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Country Discussion Topics
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Still unemployed and not such a bad day
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Annie in Ky    Posted 10-01-2003 at 13:01:38       [Reply]  [No Email]
This unemployed, layoff thing has it's days...after searching for a job in the morning....spent the afternoon mowing the fence line in the back pasture, took a walk through the woods and smelled the falling leaves and went out to the pond and did a little fishing.(pretty good way to spend a day if I do say so myself) If I could find a way for this little hobby farm to make some $$$ I'd have more time for days like was beautiful. Maybe I'll get a night job so I can have more daylight hours to enjoy this winter.

V. the Canadian    Posted 10-01-2003 at 16:57:41       [Reply]  [No Email]
If you think about it most of us baby boomers are just one or two generations off of the farm.

In these hard times, if you have wood in the stove for warmth, clean water to drink and food you have grown or purchased stored away, good friends and family and your health, well the yuppies, government et al can keep the city and it's rat race.

If our grandparents could survive the dirty thirties...

Good Luck
God Bless

toolman    Posted 10-01-2003 at 18:44:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
you must live in b.c. heh heh , what s that they pick after they have forest fires , majic mushrooms ain,t it well there should be a bumpber crop of them next spring afetr all the fires this year.good cash crop i hear.

V    Posted 10-01-2003 at 16:47:08       [Reply]  [No Email]
My cousin found morales in his wood lot. Picked them and sold them to city chefs for 80 dollar a pound.

Leeks and fiddleheads are also money makers.

Opportunity is all around, thank God!


CANADIAN    Posted 10-01-2003 at 16:33:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hens and chickens is the way to start.

Sell for profit, don't give away.

Good luck

BOSS    Posted 10-01-2003 at 16:24:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'll tell you what annie, here in Michigan these little farms are making a killing. The owners of these "hobby" farms are planting something for every season that the people can come and pick out themselves, like for instance, Halloween is coming so they plant about a 1/2 acre of pumkins that the city folk can come out and pick themselves. For X-mas, an acre of X-mas trees that the family can go out and rough it to cut down themselves, rasberries or blueberries for spring that they can pick for themselves. maybe some flowers, or other fruit and veggies. even a small stand for selling. a different thing for each season will keep the people coming back AND keep the money flowing all year long.
The people around here LOVE to go out in the country and pick that stuff themselves. And the thing that seems to really get them to come back is be VERY nice to them. They eat it up !!!!!!

Thats what I'd do, but I'm too busy as it is, but it does sound better and better all the time.

Jimbob    Posted 10-01-2003 at 15:12:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
Been laid off since last Thanksgiving. This summer I built a 30 x 40 two story pole barn & lean-to. Raised some chickens, pigs, goats and a few dogs. 180 lbs pork & 200 lbs of birds in the freezer now. Garden contributed to about 500 quarts of veggies. One goat will be nread next spring. Other goat is giving a gallon a day so I do not buy milk any longer. Hay is put up & grain is good till spring.

Was promised to go work at Nissian 6 weeks ago. Still up in the air.

Heck with it, I'm staying home. I started a guitar amp manufacturing shop from my old, but viable electronics shop. Hey, do not have to buy any equipment! Internet allows a lot of advertising & new web site will be up in two weeks.

I'll try my hand at that to make money. I just do not have a masters degree to be a UPS driver or other. And, not being a 'Pepsi' generation age person, like I said, 'I'll just stay home'.

Brian-2N    Posted 10-01-2003 at 14:01:00       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Sounds idyllic. Maybe you hit on something and have the perfect opportunity, being unemployed. Maybe it's time to see if you realy can make the hobby farm work.

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