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Country Discussion Topics
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Horse saddle
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Paul    Posted 11-04-2003 at 11:10:26       [Reply]  [No Email]
I want to relace an old western saddle I have but want to know the difference between a roping saddle and pleasure saddle. Also, what is the difference in a western and australian saddle? The australian saddles seem to be less expensive but how is the comfort? I have a quarter horse so I think I need full bars.

screaminghollow    Posted 11-04-2003 at 19:00:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
There's a fair number of trail riders around here. I've seen em in endurance saddles, western saddles, aussies and a surprising number of McClellans. For the insignificant amount of riding I do, my aussie works just fine. The aussie, is more like a dressage saddle with two bars in front where I can wedge the inside of my thighs to hold on going down hills. My buddy says it is like being strapped into a car seat. I have English, Western and Aussie and for me, I feel more secure in the aussie. the English saddle leaves me feeling like I sitting on a flag pole with nothing to support myself. We also have a few neighbors who swear by McClellans for tril riding. Others say it is like riding a board. McCellans and Aussies were generally made for a horse with steep sided whithers.

Loren    Posted 11-04-2003 at 18:40:37       [Reply]  [No Email]
One thing I'd like to mention is that if you're strictly trail riding a pleasure saddle will do fine. I hunt and pack with mine and want the extra ooompf in the tree of the ropers when a situation comes up. It adds a bit of insurance.

Battleborn    Posted 11-04-2003 at 13:07:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
Pleasure saddles are usually single rigged, lighter tree (cheap ones are even plastic tree)and have a horn for a decoration and handle only. Roping saddles are heavy, stout treed and have a vertical fat horn for dallying. They are always double rigged. If your not roping or dragging things with your mount, I would go with a pleasure saddle. The Australian stock saddles stink, IMHO, very uncomfortable, and If I can't dally, I can't drag to the fire. I have my saddles custom made, medium tree to fit most horses. If you have one mount and will for a long time, buy one that you can return if it doesn't fit, and find someone to help you tell if the fit is right. Close contact saddles (like jumping and dressage saddles) are much more critical to fit, but it does matter with a western saddle.
Good luck,

bob    Posted 11-04-2003 at 11:51:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
Paul the roping saddle is quite a bit heaiver and tree is built so you can tie off a steer. my boy only buys roping saddl;es as that is what he does but I just use a pleasure one. cheapertoo. as in all things you get what you pay for it. You might try a google search on the male order cat. but ask a person close by to help you get a decent fit for your horse as it does make a difference. As far as australilia saddles I know nothing. good luck

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