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Country Discussion Topics
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Animal Names
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Ole Cuss    Posted 09-22-2001 at 18:07:38       [Reply]  [No Email]

After batting around names for Hank's unique specimen Wad O'Cat, I wonder what all you other folks are naming your animals nowadays. In my line of work, I am endlessly fascinated by the names I run across. My own crew includes: (Dogs) Toby, Mink, Bungee, Jazz, Bay, Duppy, Maggie, Bunky, Buddy #1, Buddy #2, Lisa, Violet; (House Cats) Panther, Cheetah, Ozzie, Sylvie, Spaz; (Barn cats) Stinkbait, Babs, AutoCat, Lizbo, Buzz; (Mules)Jack, Kate; (Horses)Ladybug, Shad, Bo; (Donkeys)Gussie, Nellie, Dee; (Goats) Gomez, Valentine, Coco, Bismarck, One of Two, Two of Two, Freda, Tyke, Ned, Chex, Girlfriend; (Ferrets) Babyzilla, Flick, and Tojo the Warlord Weasel.

mugsy3    Posted 09-26-2001 at 07:04:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
I enjoyed reading all of those!!
For us, past and present;
Horses: Annie, Buck, General, Legend, Tug
Dogs: Mitzie, Lucy, Fly (border collie), Lucy II
Cats: Tom, Scrapey (named by my 5yo), Leo
Hens: Ester, Maisie
Rooster: Rosco
Goats: Fay, Jenny, Daisy, Cap, Hope, Zoe (all does)
Sow: BigMama (she was almost 800lbs, 7 feet long and 3 ft high when we took her in!)

Dan G/Soganofla    Posted 09-24-2001 at 08:36:32       [Reply]  [Send Email]
My favorite ol' mutt is named Goofy, cause he's missing a lower canine tooth and his tongue hangs out the side of his mouth. Since he lost one eye to a chevy bumper, the name fits even better.
We picked up 2 stray pups by the road a couple of years back, and hauled'em home on horseback. Miz DanG called'em Grace & Mercy. Lucky was the ol mama cat that was lucky we came along when we did. She's gone on to her reward, now, but not before leaving a legacy of yeller barn cats you wouldn't believe. Sweetie has names for all of'em, but I can only remember a few. A couple of tomcats named Big Balls and Little Balls come to mind.
She calls her billy goat Little Man, but I got all kinds of other names for him.
Our little flock of chickens is known as Earl & the girls.

Murphy    Posted 09-24-2001 at 08:16:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
Taco (little chiuaua looking mutt) and Copper are the two dogs. Big Red is the only rooster named at this point and he's heading to the freezer very soon.

VKG    Posted 09-23-2001 at 12:51:27       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Dogs..Annie,Skunk,Ginger. Horses...Ace,Pongo. Goats...Fabeo,Tison,and the girls.

Burrhead    Posted 09-23-2001 at 09:55:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
I quit naming dogs when I quit fox hunting. I love fox hunts but they died plumb out around here, so did the fox.

I call all my dogs damdog. If a cat stumbles through here I call it deceased.

Dreamweaver    Posted 09-23-2001 at 16:25:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
Wow Burr! My fondest childhood memories are when my grandma would send me with my grandpa "fox hunting," on Friday night with the boys. Seems like my job was to watch the menfolk and make sure they was behavin. They would run their foxdogs all night long, while they burned old rubber tires in a barrel for heat. They'd stand around drinking beer and having a good ol' time, and I was in my glory. Grandpa would let me blow the horn to call the dogs back, but most times we would not round um all up till the next day. Me and grandpa had our little "secret" from grandma, that I would never tell aobut him sneaking a snootful, and she was happy as a lark thinking I was keeping him in check, LOL.

I used to ride with him in his old Dodge pickup to the poultry plant in Raleigh to buy a bedfull of chicken feet. Seems them dogs LOVED them, and they were really cheap if not free. I remember to this day riding on the top of that pile of feet on the way back home, not a care in the world. Wow, them were the good ol' days for sure. Thanks for reminding me of something good for a change.......

laurie (Mother Mastiff)    Posted 01-01-2002 at 12:35:49       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I live in Raleigh and am TRYING to find a poultry plant in the area to get feet from.

Can you remember the name of the place and what road it was on?

Burrhead    Posted 09-23-2001 at 19:47:16       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yeah I loved fox hunting. My Pop would'nt go hunting for luv nor money but all my uncles hunted every Fri and Sat night.

I would get the fire going and they would furnish the homebrew or wine. Then I'd slip off from them.

Ma and Pop was tickled to death I was'nt in town being corrupted.

My Uncle Pete would let me borry his pickup and I'd go see my sweety. We'd set in the bed of that ole Chibby, and have our own fox hunt. I don't mean the big nasty either. We'd visit and have a he11 of a time. Most times there was other fox hunt refugees around.

They was'nt no way to sneak the pickup out to get past my house to get to town so all us kids would meet up in the next holler over from where the old timers was hunting..

When Uncle Pete died years ago I took it pretty hard til it crossed my mind about them fox hunts and could'nt help busting out laughing.

