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Country Discussion Topics
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A little more on armed people on a plane
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Brian    Posted 09-23-2001 at 12:27:33       [Reply]  [Send Email]
People have been talking about stun guns and all but I would rather have people as they are checking onto the plane say here is my concealed weapon it is say a 9mm and the person at the counter hands you a five bullets that are sub sonic and of the fragmenting type(Glazer saftey slugs). No more lets be nice and make sure not to hurt anyone's feelings. I have heard that these type of bullets would not pierce the plane's skin, so it sounds like a fairly decent idea. And there would be say four different calibers of bullets to choose from so that not one gun manufacturer would have a corner on the market. Also the thought of a knock-out gas would be very effective but coulfd kill some people with heart problems or the elderly, I would rather see the people being killed be the hijackers..
Just a little rambling thought....

tlak    Posted 09-25-2001 at 08:09:56       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I donít have a problem with guns on an airplane but I think we need to keep them to the sky marshals and crew. These people can have training and background checks and be certified periodically. Some planes could even go without guns and nobody would know once it become common knowledge that guns are there. I think also that the passengers will be more aggressive now because in the past some nut would highjack and then they would fly somewhere and be negotiated off.

big fred    Posted 09-23-2001 at 14:48:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
You really don't care about piercing the skin, as it is built to withstand a pretty good sized hole and the ECS (air conditioning) can accomodate a hole without affecting cabin pressure. The real concern is the windows, you take out a window and even though the structure remains intact and the plane is not going to come apart, you will lose cabin pressure and it will become really cold. The people aboard the plane will be at risk of hypothermia and asphyxiation unless the altitude can be reduced very quickly.

Mike Taylor    Posted 09-24-2001 at 11:38:26       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I was on a plane once between Denver and Wichita that lost cabin pressure. The seal blew out on the rear door. The captain happened to be talking on the microphone at the time. When the pressure went, he paused, then we heard him say "Oh, Sh--". Immediately, the plane went into a steep power dive. The captain kept it in the dive until he got down to 5000' then leveled off, then continued on into Wichita. I recall lots of people praying during the dive.

When the pressure went, my ears popped like crazy and the O2 masks deployed. We were not at a high altitude, so I don't think anyone passed out. The air leak was slow enough that the pumps in the plane could keep some pressure.

That was my one and only incident in a plane and I have taken hundreds of flights. Have never lost luggage, either.

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