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Country Discussion Topics
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Just many
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Cindi    Posted 11-02-2003 at 12:09:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
of you would say you have some form of social anxiety. I'm asking this question because I think it is a lot more prevalent than I first thought. I have been dealing with it off and on for ten years and I think the most frightful feature of this disorder is the 'discovery' of it. In other words, other people learning that you are suffering from it. As a result I have become very open about it and will tell people right to their face if I am having an anxiety attack. I am even thinking of having t-shirts made that say...

'prone to anxiety attacks'

I really feel like if it's out in the open it will go away. I think the key of escaping the grip is not hiding it.

No name this time    Posted 11-03-2003 at 23:11:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
Cindi, I have taken Prozac for years and it helps some. A number of people in my family have had problems with anxiety attacks of some kind and depression. I always hated public speaking and was in a career that sometimes required it. I found that I could do fine speaking in front of people that didn't really know me, but was terrified in front of my coworkers. I received a promotion to supervisor, as I was always very good at civil service tests and oral interviews, but ended up dumping the promotion after several months because I hated having to be the person up front all the time. That ended any hope of ever rising any further in the organization and it has been hard watching people that I thought were less able than I become my bosses. I needed something at that time, but didn't get any help. I drifted into a horrible depression from my failure at work and a lot of other things. I only went to a psychiatrist when my wife said I had to or she was leaving me. I have tried several prescription drugs, but Prozac works the best for me. Like most drugs, Prozac has unwanted side reactions, but all in all, I am better with it. I am not sure I would be alive now if I had not gotten help. I was that bad off.

Not all such problems can be cured with prescriptions, but many can be helped. I have read quite a bit about panic attacks and something you could try that sometimes helps is to cut way down or eliminate caffeine from your diet. From personal experience, if you have a large habit, don't try to quit cold turkey! I tried a couple of times this way and got monster headaches that were like a migraine, only lasted longer. The only thing that cured the headaches was some caffeine. I have successfully weaned myself down to 1 can of Diet Coke per day and now can get by without that and do not get the headache. But I tapered off gradually. I use the soda rather than drinking coffee because the caffeine dose is more likely to be consistant. Smoking, and the need to feed the addiction can also trigger attacks. Rough to quit smoking, but probably the best thing to do for yourself and your family in the long run.

Panic attacks are awful, and you really wonder if you are going to survive your heart beating that fast or if you will be suffocated because you can't breathe (actually you probably have hyperventilated). And you always wonder what people who might see you will think. If you are having real panic attacks, do yourself and your family a favor and get help. Life is too short to just put up with them.

bulldinkie    Posted 11-03-2003 at 04:22:38       [Reply]  [Send Email]
With my husbands business I have to meet and talk to olot of people. I dont like to walk into a crowd of people I dont know .Not sure why just never did.I feel safe in my home,I guess.

phyllis    Posted 11-02-2003 at 16:53:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have had one MAJOR panic or anxiety attack. Had trouble for a while after that, but finally all is okay unless something triggers a lot of stress. And, then, I don't do the panic attacks, I just get so stressed, it starts to affect me physically, like sick stomach, can't think clearly, can't sleep/eat, etc.

Anyway that major panic attack I was talking about was a beaut. Son was maybe 2 or 3 years old. We were at the very TOP of Reunion Arena in Dallas, at a Barnum & Bailey Circus. First one for me and son. There had been some stress problems before the circus involving my husband's ex and a lot of carp, so that is what probably started it. Anyway, here comes the drumroll for the clowns to shoot out of the cannon. Boom goes the cannon, and boom goes my heart. Man, I thought I was dying it was pounding so hard, then I started getting numb, tingly, couldn't breathe, etc. My poor husband had to almost carry me and our son down from the top of Reunion Arena. Took me to the emergency room somewhere there, did an EKG or whatever on my heart and told me it was a panic attack and gave me some valium until I could get to my regular doctor.

I didn't even know what a panic attack was until that happened, and I really thought I might be dying for real. They are NOT fun, and it takes a while after a bad one happens to totally get over fearing another attack. I carried a paper bag for a while to breathe into, so I wouldn't hyperventilate.... Anyway now, once in a great while I take some Xanax for a while, IF something major stresses me. Like when my parents had their bad wreck and we almost lost dad, 3 years ago, I went to my doctor and he prescribed one round of Xanax. It helped a lot. Then, a couple of weeks ago because of some other things happening here, I went back and am taking some now. Hey - twice in a 3 year period isn't bad, and they really help when you need them.

The only antidepressant can tell you about first hand is Wellbutrin. I took it for a while, not for depression, but to help stop smoking. Anyway - that stuff had an added side effect on me that my hubby really liked, (I won't go there, lol), but am not taking it now.

sTORM Chaser    Posted 11-02-2003 at 13:23:58       [Reply]  [Send Email]
My dear freind cindy: I think the urbon county life is getting to you. My freind once at the problem that you are talking about, though when I smacked him upside the head one day he no longer had that problem. I guess setting at home all time looking pretty and over-using the famious cell phone and eating bonkers all afternoon and dreaming of going to amusment parks and place a great deal of stress on ones body. I wake up in the morning and off the bed I go and there you have it my feet are on concreate all day, at times I find myself in the mall watching the old codgers doing there so called power-walks and doing push-ups aganst the wall. At times I find what look to be like county folks working at the sonic and believe you me they are slower then chrismess........Turely I,am a nice okie from muskogee but one things for sure my opnions and thoughts should be heard all over the wrold. I have been featured on hundereds of message boards and well aware that I,am not a famious storm chaser on the internet. I think it,s time you placed your right foot on the gas paddle and to come down to the city and become a city slicker......... Those panic attacks would not happen as such. I recall my idiot neigbor when he was having a panic attack when he caming running over to the house and I was busy eating my pizza and told me to dial 911, I smacked him so hard that he finely relized bothering me on my eating time was not a good thing to do........I mean lets get real why call 911 for one who is having a do do attack right? Oh well cup-cakes I have lots of boards and other things to do this afternoon,,,,,,if you ever need me call the doppler on wheels team or at least check out the web-site,,,,

Cindi    Posted 11-02-2003 at 15:47:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
SC, your thoughts would have a lot more impact if you could find a better way to deliver them. Periods, comas, and spell checking jump to mind right away. I don't doubt that you have some very important things to say, I just have a hard time following you. I am willing to take you seriously, if you are willing to take me seriously enough to take the time to make yourself understood. You have all the time in the world, slow down. As close as I can tell, all that typing amounts to nothing but a series of disconnected paragraphs. ???

