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MTD/Tractor Supply Warranties
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gregPA    Posted 10-29-2003 at 13:18:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
here's my story and i'm sticking to it. i bought a 21 h.p. huskee lawn mower. i also bought the 3 year warranty for it. in 1 year, the front axel is shot. only thing that holds the spindles up in are push nuts. end result is spindles come out and set cocked. then find pushnut, jack up tractor, reinstall spindle and pushnut and run till it comes off again. my hitch on the rear of tractor is about 14 ga. steel sheet. they are saying that i overload the lawn cart resulting in the front wheels becoming airborn and the spindles fall out of axel. the hitch is bent so they know that is the cause. well the hitch is bent from backing and turning too tight with the cart hitched. say they are not going to honor the warranty because i'm driving with my front wheels off the ground. just wondering if anyone else has had problems with their warranties before i really get teed off? greg

Former TSC Girl    Posted 11-22-2003 at 13:52:25       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Having worked for TSC I have been trained in the importance of selling the Power Plus Warranty Enhancement plan. 50% of this training revolves on how selling this plan increases the profit margin, 49% around meeting the company quota so the store manager doesn't get yelled at by his district manager and 1% about providing a great benefit to the customer.

From the customer's point of view I pray they never have to use the warranty. If a customer has a claim, they are to contact the administrator of the warranty plan, not the store. Once the store sells the product with the plan the store washes their hands of any responsibility for the product. If the customer can ever get in contact with the adminstrator of the plan their service is typically poor. Worse yet, the service centers who are under contract for warranty work treat TSC customers poorly because most often they are mad that you bought a tractor from their competitor. They will take every opportunity to "punish" you for buying from TSC and try to get you to come there next time.

I wish you the best of luck with your warranty claim. The warranty should cover "excessive use", read the fine print. It sounds like you are dealing with a lazy store manager who doesn't want to go out of his or her way to help you.

Just remind the store manager of what the sign says over the service desk - "We have the power to do whatever it takes" to make a customer happy. If you still have no luck, by all means go to the corporate level and complain, 615-360-6800 (I think that is the correct number).

Or try:

Good luck - please keep up updated of your results.

Ron/PA    Posted 10-30-2003 at 05:45:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
Greg, your warranty is only as good as the person you buy it from. Them stores sell machines and guarantees, they don't usually repair machines. Lets face it if you bent the hitch, you overloaded it. (Does your book give a load rating?)Perhaps putting 2 cans of gas in the wagon is more than that hitch can handle. What I'm saying is, they will consider these problems normal wear, and they won't be covered.
Now then, go back and re-read DeadCarp's post, First of all, what would make him think anything is outdated?? Airpopper or Airplane it's gonna work or by god He'll make it work, (seen his posts) and Second of all, How would he ever owe $11,000,000.00 in taxes, that would require reportable income. Third, what in the world would he do with an alarm clock, let alone wear out a whole bunch of them?

gregPA    Posted 10-30-2003 at 06:02:27       [Reply]  [No Email]
hi ron, i didn't bend the hitch by overloading. i bent it by backing up and turning too sharp while backing. this resulted in the tounge of the cart to twist the metal because of jackknifing. if i'm wrong i'll admit it but this is not the reason for the spindles to come out. greg

deadcarp- free lifetime w    Posted 10-29-2003 at 17:29:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
you can lead a whole life free of packaging, warranties and such, and get free replacements on lots of common household stuff by following a few simple rules that we mostly follow anyway. first of all, buy the standard stuff. if the neighbors have fords & chevys, don't run out and buy a dodge okay? secondly, buy plain. the drug store sells the same darn alarm clock they did 20 years ago, at least it looks the same. buy name-brand tvs, appliances and kitchen junk on sale and ignore all paperwork, it's mostly junk mail anyway. once you're sure it runs, throw the box away. now, if and when the thing quits, you want to find another one the same exact kind. once you're sure the new one runs, windex the old one and cram it in the new box, take it back and get your refund from target or wherever you bought the thing. they never look at it anyway. it's been years since i paid for an alarm clock, radio or such, and let them keep my money. if things (like air-poppers) last too long and get obsolete, take the screws off, loosen a wire and go buy a new one to swap with!

i figure if airlines can whine about bankruptcy and get a cheap loan from my tax money before their ceo cuts his 7-million-dollar bonus, if red cross can charge disaster victims a dollar for coffee and millionaires can pay zero taxes, what good would it do me to get ulcers? naw, i'd rather get free lifetime warranties - that's something i understand :)

now i can't be ungrateful so there should be a limit somewhere right? okay there is - if i ever get to where i owe 11 million in income taxes, i'll have somebody write them a check & pay it! why not? i'd never rent a car and swap motors, that seems crooked somehow. but if i need to move a few barrels across town, don't let me test drive that tiltbed overnite - it might come back with new gas and freshly washed! :)

Willy-N    Posted 10-29-2003 at 18:00:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
I hope your just kidding when you said that? I know I would not do that, but if I get burned on a warentee I am in the store raising enought cane they will fix it! I just do not go away when I feel I am right even if they lose a few sales while I am standing there. Mark H.

ret    Posted 10-29-2003 at 19:01:28       [Reply]  [No Email]
I wouldn't either, like you say, hope he is kidding. I do know people that will and do these things, but never thought very highly of them.

