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Country Discussion Topics
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Isabel due here- ready?
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Mike D.    Posted 09-16-2003 at 09:24:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
Just wondering what your kit includes for the storm?

Checked out our stove and lantern this a.m.

Got plastic, washer head nails, a few tarps.
Down at the farm we moved eveything we could away from trees. A friend lost a mower conditioner to a big white oak some years ago.

The gutters are all clean. There is an old Pecan tree near my shop that may let loose. I promised my better half that there is a piece of furniture in that...

I hope your preparations are going smoothly, and perhaps we'll all dodge the bullet - but it don't look like it.

Best to all- Mike & Crew

Tom A    Posted 09-16-2003 at 10:12:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
Got the Aladdin lamps ready to go and spare kero on hand...should be good for light and heat for a couple of weeks. Lots of canned goods in the pantry, so we got food, light and heat.

Have been moving implements under cover for winter storage, so they should be ok. Have the vehicles and tractors gassed up, and the chain saws ready to go.

So barring a roof coming off the house or barn, my only real concern is water: drinking and excess. Gonna fill some jugs with drinking water the day before the storm hits; gonna lay out my hoses for siphons and pumps if I still have juice to keep the basement dry.

We'll see: y'all cross your fingers!


roofs    Posted 09-16-2003 at 10:19:38       [Reply]  [No Email]
I know what you mean Tom. Roof is one of my biggest concerns. I screwed most of the tin down last summer. I can't worry too much about it. If the winds get up over 100 mph we'll all need roofs, right? Our place survived 70 mph several years back. That prompted me to tighten them all back down. One thing for sure, it's not in our hands. Mike

Stretch    Posted 09-16-2003 at 09:34:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
Bout like you, all I'm planning on is making sure everything is away from the trees. With the ground already saturated we stand to have a lot of them go down. Always got flashlights, batteries, water, etc. around anyway. I'm gonna be at work anyway, so it's not like I'm missing a fishing trip...

yep,    Posted 09-16-2003 at 10:09:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hi Stretch-
No fishing trip in my plans either. Biggest worry here is to keep everybody warm, dry, and fed if the storm proves to be as big as they forecast. Lots of canned goods, some comfort food.
I don't recall the name of the storm that slammed us in '85.. but we lost our big pond then.
My neighbor couldn't get in to his place because it washed his bridge out. There will be a lot of old tobacco barns go away with this one.

VADAVE    Posted 09-16-2003 at 10:17:15       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Checked the batteries and flashlights. Tie a few things down and move a few others in so they don't start flying around. Looks like it is getting weaker and the track is furether west--don't know if I want to believe that yet. I think she'll turn slightly east when she comes ashore.

track-    Posted 09-16-2003 at 10:23:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
If she'll track just a bit more east and give the Gulf Stream a miss it will be a whole lot better.
If not, well, at least we've had some time to tighen up our stuff. I've got to get all the toys, chairs, and tables up out of the yard.
I'll set up our makeshift play room in the basement and we'll wait it out like ya'll.

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