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Country Discussion Topics
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Agriculture on Welfare?
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tummer    Posted 10-02-2003 at 11:09:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
In reply to screaming hollow down there, I believe that the real truth is that all government payments to the farmers of the past anyway, were just that, payments not dole. The society received something for the paltry sum that was returned to the farmer, and that was the withholding of agriculture from the full benefits of capitolism, which resulted in controlled market prices. Until Nixon, American agriculture wasn't even allowed to trade on the world market.
The debt of Vietnam forced open the markets to the world and shocked the American housewife. She now had to compete with the world at the supermarket. The democrats made hay on this issue and America now seems to have put the slave of agriculture back in chains. Wheat is almost the same price it was 150 years ago.
As a farmer, I understand the importance of food to society and economics, and back off a lot because I really don't want people to starve nor the economy to fail. But get some education on the subject before you claim I accepted the welfare.
Incidently, if my memory serves me correctly,Ted Kennedy's statement(this was the leading democrat at the time) the day after Nixon resigned was something like;
That will serve him right for the Russian Grain Deal.

screaminghollow    Posted 10-03-2003 at 09:11:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
Do you really think Morley Safer, the former New York Network News Reporter got $250,000 a year from the federal government because his goat ranch in texas needed support. Or did he buy the ranch to get the payments. Or the CREP program which pays farmers to do nothing with their land. Do you think real farmers can afford to be in the CREP program? Pa will buy streamside easements to keep farmers from pasturing or tilling within 100 feet of a stream. Real farmers can't afford to tie their land up for the payments made. It is the gentlemen/yuppie places in the country that get the bulk of those handouts. Price supports go to the big farmers and corporate farmers and only for a few industries. like beef, dairy or wheat. I'll bet a bunch of goat ranchers sold out when the government stopped the fiber support payments.

slim    Posted 10-03-2003 at 12:57:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
The farmers I know in the CRP are not rich. At least in my area they can only put marginal erodible lands in CRP and have to bid with each other for the payments. Only the lowest bids are selected. The richer farmers usually will not put their land into CRP but instead choose to keep farming it.



tummer    Posted 10-03-2003 at 09:41:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
I don't believe you except my explanation of the government payments.

I repeat, they are not welfare payments. It is the government purchasing something.

That means if you have a larger farm which gives the government more of what it wants (to keep food prices down), than you get more. And yes that may be fallowing land in good times while preserving the system for bad. This is nature you are dealing with you just don't call up and order perfect weather.(I tried it, got put on hold)
It is NOT a welfare payment, it is a purchase.

Now, if you have problems with rich people,you have a differant ballgame. I'm not getting into that one.

steve ii JD 4000    Posted 10-02-2003 at 20:40:50       [Reply]  [No Email]
maybe the farmers should stop selling crops and start growing their own food then the city will cry out where is the food?!?

some one at my work in the city where I have move to told me that there are alot of young people dont know how to grow a garden or know where the food is coming from..!! that really bugs me..

bob    Posted 10-02-2003 at 16:50:52       [Reply]  [No Email]
What I don,t like about gov payments is that it favors the big grain dealers not the farmer. you sell corn for 2.00 and get subsidy but market price is only 2.00 Would rather have it worth 3.00 on market and cut subsidy to Cargill, ADM etc

tummer    Posted 10-02-2003 at 19:54:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
I hear what you say and I know everybody who handles the grain after you makes more than you do on it. But you are the one held accountable for rising cost. Probably by now the wrapping on a loaf of bread cost more than the wheat that made it.

What really bugs me is to hear the consumer cry about the farm programs while it is really the consumer who is receiving a subsidy from the government hidden in lower food prices.(must not insult the voter, even with the truth) The farmer only receives back a portion of that which he would, in a completely free market. The grain is not really allowed to go to the highest bidder. This is the cheap food policy in a nutshell. The economy is built upon this foundation. Cheap food produces cheaper labor.

I am not complaining about the governments management of the situation, they have a complicated country to run. It just bugs me to hear the consumer cry about something they really don't care enough about to learn the truth on, so they end up ragging on the handiest people.

You know who that is.

Brian-2N    Posted 10-03-2003 at 06:28:51       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I'm puzzled by a lot of it. Why is it that farmers are selling their milk at prices that are equal to what they were in the '70's, yet the price goes higher and higher at the supermarket? The supermarkets blame the farmers, but we know that is bull-check the Chicgo Board of Trade. Are the supermarkets gouging the consumer, not dropping their price although they're obtaining it for less money now than earlier. I doubt it. I'm not one for conspiracy theories. I smell our illustrious government at work. There isn't a program ever created those clowns have run efficiently.

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