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I found it
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Ron,Ar    Posted 11-26-2003 at 08:31:38       [Reply]  [No Email]
the poem I mentioned earlier.

Most of ya probably already read this, my brother (a Marine vet in Viet Nam) sent me this. The note above it told me a lot. He don't talk about it and don't like being around people much.

Hello Family!!
A friend of mine wrote this a few weeks ago, & it has touched me hard. It was read on Memorial Day at The Wall & is actually going to the Smithsonian. It's a little coarse, but I hope you will understand. I'll see ya in 8-9 days.

By Camille N. Nelsen

The Hounds of H*ll
Used to wake him from his sleep

The Hounds of H*ll
Were snarling at his feet

The Hounds of H*ll
Stole his peace of mind

The Hounds of H*ll
Were only Hounds of Time.

The Time now past
Would forever leave its mark

The Time now past
Burned its brand on his heart

The Time now past
No dimmer than before

The Time now past
Was once a day of War.

The days of War
Live vivid in his soul

The days of War
We forget as he grows old

The days of War
Haunt him as no other

The days of War
Turned strangers into brothers.

Beside his Brothers
They fought the Hounds of H*ll

Beside his Brothers
Were stories they would tell

Beside his Brothers
War ravaged its ugly pain

Without his Brothers
He'd never be seen again.

Never seen again
No words are spoken here

Never seen again
He seemed to disappear

Never seen again
Until one day the Light

Never seen again
Until he left the Fight.

The Fight long gone
Took its toll in his eyes

The Fight long gone
Betrayed truth into lies

The Fight long gone
Grows weary with his hand

The Fight long gone
Screams silently, THE BAND.

The Band once sealed
The fate of Brotherhood

The Band once sealed
A time of greater good

The Band once sealed
Promises to be kept

The Band once sealed
Their weakness as they wept.

The Weeping still
Comes and goes as it pleases

The Weeping still
Only begs to find the reason

The Weeping now
Binds like no other

The Weeping now
Is amongst this Band of Brothers.

The Band of Brothers
Their stories fight to tell,

The Band of Brothers
The Hounds of H*ll.

Stan ETenn    Posted 11-27-2003 at 05:54:13       [Reply]  [Send Email]
What little I know or knew about my brother. He was in Vietnam in the late sixties. Purple heart. Came home. Bought a new car. Married a girl. Had three children. Wife divorced him, took his children away from him. I can't tell you how he loved his kids. Drifted through life. Walked or rode a bike wherever he went. Got sick. Died. I heard he was serving in a soup line and had found Jesus just before he died. I miss him but I don't miss his pain. My prayer is that he now has peace. Ronnie was 54.

~Lenore    Posted 11-26-2003 at 08:47:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
Very good, Ron.
I know that brotherhood is special.
I think that is why when one "brother" is less than honest
with another "brother" it is hard to take.
There is supposed to be honor there.
Kin folks are one thing "brothers" are something else.

kraig WY    Posted 11-26-2003 at 09:22:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well said Lenore. It is hard for many to see the differance.
Great Poem Ron, thanks for sharing it with us.

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