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Country Discussion Topics
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KellyGa    Posted 11-11-2003 at 06:53:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
This morning as I got close to Shelbys school, I saw that traffic seemed to be backed up a little. We have a very nice lady that directs traffic in and out of the school parking lot so everyone can get in and out without a lot of hassle. As I waited our turn to turn in, I saw a German Shepard dog running around in the middle of the street, and she kept trying to shoo him away, but the dog was dumb as a bag of hammers, he just stood in the middle of the road, trying to come see her! As I drove by, she was screaming at the top of her lungs at this dog trying to get him to GO AWAY!!!

Now this lady has a dog of her own, that she brings with her every morning and every afternoon. Tip and Midnight have played together out in back of the school a couple of times. Her dog is a black lab, and this dog is the best trained dog I have ever seen. He does what she says to the letter, and with all that traffic coming and going, he stays put, until she tells him otherwise. Great dog. I knew exactly what she was thinking. She was thinking these people trying to get in and out of the school were going to get mad at her, thinking that was her dog, running around acting like a goof. She thought this, because the dumb ones were already mouthing off at her, poor woman.

So, I dropped Shelby off, and swung around to park to help her out. Me having a dog that I always have with me, I always carry a leash in the truck. Things by this time were at a stand still. Things were so backed up I couldn't park to get out and help. I sat there for a minute thinking, well you do have a truck, just go over the curb and through the grass like any good redneck girl would do. Just as I was about to do just that, things moved a little, and I was able to park. I told Tip to stay in the truck, snatched up the leash and headed out there to get that dumb dog out of the road, since obviously no one else was going to, they all just wanted to sit there and gripe.

So she grabbed him up, he had a collar, and I hooked him up to the leash, and WWHHHHOOOOOEEEE! She warned me he smelled bad just as I got there, but good grief man! He didn't just smell like he had been rolling in something dead, he smelled dead. Just the little my hands touched him to hook the leash on, and it was on me good, I was gagging and choking, and thank the heavens I had the 24 foot retracteable leash, man I let that thing go all the way out, so that dog would be as far away from me as possible, and of course he kept coming back, looking at me like, "I am so friendly! Pet me! Pet me!" EEEEWWWWWW!!!

So I held on to him until school was in and she stopped having to direct traffic. I had her hold the stinkbomb on a leash while I ran into the school office. I REAKED! I ran and washed my hands, desperate to find some sort of perfumed spray, to no avail, because he had brushed up against me, and thats all it took, believe me. I asked the office ladies to please call the pound to come and get this dog before he got hit. As the office was calling in came the lady that directs traffic. (sorry, I have only met her twice, and I can't for the life of me remember her name!) She smelled worse than me, and she informed me the owner of the dog was there to pick him up. Someone had recognized the dog from getting loose before, and went and got the owner.

So, out we go, and here stands this black man and his cadillac, all leather interior, and he has had to put the stinkbomb in his car. So, he thanks us for holding the dog, and writes a note for the traffic lady letting whoever needs to know that that was not her dog, and it was not her fault. Apparently, he does not have a fenced in yard, so he chains the dog up. Now I don't know about you, but a young dog, a strong dog like that, is not gonna go for that. I bet he doesn't even have time for the dog, and the dog did look a bit thin, too. I just hate it when people can't keep their animals properly. He will probably go home and beat the dog, and the dog won't have a clue. I tried to get him to sit or lie down, just so he would stay away and not stink me up, but he knew no commands. Sad really.

So with that all taken care of, Tip and I rode home in 46 degree weather, with the windows down, because I smelled to high heaven. So here I am now, I stripped at the door and headed for the shower! Now I am clean, but it was so bad, I bet you could have smelled me right through this computer to where you are sitting! Whoooeeee! :)

Ron/PA    Posted 11-11-2003 at 07:48:08       [Reply]  [No Email]
How 'bout them clothes on the porch?? I kin smell them through my speakers!!

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