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Picked up the 8N - photos
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Calypso in Colorado    Posted 12-24-2003 at 20:38:18       [Reply]  [Send Email]

We made the trek (about 100 miles or so) to Castle Rock. We met in a field next to the shell gas station sitting just east of the name sake earthen tablerock (see photo). The Ebay seller who was ready to load her up (do they call tractors her or him?). We started to run through the inspection instructions we had gleaned off the web. Doug the seller advised us it was the most critical inspection he had ever witnessed (and we without out compression checker - go figure ;-)

The tractor was NOT in the shape represented - ugh! We had a bit of a verbal battle In the end, I paid 1325 (300 less than the auction) and took the tractor figuring I couldn't buy a sit down lawnmower for 1325.00 ;-) The seller cried that I was brutal when I informed him he lied when answering my questions and did not disclose some apparent minor problems - all he could say was that it was a fifty plus year old tractor. I replied I don't buy into that nonsense - the only thing people have to make a decision on when buying used things on Ebay are photos (his were out of focus, jittery and lacking in detail) and description. His reply to my pointed questions via email lacked true responses to direct questions as well as avoidance of disclosing, as common courtesy, details of defects. So anyway, I got the tractor - it is all right ;-/ I wasn't as hard as this might read - really. It is three years my junior and I think we will be friends. There are a number of redundant photos here - but I love to look at those old tractors

I thought Anita, my wife, kind of looked like one of those gals from the movie 'Red Dawn" did you ever see that militant epic where the youth of the town became the 'Wolverines.' Well, there was Anita in her beret hat and we sort of ganged up on this guy - but he really deserved it. Anyway - don't think us too harsh. Ebay can be a tough place to get what you think you paid for ;-(

The photos make the little tractor look better than it is in some respects - the sheet metal is a little battered, the PTO leaks, there is a small oil leak in the engine area and the fan belt is in dire need of replacement. Not the original grill. It does not burn oil and seems to run quite good. A little work and this will be a good little 8N. Photos by my son Julian

Merry Christmas Ya'll - We are really glad we found you interesting web folks this year.

Les    Posted 12-25-2003 at 06:42:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
Another reason to remind me---stay the heck away from Ebay.

TO35    Posted 12-25-2003 at 03:37:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'd say you did ok....tractor looks thing I would do is get rid of that vertical stack before you have to buy a can get the correct one(under the tractor) for less than 30

Best wishes and Happy Holidays

calypso    Posted 12-25-2003 at 05:10:05       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Some people have said that the vertical stack is safer regarding brush fires - we are in the high desert out here in Colorado and the grass is tall and dry in the summer - there is always fear of fire. This said if this is harmful to the manifold I will change it?

I think I did get a good deal. It was really a matter of the way it was presented. I think the seller could have got what he was asking AND have disclosed the small problems. If he had simply disclosed the truth to questions directly asked he would have got his price. The fact remains good price or not, it was NOT what is was represented as ;-( It is an Ebay issue. Let me also say I think it was a bit careless and negligent but not intentional. This seller has a fine looking John Deere B still for sale on Ebay. I wouldn't be afraid to buy something else from him. I should have made this clear up above.


SteveB(wi)    Posted 12-25-2003 at 13:05:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
Our 2N has always (30+ yrs.) had a vertical exh. and it hasn't caused any trouble. I recently bought an 8N with horiz. and will change it to vertical when it needs to be replaced, I can't stand the exhaust in my face when connecting stuff in back.

Jim in michigan    Posted 12-25-2003 at 06:13:21       [Reply]  [Send Email]
we have had a vertical stack on ours for all of the 30 years we have had it,, it has done no damage to the manifold. I think it is a matter of preference to people,. I have one 8n with vertical one with the under type,,I have crushed the under type 3 times, and had it rust out 1 time,, I have yet to hurt the vertical one or to have to replace it,,,I like the vertical better cause it isnt down there dragging in the grass and hay causing a fire. as a fire fighter this is important to me,,,Jim

Donna from Mo    Posted 12-25-2003 at 01:18:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'm assuming the tractor runs, and if so... you STILL got a great buy, I'd say.

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