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Country Discussion Topics
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Logic 101 for our Muslim Fanatics
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Greg    Posted 10-10-2001 at 20:01:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
Ok, so now we finally have a reason for the attacks on the US. It's a holy war. Payback for
US intrusion on "holy" soil,Jihad, and all the other bullshit reasons,etc,etc.

(the real reason is age old jealousy,envy but we won't get into that right now.)

But I don't get the religion thing. We are told it pleases God to kill Americans. The character of America has not changed and the Talibans make reference to pre-Afgan war atrocities and covert operations the US has committed.

If this is so, the alliance with the US during the Afgan war was then a sin and blasphemy
agains God by the Afgans, since the character of the US has not changed. So now we have Afgans who are damned by God.!! God must have had a switch of heart or something and it's not due to the US has thats one factor in your logic that hasn't changed, you said it. Can some of you fanatics tell me whats wrong with this picture, cause I sure don't get it.

While you've got your heads together, can you tell me why it's holy for Sadam to have his tanks
tear up Kuwaiti soil, and blasphemy if the US does it. Is it cause God loves Russian T54's, and loves the older stuff than the modern US machinery?

If there were 100 muslims in the US army during the Iraqi war, doesn't that make it holy?

I'm still waiting ..... Takers?

Franz    Posted 10-10-2001 at 23:39:27       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Just an idea I been gettin, since I noticed them Taliban fellas and the Northern Alliance fellas on TV in the last few days, I noticed the Northern fellas wear sort of a Togo Wuss hat, kind of like one of them new Army berets made in China, while them Talliwhupper fellas seem to be wearin an old diaper on their heads. Now, my thinkin goes like this, the Tallywhuppers is wearin old used diapesr and they didn't get all the shut outa em before they wrapped it around their head. That would kind of account for their shutty thinkin an crappy attitude.

Fred Tx    Posted 10-11-2001 at 11:10:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
By doggies that works for me. YES

Victor Burns    Posted 03-20-2002 at 22:15:58       [Reply]  [Send Email]
to judge without understanding shows one's ignorance.

what you have seen on t.v. about the so called taliban is nothing more than pre-war propaganda,

before the taliban there was much dispute, crimes, rapes, murder, theft, and what have you and when they came into power, they pretty much all got rid of this,
and this nonsense about them hating women and treating them like dogs, this is nothing more than slander,
have you listened to those who praise taliban, these are the afghani locals who were saved by them and they are many in number but you won't get any interviews from then on T.V.
because this media is nothing more than a falsehood propogating machine that fabricates stories to please its masters who all have one goal, "The new world order", which means, do as we tell you or we will ridicule you, humiliate you, get everyone to hate you, torture you and then rain bombs on you, This is their policy!

read the articles written by the award winning writer, Robert Fisk at least he has the guts to speak out and tell it like it is, when bbc reporters in afghanistan admit to reporting news they receive from their base in london while they themselves are present in afghanistan, the idea is to have the mainstream public believe they are witnesses to these lies, while they propogate the falsehood they are fed

don't judge what you do not understand! it is not the american people the muslims hate, it is the american government for aiding israel in occuping the palestinian soil, above all israel receives $3 000,000,000 that is 3 billion dollars of our tax paying money each year to kill the innocent civilians of palestine, how then do we not speak out


dave    Posted 07-04-2002 at 11:32:50       [Reply]  [Send Email]
just a's not muslims vs others ratherits jealous and poor people who have lost sesses on account of their fanaticsm behind the sept 11 bombing.
US is and has been a great nation ...and we will continue to grow !!!

Greg    Posted 10-11-2001 at 06:24:01       [Reply]  [No Email]

U made my day man!

Spence    Posted 10-10-2001 at 20:23:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
Maybe 10000 Talibans went to confession last year? haa,haa

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