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Beauty of a dog
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Cindi    Posted 09-27-2003 at 05:51:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
Last night I was watching an episode of 'Animal Precinct'. The animal rescue show. I saw dogs with mange so bad that they had NO hair. Dogs with injuries that had been allowed to go septic causing them to lose limbs or their sight or even their lives. The dog with mange had to be put down. Mange. Loss of hair equalled loss of life because it went untreated.

Oh how to put this into words. Red the pup is coming into his own. He is a non-neutered male roughly four to five months old of the same breed as old yeller and I could watch that dog move for hours. He has the spring in his step of youth, the ripple in his muscle of strength and health, the wonder in his eye that is learning. When he moves, his coat glistens like fresh honey in the sun. I even enjoy watching this dog sleep.

I try to think what his life might be like were he to have ended up in the hands of some of these people....people who can look at a dog that is scratching itself literally to death and say, well, maybe if I just slide the food under the fence and not look......

Sad that some humans have no compassion.

At the very least, take the animal to the pound or give it away. Why just let it suffer and wait for it to die?

KellyGa    Posted 09-27-2003 at 19:24:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
Cindi, I watch all three of the shows they have now. They have a new one in Houston, have you seen that? Seems starving horses is way to common out there. I watch to see those people get whats coming to them, and see the recovery of the animals and get a good home. It never ceases to amaze me how bad people are. Why have an animal if your not going to interact with it? What is the point? I know there are more cases out there than they can handle, and it makes me mad and sad at the same time.
I too, love to watch my dog. But your not surprised about that, I am sure! :)
By the way, Lucy had to be put to sleep Monday, she just wasn't eating or anything anymore. She just didn't care. They are so sad right now. Ians aunt and uncle feel so alone down there, being as they just moved away from all of their family. I feel for them.

Cindi    Posted 09-27-2003 at 20:57:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
Aww....I'm sorry to hear that. I kinda suspected it might happen. Well, the poor thing's not hurting anymore.

Vic in Kenefick    Posted 09-27-2003 at 06:55:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have had about 8 dogs in my life. Three of them hung around for a good 10 years or so. I hated to see any of them go. It always amazed me how they came to be mine also. The black Lab we have now and is about 10 years old washed up in the flood of 93. We had gotten 36 inches of rain in about 15 hours. I was working a night shift and had just made it home. The place was flooded, water was up to the back porch but we still had about a foot to go in the front. I was in the kitchen and heard a puppy crying. I went out on the back porch and saw this pup washing out from under Maggies car so I reached out and grabbed it. Thus we have Hombre. The two golden retrievers we had at the time did not seem to mind him being around. As a puppy he was trouble. He chewed he dug holes he got older and chased girls for weeks(I still think he would blow his income tax check shooting pool and drinking beer) he would not fetch or pay attention for about six or seven years then one day he seemed to know and love this place. Our son trained him to attack on comand but you don't say "SIC EM" you have to tell him "GET HIS WALLETT HOMBRE GET HIS WALLETT" That dog even as old as he is will tear up a possum or run off a racoon. I also have never had a dog and will not have a dog that bites people. Barking and snaping at them and letting us know that someone or something is here is one thing but to attack people is not my kind of dog. Hombre is old and I do not want to take him up to the farm for fear of him getting lost. I am looking for a new dog and hoping for a Black and Tan Blood Hound I have never bought a dog but may try it this time. I still feel that pets are like friends. They come into your life because they are supposed to and you cant buy them.

Vic, before you invest...    Posted 09-27-2003 at 10:47:48       [Reply]  [No Email] a blood hound. In my experience they are nasty dogs. Gorgeous, but nasty. They drool, their eyes weep with liquid and pus, and many of them have to have eye surgery to prevent it, and even then they still have eye problems. They stink, oh my Lord, they stink and they snore like chain saws and if not neutered they can be very aggressive, plus they drool enough every day to fill a wading pool. That is just my experience with them. I was so thoroughly dismayed with the ownership of one of these dogs I devoted a whole column about it. Yuk, yuk, yukky yuk.


Sarah    Posted 09-27-2003 at 06:21:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
THat is VERY TRUE Cindi.
It is terrible what people do to their dogs/pets, or maybe I should say what they don't do, such as not taking care of them.
I watch that show a lot of times, and it is always so sad to see people treat animals like that.
It makes me upset to see that.
I know the lady that runs a rescue here, and it it nothing for someone to throw a dog out at their house or anything, actually not long ago there was some young (still needing to nurse) puppies thrown out on the roadside, and the lady at the rescue had to bottlefeed them.
I am glad some people think about there pets enough to take care of them.
I wish there were more like that.
Well thanks for the post Cindi, Oh'BTW hope the dog has quit barking now! Sure sounds like your life is pretty interesting!!!
Well talk later!
Hope All has a GREAT Weekend,Sarah
P.S. Cindi, is this a new pup you have recently got? What Breed is it? He sounds so beautiful!
WEll have to run and clean!! :( Talk Later:)

deadcarp    Posted 09-27-2003 at 06:19:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
yup, the old rules still apply - never love a pet so much that you can't put it out of its misery :)

Willy-N    Posted 09-27-2003 at 11:13:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
You can say that another way too. Love your pet enought so you can put it out of misery if it is needed. Lost count on how many I have had to do that to. Some day it will be my turn and I hope they do the same for me. Mark H.

Sarah    Posted 09-27-2003 at 06:23:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
That is pretty true !! I would hate to have to put any of my pets down, but if it meant them not having to suffer then I would, just for them.
Ya know?
Talk Later!
Have A Great Day!

Cindi    Posted 09-27-2003 at 06:46:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
Red is a curr dog, and wehn he came to us he had the potbelly and protruding hip bones of a pup that needed worming badly. One shot of Ivomec and he started to grow and grow and hasn't stopped yet.

Yes, Jill went out and threw a stick at the buzzards and scattered them so now Elvis can relax. (grin)

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