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Country Discussion Topics
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Still need some help!
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Nikki Hueffmeier    Posted 09-27-2003 at 10:01:19       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Okay, I started a simple plan on what all I needed and then I looked up the prices for most of it. I will leave a list of what I have and then if you can tell me what I'm missing please do. Cash registers, food for a concession stand, appliances for a concession stand, props, playground. I know that I need seeds and I found a price on them, but I don't know how many I need for a whole pumpkin patch. Then I don't know how much I am going to have to set aside for labor. How much do I need for irrigation? How much does a trailer cost (for hayrides)? And how much fertilizer do I need and How much will it cost?
Here is the assignment:
"You have just inherited 600 acres of land from y our rich uncle that lives in Spain. You currently have a part time job that you only work 15 hours a week. You need to make the farm work or make a profit. Your property has a house, barn and other small buildings on which consists of 10 acres. You will have to come up with a farm enterprise that will make you money. For example you may have 300 acres of corn and 290 acres of soybeans."
So I have to come up with a lot of details. I also have to have another crop just incase it is a bad season for pumpkins. So I was going to set aside some acrage for corn. I'm not sure how much acrage to set aside or what all I need to plant corn. If you can help me out in any way I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you again!

Sarah    Posted 09-27-2003 at 17:50:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
Nikki this is a scool project isn't it? Or am I wrong, and it is a real thing?
Thanks, Good Luck!,Sarah

dig    Posted 09-27-2003 at 14:35:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
Had to take a run into town to get some parts and was thinking about this.

If your uncle lived in Spain, that means the land was probably cash rented and cash cropped. So what was planted on it this year and last year? What's the usual cash crop in your area? Would whoever is renting it now be willing to rent from you? The assignment says ". . . or make a profit" Cash rent and the renter pays the taxes fits that.

Are you going to live in the house and use the out-buildings? (If you only work 15 hours a week, where the heck do you live now??) Where is this property anyway? Is it close to a town or city? You could rent space in some of the buildings for people to store their boats, trailers, campers, and the like. Thirty bucks a month for them to store their boat from November to May is an easy $200.

You say you want to grow pumpkins. Okay, but you're not going to realize any money until this time of year. For income for most of the summer here's an idea. About 75 miles from me is a woman that plants 15 acres of flowers and sells them on a "You buy it. You dig it up. You take it away." basis. She makes money most of the summer.

Randy    Posted 09-27-2003 at 11:04:07       [Reply]  [Send Email]
One thing not to be overlooked is the possibility that a lot is forested land. With that in mind you can sell firewood, and logs for lumber. Even in the winter do some maple syrup making.
Some of the other things like wagons and such you can find the price of them on Ebay.
Make sure you keep us updated.

bill b va    Posted 09-27-2003 at 10:35:17       [Reply]  [No Email]

plant 590 acres of caggage the first year to get the green to pay for all your start up costs .

dig    Posted 09-27-2003 at 10:24:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
Find a county extension agent! If she or he is any good at all there will be tons (okay, several pounds) of info for you. Go to a farmers market, find someone selling pumpkins or squash or other garden produce. Talk to them. Explain what you're doing. You will learn more in half an hour than in a semester of school.

If it was me, I'd plant 5 acres of punkins and rent the rest of the cropland out. Maybe cash rent, mayybe shares depending on who wants to rent. Around here, land goes for $50 an acre plus the renter pays the taxes.

deadcarp    Posted 09-27-2003 at 18:09:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
i'd consider another crop than pumpkins too - that's one of those hand-pick things you need a heckuva crew and fleet of trucks and established market once a year, then they sit idle.

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