Les...You're right, Cindi    Posted 11-02-2003 at 16:57:06       [Reply]  [No Email]
A coma would be a great idea for him. Then somebody could get a court order to pull his feeding tube.

Dang you Les!    Posted 11-02-2003 at 17:45:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
Let me drop one miserable m and you're on it like stink on poopy. You crack me up! LMAO!

Okay penance time.

comma comma comma comma comma comma this was an honest comma comma comma slip of the fingers comma comma comma which I swear comma comma comma I will never comma comma let comma comma happen comma comma comma again.

Ron,Ar    Posted 11-02-2003 at 17:33:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
Then he would be a tubeless tirade?

steve19438    Posted 11-02-2003 at 13:20:06       [Reply]  [Send Email]
LOPID causes mine!!!

steve19438    Posted 11-02-2003 at 15:47:34       [Reply]  [Send Email]
meant to say LIPITOR!!!

Ron,Ar    Posted 11-02-2003 at 16:22:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
do you take toprol? It is more likely to cause anxiety than lipitor. Causes strange dreams also.

steve19438    Posted 11-03-2003 at 05:39:55       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Toprol XL i take too. i never get a good nite sleep!!!! stupid dreaming constantly and of the most Bizarre things.

bob ny    Posted 11-02-2003 at 13:02:24       [Reply]  [No Email]
i ahh, just, i mean, but, me ? ahh attact i was, well maybe? no. where? i forgot what we were talking i mean oh heck goodbye

bob ny    Posted 11-02-2003 at 13:02:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
i ahh, just, i mean, but, me ? ahh attact i was, well maybe? no. where? i forgot what we were talking i mean oh heck goodbye

Les    Posted 11-02-2003 at 12:42:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
Naah. I don't hardly even get stage fright any more.

KellyGa    Posted 11-02-2003 at 12:29:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
Oh Cindi, you have come to the right place, at least at this house for that question. By the way, I saw a T shirt that actually said, "I take Prozac, what about it?!" or something to that effect. lol! Well, anyway here goes my version.

I was having anxiety attacks, and didn't really know what they were. I for some reason would always have them in Walmart, weird, huh? Anyway, the last one I had, Shelby was with me, and its your body doing a fight or flight thing. You think you are going to pass out, your ears are ringing, everything seems to bright around the edges, and it feels kinda like you are in a dream. Shelby spilled a drink, on the floor right after I told her to be careful. I don't know if that triggered it or what. I just sat down and took deep breaths and talked myself down, and I was okay after about 5 or 10 minutes.

Now, coming up on two years ago, my mother in law passed away, at age 55, she was my best friend in the world. I fell into a deep slump that holiday season. A year before that, at this time, I got into a depression. Some people get depressed when winter comes in, I guess it finally got me. I have always had these onsets of depression, but usually I could talk myself out of it. I got to where I would drop Shelby off for school, and sleep all day, go pick her up, and then sleep some more. I hated ANY noise in the house, people included. I slept horrible. I didn't seem to want to interact with anybody anymore. I just wanted to be left alone. The house went to pot, I didn't care. Well, I couldn't snap out of this one, so I went to a new doctor, because my old one was crap, quite honestly. I love my doctor I have now, he actually treats you like a real person, not a paycheck. Anyway, the first year I was on 20 mg of Prozac, and after 3 months, I was grooving again, then tragedy struck, Roz died, and so he bumped me up to 40 mg. I have been there ever since. I used to yell and scream and cry all the time. I am on an even keel now.

Now, at first I was leery of telling anyone about this, because people tend to think your off your rocker if you take anti anxiety-anti depressant medication. But as I felt better and better, and looked forward to the day instead of wanting to curl up and sleep my life away and ignore the world around me, I was proud of the person I had become, so I told everyone, and they were proud of me for doing something about it.

I believe that chemical imbalance in your brain is heriditary. My other 2 sisters are on anti depressants, and my dad needs to be, needed to be before it was invented. The main thing I see that the Prozac did for me was control my anger. You know how when some people get mad, they vent, and then they cool down and feel better, having expelled the anger. Well, with me, as with my dad, I just got more and more fired up, to the boiling point, until I was a rolling river of lava. It was like an avalanche, it got worse, not better when I would yell and scream and holler.

So , if you need medication to fix your anxiety, or depression, or anger, whatever, do it. You'll never regret it. I have never had a problem with my medication, but people tell me never to take Zoloft, it makes you too sleepy, can't function. I take my Prozac, and will for the rest of my life, and I am a better, happier person for it.

So there you go Cindi, go get some Prozac if you think you need it. :)

Cindi    Posted 11-02-2003 at 15:41:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
I tried paxil once but I didn't like the way it made me feel nor did I like the thought of being dependent on it for who knows how long. I had a therapist tell me once that my 'stuff' box was full. That I had been holding things in for so long that I had no more room to hide stuff away. The overflow was coming out in the form of panic attacks.

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