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Country Discussion Topics
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Now I've Done It
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Dog's Friend    Posted 09-15-2003 at 11:26:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'm still shaking. After 30years in computers and the last 10 years in charge of PC tech support for a Fortune 500 firm, I turned in my resignation. I'm 49 years old, no college to speak of and way overpaid for what I was doing, but I gotta make a change. The job is eating me alive. I can't sleep nites from the stress. I loathe going to work in the morning. I hate to answer the phone because I know it's someone with a problem. And it's just getting worse. I don't have another job lined up, but I have some money in my 401k to wipe out my outstanding bills. I work in Chicago but have 20 acres in southwest Wisconsin that keeps me sane. Gonna try and find something to do there. Sacred? You durn betcha! OH, here's the good part. I haven't told my wife yet. Think nice thoughts for me, I could use some encouragement.


Dog's Friend

Rickstir    Posted 09-16-2003 at 10:26:16       [Reply]  [No Email]
If you make it past your wife you got it made. Luckily, my wife was as ready for the country life as I was.
Left a good paying job in Information Systems at a large public school system. Moved to our 80 acres with double wide. Loafed for a year then got a job as a programmer with a small college about an hour's commute from the farm. Now I am the Director of Tech Services. The commute sucks, but I can't make near the dough around the small town we live in. We built a 3500 sq ft in ground home and it will take considerable dynamite to get us to move again.

We are happy, healthy and enjoy each other as friends as well as spouse. It just doesn't get any better than this. Thank you Lord.

JanO    Posted 09-16-2003 at 09:46:17       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Well, I'm sure your wife would prefer to have a happy and sane husband, rather then an ill, scatter brained one. I think it's great that your wise enough to see what was happening to you and take steps to get out of it.

My hubby is commuting an 1 1/2 hours a day, one way. Been on the same job 28 years, at the top of his pay scale (per the company idiots), and no matter how much I beg he won't give it up so we can relocate to our property in Washington. Says he can't take the risk while we still have kids. I see his point, but it does't make it any easier. Especially when I walked away from a $50,000.+ annual income selling real estate for the same reasons you described above. (quote-The job is eating me alive. I can't sleep nites from the stress. I loathe going to work in the morning. I hate to answer the phone because I know it's someone with a problem.) At the time we were expecting him to be part of a company lay off so we figured we'd be going regardless, till they kept him on. :(

Good luck

Jimbob    Posted 09-16-2003 at 06:29:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
Our situation is simular. I was in a high stress job with an idiot company that is just a whisper of its self 10 years ago. As the place got dumber & dumber, I got out as many others.

I paid off all debts & still have money in the bank. I am going to work as an engineer representative for a year. After that, I am opening two businesses with little risk/minimal investment.

A new wave of managers are running companies with the promise of streamlining operations by removing experienced persons. Of course, these managers for the most part earn about 50-75% of previous managers. These managers are young & in my field state 'engineers & engineering background is not needed'. MAJOR mistake!

They have no idea whats going on beyond the dollar ledger. Then, the same managers will bail quickly as they have little commitment to a company. They will run to higher paying jobs or run when times get tough due to their promises do not work well. Watch it unfold piece by piece.

A problem in this country is these words 'new', 'pepsi generation', 'young', 'improved', etc.

You would think they were buying laundry soap.

Best luck on your new venture. You made a wise decision as the job would have killed you early or ruined your physical health. I see it happen all the time.

Ladyhawk    Posted 09-15-2003 at 16:19:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hi Good for YOU!! Stepping out of the comfort zone. I did the same thing. I had a great high paying job for 12 years working for the Dept. of Energy. I Commuted 110 miles a day 1 way. So the stress of the job and drive I quit. Took a VSIP...early retirement and now sell real estate. Ranch properties exclusively. I make more money than I did working 9-5. I encourage you to quit and get a will live longer and peacefully....

cowgirlj    Posted 09-15-2003 at 13:07:43       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Good for you! Follow your heart, it'll take you to good places, just gotta' have faith!

Greg VT    Posted 09-15-2003 at 12:11:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
If you survive the telling the wife part I bet everything else will work out just fine.

It takes big ones to do what you just did. I've been contemplating the same thing myself more then usual lately.

We ain't gettin any younger.
Good luck and don't look back.

toolman    Posted 09-15-2003 at 11:58:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
you gotta do what you think is best for you, when one door closes another always seems to open, good luck.

Barb from Pa.    Posted 09-15-2003 at 11:57:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
Sometimes everyone needs a change. If the job was doing that to you it was time to do something about it. You got guts. It will work out, just hang in there. You are going to have to simplify your life and cut down on expenses but it can be done. Good luck to you.

Cindi    Posted 09-15-2003 at 19:01:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
My husband and I closed a half million dollar a year roofing company, not by choice, it went bancrupt after nine one one. We couldn't keep workman's comp or liability insurance despite a history with no claims....ah let me not go there.

Anyway, let brand new lease vehicles go back, sold a four bedroom three bath pool home in the city and moved into a 1979 mobile home on thirty acres and now we drive clunkers, grow oranges and piggies and goats and chickens.

Some things are harder, some, like sleeping at night, are infinitely easier. Plus I have discovered that I have a fair hand at writing which is way more enjoyable than what I was doing before. Follow your dream. You only get one chance to live your life.

Cindi.....jimbob    Posted 09-16-2003 at 06:32:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
I never knew that. Now, by your posts, it all makes sense. Slowly, you will find other incomes.

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