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Country Discussion Topics
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Ron/PA    Posted 11-16-2003 at 15:13:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
I do alot of lurkin here, and usually pass on alot of this stuff, then YOU went and sent my blood pressure sky high!
Deer season starts here in about 3 weeks, and we'll be doing the same thing. What really gripes me is exactly what you said, they act like we're the bad guys?? What's up with that?
Our farm had 2 railroads running through it, they tore one line up and the property is in litigation. A pipeline company purchased the rights to it, laid a pipeline, then deeded the property over to the county for a rails to trails recreation trail. Some property owners claim that the land reverts back to them, so it's in the courts. That didn't stop the county from throwing it wide open to the public.
MAJOR problems with ATV's and pedestrians roaming planted fields. All of a sudden the county can't do a thing about it, cause they may not own it!!
AW, SHOOT, Now I'm wound up and ain't nothin to do about it.
I really do know what you are going through.

Lazy Al    Posted 11-16-2003 at 16:41:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
Same thing happened around here. The railroad
had an agreement with the land owner years ago that if the rails were ever tore up the land would revert back to them , So the tracks were tore up . Then they wanted it for a recreation trail . so the land owner took it to court and the state won by saying that all the people that the railroad made the deal with were dead .
The tracks ran within 50 feet of some of the houses .When the train ran there wasn't a problem but when people had the right to walk right behind your house was a problem .

TB    Posted 11-16-2003 at 16:10:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
From the other side of the fence. I have lived here all my life. Ride ATV's, snoemobiles,hunt fish, etc. I have allways treeted others peoples land with respect and allway lent a helping hand if I could. The problem is the big property owners are chainging and the first thing that happens is the poster signs go up (that is there right) I just hope that in the future a repour can be built up and thay see it fit to allow priveliges. Trouble is these outher people that think thay can go anyware and do anything ruin it for allmost all others. and may never get the chance. Sorry thanks for letting me vent. Later. got to go check my BP.

Ron/PA    Posted 11-17-2003 at 05:29:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
Naw TB, you make exactly the point I was trying to get at. You make yourself known, build a relationship, and behave as a neighbor, not a wild banshee on 4 wheels.
We have neighbors that don't need to check in, and we don't bother anyone behaving in a civil manner. However 2 years in a row we needed to re-plant 15 acres of corn in one field, and 21 in another field because a group of ATV riding fools decided to make our fields into a personal race track.
Now 36 acres isn't the end of the world, but then again we don't generate much if any revenue off of our farm. It's mostly for stock consumption.
Wanna know the extent some of the GOOD folks go to? One guy spent a day picking up cans, then brought them to the house and said here's your cans. I said Not my cans, and he said at 35 a pound they otta be! He was gonna give to us for recycling, after he picked up other peoples garbage? That boy will have a home here as long as he wants it, and no we didn't take the cans LOL
This was not meant to be an indictment of all ATV and hunter folks, just the buttheads.

TB    Posted 11-16-2003 at 16:20:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
This was not pointed at any one in particular just the local circumstance that I am in. Thank you.

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