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Country Discussion Topics
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Roosevelt in 1940 ... an interesting story !!!
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History Buff    Posted 10-22-2001 at 19:27:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
I was watching a history channel documentary the other night and it reported that in the early part of 1940 (well before the US got involved in WWII), that good old FDR formally recommended to the British (through the Canadian government who were also at war at the time over there) that the British would be well advised to pack in the fight against the German nation since defeat was inevitable. Obviously, Churchill didn't think too much of the advice and thankfully continued the conflict. I'd never heard that before - anyone on the board here come across that before ???

Mike Taylor    Posted 10-24-2001 at 09:45:02       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Many people have speculated that he knew the attack on Pearl Harbor was coming. I find that to be improbable, but they probably knew an attack was imminent, somewhere. Roosevelt was first a politician and the anti-war faction was to wide spread prior to Dec 1941. He knew that just sending arms to England was not sufficient and that Japan would not set still while we shut off their oil imports.

He also knew that Hitler was clinically insane and had to be put down. And, he knew that England did not have the ability to do that.

Kind of a similar situation we find ourself in today in some respects! History repeats itself cause human nature never changes.

Hogman    Posted 10-24-2001 at 19:23:26       [Reply]  [No Email]
Mike from all I have studied on tha subject I think there was acceptance of the attack.
I do believe also that FDR had no idea it would create that much damage.

Why would the B 17 s be delivered on Sunday? Remember this was peace time,only a very few people on duty.

Was it dumb luck that the radar crew assumed the Jap aircraft to be the 17 s?

True it was stupidity that the only person with a key to the ammo bunker was on the other side of the island spending the week end at home and with the key......

I know this first hand because after the war I served in that unit.

In 52 while in school at Ft Bliss We posed this question with replys available from Board 4. The answer was mosty "no comment" which We construed as meaning pretty muchly yep.

We know the code was broken,the Japanese messages were being monitered, leaving the only excuse as not knowing where They would hit. Logicaly where else?

FDR very badly needed a reason to declare war and an attack on US property would do it.

I doubt the absolute truth will ever be know,but in tha meantime-----------

Les...fortunate    Posted 10-23-2001 at 05:17:02       [Reply]  [Send Email]
My dad was not one to hate anyone. He most assuredly despised FDR...thought the only good thing he ever did was Rural Electrification. He died in '93 and so was spared the next 8 years of embarrassment. I think I now know how he felt.

Jim (Mi)    Posted 10-23-2001 at 03:26:08       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Not sure what is exactly true. Seems he did a lot of secret things around that time. I listen to those audio cassetts, and one is about FDR and how evidence is linked on how he had a planned system on entering us in the war. Pretty interesting.

Franz    Posted 10-22-2001 at 22:31:22       [Reply]  [Send Email]
A lot of interesting things are coming out lately, a result of the 50 year lock on classified documents having elapsed.
One thing that sets a benchmark on WW 2 is the documented fact, the B-29 went on the drawing boards in 1937, the Army Air Corps wanted a bomber that could make a transcontinental bomb run to Germany.
There's also a very good site that has a load of information on the Pearl Harbor attack.

LazyHorse    Posted 10-22-2001 at 20:54:38       [Reply]  [No Email]
I had never heard that before. I find it kind of difficult to believe since at the same time FDR initiated the lend-lease program which was supplying arms and supplies to Britain and the other allies. At the same time he was also beefing up the US military for what he felt was our inevitable entry into the conflict. That was some 20 years before my birth so I don't have any personal recollections from that period. My father was in the army at the time. He was a driver of a tank destroyer. Dad told me many times how even before the war they were training on how to take out the German Panzer tanks which he wound up facing first in North Africa, then the through the Italian campaign, through France, Belgium and on into Germany.

Dave in Mo    Posted 10-23-2001 at 04:36:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
That's right! In St.Louis, they were building the the massive small arms plant in the late 1930's according to my Dad. He worked there prior to enlisting and told me that everyone knew war was coming. They just thought it would be with Germany and not Japan who'd start it with us.

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