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Country Discussion Topics
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Assuming ownership?
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deadcarp    Posted 11-16-2003 at 11:57:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
whether it's wild game or water wells or what, remind your state to be very careful about sucking your dollars for things they don't own. if there's a school bus crash, does the driver pays the doctor bills?
we had a silly dnr official who bragged they owned the wild game, and were thus charged with responsibility for its safety and what not. didn't take somebody long to say okay, then you won't mind paying my collison bill will you? one of your deer strolled right out in front of my personal car and endangered my family!
same with a well: if the state's gonna charge for it, they're assuming possession of the water aren't they? okay then they certainly won't mind paying for any water damage incurred from the next flood will they? maybe we did hire them to administer water usage but we dam sure never signed over the water itself or gave them our plumbing! around here if the bureaucrats whine about water shortages, people start letting their sprinklers run all day in protest, so they might wanna be more tactful. that's when we get right back down to who owns air and water and the silly asses soon realize they might not wanna charge for things that aren't theirs. we've lost enough rights by neglecting the greedy already and we can't let those coyotes live in our henhouses, so if you feel something's not right, speak right up and make sure they hear you. do it for the kids. :)

screaminghollow    Posted 11-17-2003 at 09:55:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
Oddly, under English Common Law, the wild game belonged to the King. When Pa. was founded the Penns and then the State Gov't received all the benefits of sovereign.
When most of the land in eastern pa was sold out to settlers, there was a provision reserving of the pacel sold for roads and schools. Further, a like percentage of any gold or silver mined on the land had to be turned over to the state annually. Those restrictions are contained in the original deeds and reserved rights for the government. Soooooo! If the PA state government did it's research, it could take up to ten % of each original land grant to put in roads or schools. In the event that your parcel came from a land grant in which only 5% was taken, the government might be able to build on through without paying you, (up to their 10% of course.) There is no adverse possession against the government.

Bob in CO.    Posted 11-16-2003 at 13:28:00       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Dear Deadcarp- WELL said. You have my vote! ;-)

bob ny    Posted 11-16-2003 at 12:19:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
agree 100% also a question? no. 1 how far down does a homowner own ? no.2 if a stream crosses your land do you own the stream? no 3 if you own to the center of a stream and the stream washes out on a turn and takes 10 feet of your property and leaves 10 feet on your nieghbors property do your boundries change

Ron/PA    Posted 11-16-2003 at 14:13:58       [Reply]  [No Email]
Bob, here in PA. I know that you do not own the stream, nor can you deny someone the use of that stream, you can deny access from your property. In other words they can walk right up the middle of that stream, but they can't come out and cross your property to leave.
As for property lines, Surveyors won't use a stream for a boundry here, just for that reason. With the flooding we get here lines would change from year to year.

toolman    Posted 11-16-2003 at 15:57:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
down the road from me my BIL has 14 acres, now the river has been eatin at the back for years, we figure the back stakes are out somewhere in the middle of the river, i have heard once the river takes it it reverts back to the crown, last year the river changed course ate right through another 50ftx550ft,guess what he still pays taxes on 14 acres. doesn,t sound right does it.sounds like if we fish on his place we shouldn,t need a licence either.

deadcarp-shrinkage    Posted 11-16-2003 at 14:51:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
At a community meeting i once asked our legislator (an old neighbor) when we should expect our annual property tax rebate - of course he disavowed knowledge of such a plan - then i reminded him that we pay taxes on acreage every spring, only use the land in summer, that the assessor comes every fall and that's all okay but the whole state shrinks ta beat heck when it freezes - and about then he asked if somebody could find useful something for me to do! :)

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