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Ian is Going on NIGHTS in January
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KellyGa    Posted 12-12-2003 at 18:06:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
My husband informed me he went to lunch with his boss the other day, and his boss wants him on nights, which is an automatic $1.00 raise, which is cool, since he just got a $2.00 raise a couple of months ago. BUT... I remember how it was last time he was on nights. He is sleeping during the day, I am up, he is gone at night, I am up. No sleep for me, until it catches up with me. I have to get up and take Shelby to school every day, and then, I will have to do all my housework at night. UUUGGHHH. He says its only for about 6 months. Its also 12 hour shifts, and its the 3 on, 2 off schedule, ugh. Poor thing never gets acclimated, cause on his days off, he is up during the day.

Guess if, that is WHEN we move out onto that dirt road, I will be okay. I will feel safer out there alone at night than where I am now at night alone. YOu name it, it's happened. Ian has had his window shot out as he drove down the road, by a couple of young kids, we have had over a thousand dollars worth of tools stolen, several houses have been broken into over the past several years, one right next door, luckily that has never happened to us. OH! Lets not forget the 10 year old boy knocking on the door at 4:30 in the morning asking for our help because his mama drove into the ditch at the end of the road, oh wait, later he confesses he was driving, and his mama walked off to go get help and left him there???!!! I called Forest Park Police before I did anything to assist. What was this boy doing out in the middle of the night on a school night? What in the world??? Several stories were told. We figure he and a friend took the car and his mama was asleep and his friend bailed on him. They never found his mama wandering around, so I think thats what happened. Point being, that won't happen out in the woods, because if it does, they will find themselves staring down the bad end of a rifle, especially if I am by myself at night, cause they don't have no business out there. :)

Cindi    Posted 12-13-2003 at 05:35:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
I am just starting to get used to working nights but I don't even want to speculate what it is going to do to my marriage. Fred and I haven't had an 'quality' time (wink) in a month.

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