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Country Discussion Topics
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Smelly well water and nasty taste
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Sharon    Posted 12-12-2003 at 13:04:15       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I have just moved into a trailer that has well water. It stinks very badly and tastes just as bad as it smells. I have been here a month and have been getting very bad stomach aches, bloating and gassy, very missarable here. It seems when I eat it tends to get a bit worse. Is this due to the well water, the sulfer in it, or is it just me? Can someone out there help me with this please?
Thank you for your time, have a nice day and laughs and smiles to you as well.

:-) Sharon (-:

cowpie    Posted 12-13-2003 at 19:10:26       [Reply]  [No Email]
We live in a trailer and had nasty water. It smelled bad, tasted nasty and usually had chunks floating in it. Gross, huh? We didn't get sick from it though. Although we did have city folk that moved from Chicago and got sick on the fresh spring water. I guess some bodies get used to all of the chemicals in the water and just can't take the good stuff. We finally got a Pur water filter and the water has no smell and tastes good. Plus no chunks! That is only for our drinking water, the rest of our water is still nasty. The filters in our humidifiers don't last long with that water. Ahhh some day.....

anode on water heater    Posted 12-13-2003 at 04:42:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
I want to relate a sulfur lousy water swmell that we had when we replaced a hot water heater. On the top of every water heater there is a 13/15" nut that has a metal rod which has weak metals on it. Swimming pools and alot of tanks use this, It is called a sacrificial anode. Dis-similar metals have different electron makeups and thus when they interact they corrode metals. I would check this out especially if a new water heater has been recently installed. not saying this is a cause, but something to look at.

LesWV    Posted 12-12-2003 at 18:16:38       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Sounds as if you have a Natural gas problem. 90% of the people up and down the Greenbier valley here in WV has it. Smells like rotten eggs and taste just as bad. It is caused by dissolved hydrogen sulfide gas and causes various health effects.

If your water smells and taste bad all of the time.
1. Install a Manganese greensand filter - constant chlorination followed by filtration/ dechlorination.
2. Constant chlorination followed by activated carbon filter.

If it is only with the Hot water.
1. Remove magnesium rod from the water heater.

The problem is so bad in the valley that one guy whoms owns a truck stop, carry out store, gift shop and three fast food joints Had his own little "water company" built to supply good water to his business estabishments.

Before you start tearing into anything. Get some test done and consult with neighbors about their water.
The valley inwhich my dad lives in is devided by a creek. One side has great water and the other is not fit to flush a comode with.

Maggie/TX    Posted 12-12-2003 at 15:42:28       [Reply]  [No Email]
You really ought to get it tested right away and use bottled water for drinking and cooking until you do.

One way to get it tested for free is by the Ozarka water company folks. If you have one of them or some bottled water company in your area that makes deliveries, see if they can test it for you. They did ours for free and found that ours was just fine and safe to drink, although it looked pretty rusty. You can also get filters that will fit on your kitchen faucet.

deadcarp    Posted 12-12-2003 at 15:27:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
got a garden hose and a thirsty lawn? if it's just sulphur smell, dump a gallon of bleach down the well and leave it sit overnite. then run the water thru the hose for at least 2 hours (don't skimp on that) before you use it. and don't run alot of the bleach-water into your septic tank cuz it kills anaerobic bacteria too :)

Vic in Kenefick    Posted 12-12-2003 at 14:28:52       [Reply]  [No Email]
I had a well like that once. Took 1/2 lb C4 and 103 ft of det wire and turned it into a nice oil well.

sven    Posted 12-12-2003 at 13:59:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
Don't drink it!!!!! You are risking becoming very ill. Get that water tested now! And, have the well inspected by someone who knows what they are looking for. You could be dealing with anything from nitrates, someones sewer seeping into the well, or small, or even large wild animals which have fallen into the well. I have been around water wells just about all of my life, I am 52, and I have seen just about everything.

bulldinkie    Posted 12-12-2003 at 13:27:04       [Reply]  [Send Email]
We have sulphur in our water we drink bottled water but we were told to hook air compresser up to waterline thsat gets rid of smell.Then we bought a water system so we dont smell it anymore.They do say it has medicinal values...Where I live theres a spa then famous people came for miles to swim & bathe in water because of sulphur,minerals and such.

TB    Posted 12-12-2003 at 13:23:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
Have the water tested to be on the safe side.
How long did the well set before you moved in?
People get use to the water thay drink. and over time get use to the minerals and such in there water. It may take time for your body to become accostumed to the new water.
Usually Allthough bad smell sulfer is good for the body.
If you let the sulfer water set in the refrigator open over night the sulfer gas usually excaps and is better.
If in doubt, untill the test came back, and more info is avalable, switch to botteled water for the time being. Or anouther drinking water source.
But it could be somthing other than the water?

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