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Anybody got a diagnosis? Help please.
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KellyGa    Posted 11-08-2003 at 18:43:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
Shelby was out of school Tuesday through Friday. Tuesday, she had a mild stomachache. Wednesday and Thursday, she came down with a 102 degree fever, which I kept down with Motrin. Friday, she was still not really recovered, tired, weak, lack of appetite. Last night, she developed pain in her lower calf muscle. Now she has had a heating pad on it, and I have massaged it, which relieves it some for a little bit.

Now, she is prone to growing pains, but I looked that up, and they don't last this long. She doesn't have the fever anymore, but now she has this bothersome little cough, with a little phlegm.

Now y'all know how your imagination can run away with you, and on the computer, you can diagnose yourself to have just about anything if you look long and hard enough. I started getting into Staph infection, which can cause a joint infection, which can cause a blood infection, thus the localized hurting muscle. This infection is prevalent in children.

Now, instead of getting all worked up, I am going to get y'alls opinion. She has laid around here for days, and then went out walking around with me here and there on Friday, running errands. Do you think she strained it? Also, Ian says she could have been dehydrated from the fever. Anybody know whats the deal with her leg pain? Had any experience with your kids having not just growing pains, but it's like it keeps knoting up on her every now and then, and I massage it out.

She has been drinking plenty of water, and I have a heating pad on her leg now, she is sleeping. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks for any help y'all can give me.

I guess if its not gone by Monday, should I take her on to the doctor? She doesn't have a fever now by the way, just those two days.

Corey    Posted 11-10-2003 at 06:29:52       [Reply]  [No Email]
It is pretty common if a person has been sick that certain things get depleted. Leg cramps are many times a sign that you need salt and potasium. If she is anything like me, my wife, and my kids, just salt the daylights out of her food for a few days, or let her have sunflower seeds or anything with salt and the leg cramps will end. When I was a kid, I hauled lots of hay and got to having those cramps every day and night,, started putting salt in the water I drank and the cramps dissapeared.

Gary Duff    Posted 11-09-2003 at 06:35:13       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Been sick since tuesday ,why haven't you taken her to doctor.

Linda in UT    Posted 11-08-2003 at 19:52:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
I don't know what's going on with Shelby, and I wish I could give you some advice. I would suggest checking out the calf pain a little further just to be sure she hasn't developed a blood clot. It's rare in young folks, but not impossible. Put your hand on the ball of her foot, with her leg straight, and give a couple of fairly firm pushes. See if there is pain in her calf when you push on her foot (pushing her toes toward her head). If there is pain, then you should probably get her to the doctor before Monday. I don't mean to alarm you - she could just have pain from a muscle cramp or some other fairly benign source as well. Hope she's well and back in school soon.

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