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Country Discussion Topics
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The new neighbors and traffic.
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Taylor Lambert    Posted 12-02-2003 at 17:04:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well Thanksgiving is over survived the trip had fun and all the belongings are still here. The new neighbors have started moving in even though they live closer to the main road they are running up and down the main county road that I live on. I stopped one car load and they mentioned that it was alot of fun being able to leave the ground in their car. I sincerly hope they dont want me to pull them out of the ditch when the fun lands them there. They also ride on the dead end road that also borders my house and shop, guess its stot'n'steal time now. I notice when they see the doors closed they think Im not there. We caught one behind the shop this morning he said he didnt know that he wasnt supposed to be there. Well hes informed now that we shoot first some times.
Then the hunting club that has a club on either end of the abandoned county road has started running back here at full throttle to their deer club. I was pushing a 30 foot pontoon trailer back into the road to change ends in the shop for an extension i was doing on it. when I got the forklift out in the road this idiot talking on a cell phone driving to fast on the wrong side of the road almost hits me. Then had enough nerve the try to bless me out. If it wasnt for the last house on the road Id find a reason to bury and underground waterline out to the shop and leave a good divot. I may talk to the hunting club president and see if he'll do anything about it.

deadcarp    Posted 12-02-2003 at 18:02:50       [Reply]  [No Email]
at the fork in our road, one branch is township and the other's minimum maintenance. well last summer we got tired of the neighbors whizzing by, so we dug a "minimum maintenance" speed rut across the road. so one day i was out there and he pulled up real nice like - mentioned the rut and i said it was for speeders. he thought it might be a little deep so i also told him that my personal rut limit's 6 feet deep but if anybody threatens my grandson with a 2-ton car, i'd probly go deeper. he slowed down.
now i'm not advocating being hard-headed but isn't there a pipe or wire or something or 2 you'd like to bury across that road? :)

Les    Posted 12-02-2003 at 17:35:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
I seem to be the only one on here who gets along with his neighbors.

Taylor Lambert    Posted 12-03-2003 at 16:29:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
I get along with my neighbors that live around here we just get a few folks that are trouble. I couldnt ask for better neighbors lol.

Joe Dirt    Posted 12-02-2003 at 17:49:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
I get along great with my neighbors. They are never home!! They moved in in August and I still don't know what he looks like.I've met his wife and she's Ok.

Old Sarge    Posted 12-02-2003 at 17:45:42       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Naw I do too. Just Sunday the couple next door 1500 ft away from my line brought me a bribe. Great big home made apple pie. Wanted to know if their boys could shoot the cotton tails in my field. Big brush pile, rabbit warren. Miz Sarge won't let me burn cuz of the bunnies, but she'll sure take them rabbits ta eat. GO FIGGER. We git every third rabbit.

Les    Posted 12-02-2003 at 17:54:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
That sounds like a good deal, Top. When I was in boot camp, they fed us rabbit (or so they claimed). Of course after you been in boot camp a couple weeks you don't care what they feed you as long as there's plenty of it.
We buried two vets Saturday, one from WWII, one from Korea. The WWII vet has a daughter same age as as my son. So he must have had a young wife because he was born in 1921. The daughter would have been born in 1971.

Old Sarge    Posted 12-02-2003 at 18:50:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
Real heartbreaker here today. Widow of a WWII vet came in to my office. I'd started his claim quite some time ago. Any how she had his letter of adjudication granting him 50% on hearing loss. Artillery in WWII all across Europe. Letter was dated 27 October 2003 but gave him retroactive back many months, He died 20 October 2003. The check came in early Nov, $699_x. . Widow calls VA and tells them. OK send the check back and file for survivors benefits and accumulated entitlements. Did she contact me? NO STOOPID DOTTER IN LAW filled the papers out. Didn't knowe what she was doing. Now I got to bust my donkey getting it all straightened out.

Smart donkey son was with her and sez, you should have just put the check in the bank. DUH.. Wrong sez I that would be Fraud, and your m,other could wind up in the penitentiary for it. Well just cash it then. Wrong still fraud. Any how we got started, filed for funeral reimbursement, widows pension etc today.

Redneck    Posted 12-02-2003 at 20:06:31       [Reply]  [No Email]
I lost a brother fours years ago and when he passed,his disability check was direct deposited anyway.My mother contacted all involved,and was told it would be taken care of.She kept getting bank statements that showed the check was still in the bank.They said it was frozen and she could not get it nor could they send it back!About 5 months ago,I got a friend in higher places to check on it and with one phone call from this person,the check was deposited in my mothers account.I don't trust a dam# one of them!Crooks I say.Dam# crooks!

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