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Country Discussion Topics
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2bob ny    Posted 12-23-2003 at 09:08:37       [Reply]  [No Email]
i guess i better figger out what i'm gonna get mama for the holiday i only got 2 days left and today is full of chores maybe a sander or router or a new table saw extension or a new vacume cleaner or a gift certificate to shoprite i know someone on a forum got his wife a new manure spreader last year so i can't get her that it wouldn't be a surprise oh well maybe ill just wait till next year

deadcarp-quality gift    Posted 12-23-2003 at 15:22:39       [Reply]  [No Email]
If you're feeling particularly magnanimous,(or haven't been royally stung for awhile - oh that's right you're married ) get some cheap piece of crap on sale at the drug store like one of those tarnation ripoff handy-stitchers! take it home, try it on the nearest envelope and instead of stitching the pin will pop out. tear it apart, loose 1 screw, do the hands&knees&flashlite trick for awhile, go get the garage magnet thingy and start sweeping the rug for it, fail to find it anyway, take the main junk into the heater shed and peen the dam pin, use a screw from an old carb kit, put it back together, finally try a piece of real plastic tarp and have the needle pop out and stitch yer thumb. well now's the time for patience and it's dark anyway, so make some coffee and come up with a resolution. coffee and all the parts in-hand, go back to the drug store & ask the nearest checkout lady for the manager. (smile, be careful not to raise your voice or otherwise tip him off) and very politely ask him if they have management medical coverage. look him straight in the eye and sip your coffee til you're sure the significance of your question has soaked in. suggest to him that some of his merchandise may be less than top quality, pull your bloody thumb out of the bag and ask if he'd kindly get you a box of bandaids. when he does, swap him for the bloody bag of sale junk you lost a whole afternoon to, and leave. at least that's what i did today. :)

hay    Posted 12-23-2003 at 10:01:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
Never get a woman anything that has to be plugged in. i think the manure spreader would be the best.

toolman    Posted 12-23-2003 at 09:14:06       [Reply]  [No Email]
well i don,t see any need to go rush out and do anything rash ,ya might buy something ya don,t need ,opps er she don,t need , best ponder on it some, after all ya still got lot s of time .

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