there are fish there too.

sven    Posted 09-11-2003 at 11:33:12       [Reply]  [No Email]
You are going to have to construct a diversion terrace to channel the runoff away from the pond. May need to be a joint effort between the school and the farm owner. You may qualify for some assistance from the u.s.d.a. soil conservation service.

Red Dave    Posted 09-11-2003 at 11:32:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
If "Some fish, turtles, snakes and Mr. Beaver live there", what makes you think it is dirty?

The "fish, turtles, snakes and Mr. Beaver" wouldn't stay there if it was polluted. If you change the conditions of their habitat, without knowing what you are doing, you may well harm them, in spite of good intentions.

Here ya go!    Posted 09-11-2003 at 11:10:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
1) Hire a lawyer.2)Contact the Federal EPA who will hammer the farmer who owns the cornfield 3)Notify your Town officials so they can issue an cease/desist injunction to keep the farmer from farming and possibly foreclose on the farm.

Note: You'll need the lawyer to sue the supermarket when they run out of FOOD!

Stanley Mopar    Posted 09-11-2003 at 11:36:28       [Reply]  [No Email]
Now what kind of a wise-ass response is that,by "Here Ya Go" ??? all she asked for was a simple answer on how to clean up a pond a bit.
Miss I got about the same treatment from these people when I asked about cleaning up my lawn from mites.
Now what I would suggest is that you just leave the pond be, youve got yourself a natural ecosystem there and you all should enjoy it naturally as god intended it.
I also believe Mr. Beaver and the snakes pretty much like their pond the way it is. if it were dirty or polluted to them they would probably move on to a cleaner living spaces.

Are you....    Posted 09-11-2003 at 11:43:28       [Reply]  [No Email]
really gullible enough to believe that line of gargage? You need to get a grip pal....and get out more often.

S.Mopar    Posted 09-11-2003 at 11:55:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
I dont quite understand your comments, who ever you are.
I was under the impression that country folk were a polite bunch , now I may not be a country folk myself at the time being, as Im out in the Miami area but I was raised up there in a very small town in northern california and I never experienced as much impolite and rude behavior as I have on this here message system.
I first looked in here to find out how to solve a problem with mites in my grass and I figured that country folk would be the best darn solution I could get ,after a number of rude responses one of which was accused me of insincereity, I finally got one decent response from a nice woman who told me it may be chinch bugs, and now I may be able to take care of my problem.
I would like to continue to use this here message system to aquire help of decent coutrny folk who can help me out but I about lost my faith in yall with the number of rude comments I have recieved.
But I would like to say thankyou to the woman who helped me with the chinch bugs, I will look into that and see if thats the case, ive never heard of a chinch bugs but I will see.

yeah, guess I am    Posted 09-11-2003 at 11:51:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
I was feeling really stupid for a minute...I *do* tend to be naive.

Then I did a web search and sure enough there's a school by that name for dyslexic students (several hits).

So this may be a hoax, but I'll take the chance on looking a little stupid and try to give 'em a helpful answer on the outside chance it really is a 6th grade teacher looking for help.

But I will try to get out more often.

Tom A

Just because .....    Posted 09-11-2003 at 12:15:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
the school has a website does not validate the request that was posted. Most "teachers" would "know" who to contact in their own area/state to get that information and guidance. Where there are farmers there is also Farm Bureau.Farm Bureau members go into the the farming community schools AND city schools to educate and aid school kids with any/all projects associated with agriculture and the environment.Now that's my story and I'm sticking to it.BTW: Wish I had jest $1 for every hour I have spent in classrooms as a representative of Farm Bureau.... :^) P.S. I know a chain jerk when I see it too. Why not contact the school itself for confirmation of that posted may be surprised. :^)

Salmoneye    Posted 09-11-2003 at 13:26:39       [Reply]  [No Email]
The IP address is assigned to the school...So either the post is legit, or someone else has broken into a school puter just to be a troll on here...Which I find unlikely...

Posted by Kildonan Elementary Schoo on September 11, 2003 at 10:58:46 from (

Search results for:

BestWeb Corporation BESTWEB-BLK2 (NET-216-179-0-0-1) -
Kildonan School BESTWEB-KILDONAN (NET-216-179-12-160-1) -

Yup....    Posted 09-11-2003 at 13:43:58       [Reply]  [No Email]
Now it looks legit. My wife is going to contact the USDA office close to them and have the CED contact the school regarding assistance/information....Farm Bureau will also get involved if needed.....Clipper

Salmoneye    Posted 09-11-2003 at 13:57:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
Nice of ya!

I like that we all cared enough to first think we were being had, investigate, and then come to our own conclusions...

Gives me hope for all of us...

Clipper    Posted 09-11-2003 at 14:00:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yeah an there ain't too much broken glass all over de place either....haven't checked fer broken bar stools yet tho... :^)

~Lenore    Posted 09-12-2003 at 07:33:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
Broken bar stools are OK.
Drink less if they have to stand the whole time. LOL

like I said    Posted 09-11-2003 at 12:34:41       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'm naive and I guess just more willing to bite a hook and look a fool...comes from years as a Cub Scout leader, I guess.

In my years of working with teachers, I've been surprised at how many do *not* know about things beyond their own classroom walls, so this kind of question didn't surprise me.

We all make our choices in life, and I don't think it is that important to verify their need before I try to help someone. I've been helped lots by folks who probably thought my questions were so stupid I had to be making it all up but they took the time to set me straight.

If the original post is some clown laughing at me right now, that's ok because answering didn't cost me a cent. But I gotta admit that your posts have got me a little bit down, but I'll get over it.


S.Mopar    Posted 09-11-2003 at 12:55:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
I agree with you there Tom.
you are more well spoken than i am and got that point across quite well.
I just guess some people are more ready to judge than to help out.
I had a problem with mites in my lawn and I guess my question must have sounded a bit stupid, but a lady by the name of Maggie wrote me a very helpful response and helped me out.

The post....    Posted 09-11-2003 at 12:45:21       [Reply]  [No Email]
was directed at Stanley...NOT YOU...I know there are a lot of good caring folks on this board and you are certainly one of them. It angers me to see a chain jerk post come in ,and (to me anyway)try to make a game of posting things like that.I have not nor will I ever suggest that you are naive or gullible. No offense was intended towards you Tom.

I'm sorry!    Posted 09-11-2003 at 12:51:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
I misunderheard ya.
Guess I'm both gullible *and* slow! :-)


Ho Tom!    Posted 09-11-2003 at 12:54:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
Bet I'm slower than you!!! No need fer an apology Tom!Have a good un.......Clipper

Another bit of    Posted 09-11-2003 at 12:33:38       [Reply]  [No Email]
info....EVERY State has a US Department of Agriculture Office with a 1-800 toll free #...Office is manned by CED(County Exectuive Director) and a minimum of 2 PA's(Program Assistant's)....These folks are there not only for the farmers but any citizen who needs info/assistance with any agriculture/environmental issue/operation. I know this because my wife has been a CED for the past 18 years. :^)

Ayuh...    Posted 09-11-2003 at 11:55:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
Amenia, NY, Duchess County, 2nd grade thru Post Grad HS...

Salmoneye, who just logged a good 20 minutes on Google...

PS.....Good advice you gave above...

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