Les    Posted 10-30-2003 at 03:11:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
There are people who do things like that and ole deadcarp may be one of them. My brother's step-daughter does things like that.
What say you, DC?

deadcarp-in a nutshell    Posted 10-30-2003 at 07:11:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
well i'll try to dig my way out of this hole gently so's not to cause a cave in :)
like most people i started out poor. poor people are survivors first - nobody wants hungry kids and you'll do creative things to get by. over the years i paid my dues, served my hitch, scrimped and swapped and kept everybody fed. getting up early was never natural for me, so yeah i went thru a few alarm clocks. (mostly free ones :) by and by i began to get ahead - realizing i never made money on a car and never lost on guns and land, i marked my deck and sat at the right tables accordingly. as a result i was able to retire at 46, got bored after 4 years of fishing, got a business, sold that & now i'm kinda past the point of putting in a whole day.

but i'm still willing to throw a few ideas out there - maybe not recipes as much as ways of thinking - so if anybody wants them, they're free. for example i believe in shopping local but if i can save $300 by taking a morning trip to brainerd, i see no point in being a dummy about it. be back by noon!

i'll even tell you where this advice philosophy came from: when i was 18, there was an old guy at boeing whose work i really admired, so i ventured to ask him for advice. his response was something like "it took me 30 years to learn this trade, and you young whippersnappers come waltzing in here and expect me to hand it over for nuthin!" i thanked him for his time, apologised for bothering him and left. but frustration set in, i'd lost a potential hero so the incident bothered me til i could find a way to deal with it - well i did. finally i admitted to myself i was disappointed and mad at the guy. well, i thought, if i never want somebody to feel that way about me, how can i prevent that? so from that day forward, if i know something no matter which book or course or grey hair i learned it from, once it's in my head i'll drop everything and give it away! i'll spend a couple days helping the neighbor. i'll never return a borrowed tool dull or dirty. i'll stop my project and go help with my grandson's. and i'll still sleep like a baby. guess i should have thanked that old skinflint :)

Willy-N    Posted 10-30-2003 at 08:15:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
I know when I was poor and I mean POOR I jumped a few fences to take some apples off some tree's to feed myself. I also can remember going out into the Farm Fields with out asking and getting some of the stuff they missed in the harvest to sell door to door. Figured if they did not pick it and the equipment could not harvest it they would just plow it under anyway so I would fill up a few bags with veggies and sell them (as a kid it gave me some money to spend). We do what we must to feed the family. I am glad those times are long gone now. But if I had to keep my family fed I would do what is nessasary to get the job done! Even just working for food and I have done that too! Mark H.

Dieselrider    Posted 10-29-2003 at 16:10:26       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I don't know if we are in the same part of Pa. but, several years ago I bought an MTD tractor for mowing and light yard work. A few months after the purchase I was mowing around our grape vines and noticed something on the ground. Turns out to be part of the rear casing for the transaxle. The guys at the dealer said that since it was summer MTD was building snowblowers for next winter and getting parts was iffy or at least it could take some time. Here a snap ring or e-clip came off a shaft allowing it to slide and catch the inside of the casing. They had me pay $100 up front to fix and that took six weeks. Then I was supposed to get my money back once MTD sent the money to the dealer. After haveing to push mow a couple of times, paying out to have something fixed that they should have taken care of and finally, sending a letter to MTD to get my money back I decided that was my last MTD. I hope you can get some satisfaction out of these guys. I like to buy American but not if it's made by MTD.

hay    Posted 10-29-2003 at 14:21:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
"the sweetness of cheap prices is forgotton sooner than the bitterness of poor quality". i know from personal exp. that TSC has some very poor quality merchandise and equally poor warrantys. learned my lesson after the first one. once bitten, twice shy.

toolman    Posted 10-29-2003 at 14:15:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
i have had problems in the past on different things and i finally learned never waste your money buying the extended warranty your better off to have it in your pocket to fix things yourself when you need too as they will always try to wiggle out of their responsibilites.

Les    Posted 10-29-2003 at 13:46:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have a 1970 Allis Chalmers B310 garden tractor. The 3 people who have worked on it have all told me to never get rid of it because it is so much better than the plastic and cheese junk that's being sold today.
Sorry I'm no help to you. Seems as though you ought to be able to fight for something. That just ain't right.

gregPA    Posted 10-29-2003 at 13:59:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
hi les, at this point it's the principal of the thing. every now and again i get a front wheel off the ground with my farmall but the spindles stay right where they should. it's 55 years old.
seems like they think they can just walk on you as they please. i can repair it myself so that would never happen again but that's why i got the warranty. greg

Bill in TN    Posted 10-30-2003 at 06:32:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
Try contacting TSC corp. 312 plus park blvd. Nashville TN. I have history with TSC and knew the men at the top when they were low to mid level managers. They are great guys and it's nice to see them do so well. I have all the confidence in the world that if you call or mail TSC headquarters they will find a way to make you happy.

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