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Country Discussion Topics
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River Otters.
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Rickstir    Posted 12-05-2003 at 07:15:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
The Missouri Conservation Department has done it again. What a geat idea it would be to bring back river otters. They used to run wild in the streams and river valleys of the land. It would be great to see them frolic in the tributaries.
Wrong! Back when they free-roamed, farmers did not have ponds that they paid good money to stock with fish. Folks like me spent good money to build a lake and I contracted with a private fisheries biologist to put a balanced population of larger fish in my water so that I could catch the big ones sooner.
Now the river otters are invading. They kill fish just for the sport of it. Well they don't hang around long on my place. Me and Mr. Browning arrange for "accidents". There have been three so far in the last month. There is one more that comes and goes. I'll be out on the bank tomorrow morning to see if he is back.
Somehow the Conservation department thinks we need to restore everything that ever walked on the land in Missouri. They even wanted to bring back Elk. With all the billions of dollars in damages and 20 or so deaths a year involved in deer/car crashes, they want to put 1000 pound animals back on the highways. What's next, Grizzly bears?

cowpie    Posted 12-05-2003 at 17:40:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
Around here (WI), our wonderful DNR planted Asian beetles to control an aphid problem that we didn't have. Then to control the beetles, they released rattlesnakes!

To help control chronic wasting in deer, they released cougars. They of course don't need to tell us that they have released these potentially dangerous animals. One farmer discovered the cougars when they started preying on his cattle. I know if I were a big cat, I would rather go for the slow and satisfying three day meal than the fast food!

Same here...    Posted 12-05-2003 at 07:25:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
Vermont F&G is looking into 'reintroducing' Elk and Lowland Caribou...

They already deny that we have Catamounts...Deny that we have Wolves...They shoot a small population of Trumpeter Swans that took hold in one area...And then they go and WANT to reintroduce animals that have not been here in 200 years...

Salmoneye, Who Is Still Confusticated...

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