Kay and the kids thought I must be losing what little mind I had. I still LMAO about Uncle Pete and his pickup on them fox hunts, and I sho don't tell Ma Burr nor the boys.

Ever time Pop would say something about it Uncle Pete would just tell him "don't worry I'll watch him". Yeah boy what a sitter.

Ole Cuss    Posted 09-23-2001 at 13:59:12       [Reply]  [No Email]

Fortunately there is still some foxhunting around here though the loss of habitat and open hunting ground to development makes me fear for its future. I have one foxhunter client who used to keep 25 hounds in a pen adjacent to an old bank barn; when vaccination time rolled around, we injected all the butts in sight but kept coming up one short on the headcount. Turns out that one hound had dug herself a tunnel clear under the barn foundation and had holed up there. I crawled in and gave her the vaccine and she was so far in there, my feet were barely sticking out of the tunnel.

Burrhead    Posted 09-23-2001 at 19:58:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yessir I can believe that. Some folks won't believe how high in a tree a good Walker can get too.

I had a young gyp once I called June Bug. June Bug would be waiting tomorrow on me up in the forks of a live oak about 10' off the ground.

People was working for $35 to $50 a week at these cotton gins and I sold all the pups she ever had for $100 at 8 weeks. Then when went off from Pop's house I sold her. I got $300 and a 51 Pontiac 2 door hardtop with a straight 8. Peachy tan with a white top. Man was that a pretty car. I even liked the hood ornament.

Fox hunting died completely out around here. I don't know as I would want to go now but I still love to have the fond memories.

Ole Cuss    Posted 09-24-2001 at 02:57:18       [Reply]  [No Email]

You'd probably enjoy "Full Cry" magazine. It is chockful of stories and columns on coonhounds, fox hounds, beagles, curs, lion dogs, hog dogs, squirrel dogs, hunting Airedales, etc etc--it is probably the most comprehensive hunting dog magazine I get, and except for the one-page editorial each month, it is completely reader-written. $20 a year and worth every penny: Full Cry, Box 778, Sesser IL 62884

Ole Cuss    Posted 09-24-2001 at 13:22:27       [Reply]  [No Email]

Correction: Full Cry is $23 a year. (Still worth every penny)

Burrhead    Posted 09-24-2001 at 17:09:52       [Reply]  [No Email]
sounds good to me.

The Red    Posted 09-23-2001 at 07:40:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
Over the past 25 years, Mrs. Red and I named the following.

Cats: Princess, Precious, Pierre, Sylvestor (looks like the cartoon cat character Sylvestor).

Dogs: George, Nickie, Bandit, Bridget.

Farmall tractors (my pets!): Old Red H, Indy H, Grandpa's H, Old Smokey M and possibly Raceway M. Oh yeah, Corey's Cubbie!!!

F14    Posted 09-23-2001 at 04:29:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
Fernando Llama, a pair of lambs named Pebbles and BamBam the Ram Lamb (both headed for the freezer this week) had a pair out of the same ewe last year named Beavis and Butthead, and a history of dogs like Gator Bait, Sol T. Dog, Dogless McArfer, Ford (Found on Road Deserted) and other groaners.

Dreamweaver    Posted 09-22-2001 at 22:58:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
Dogs - Abbie, Shockie, Oatmeal and Hambone

Cats - Elmo, Pete and Repeat

14 tropical fish, all named Fluffy

Phyllis    Posted 09-22-2001 at 20:34:02       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Dogs: Calamity Jessie Jane, Rocky, Rambo, Sammy, Cisco, Sophie. Cats: Little Grey, Yellow. Bunnies: April, Tiger, Bitsy, Teddy Bear, Snoopy, Brownie.
'Stray' dogs: Amy, Pedro, Daisy-If-You-Do, and 2 not named and a brand new one found in our driveway drain pipe.

LazyHorse    Posted 09-22-2001 at 19:15:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
Horses: Dancer, Bubba, LadyBird, Munchkin, and Freckles.

Donkeys: Culry Cue, Maude, Moses

Mule Foal: Storm(y)

Llama: Frosty

Goats: Dixe II & Pixie II

Rabbit: Biscuits (gravy died prematurely)

Dogs : Prince, Mutley, Misha, Sam(antha), Labbigail, Shredder, Snubbles, Felicity, Buttons, and Puckey the last 2 are the wifes rat dogs.

Cats: Whiskers, Mutant, Tigger, Puss, Growly, Gizmo, Bits, Lff (stands for little fat f-er), and 4 kitten cats as yet unamed.

Also a bunch of chickens, guineas, ducks, silkies, 1 bronze tom turkey named strut, and 2 golden pheasants named screech, and goldie.

Wolf, lessee here.....    Posted 09-22-2001 at 18:33:50       [Reply]  [No Email]
Cows..Rib Eye, Rump roast, Charlie(10 year old named that one) pigs.....freezer bait...all of them, chickens...the girls...Goats..Windy, Nana, Sebastion, Amos, Andy, Baby Girl, Bouncy Butt

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