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Country Discussion Topics
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That coulda hurt
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deadcarp    Posted 12-30-2003 at 19:53:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
whew - i'm so darn glad to be back among heaters and nitro pills, i dunno where to start! okay, be careful out there gang - i, the one who drives so careful he doesn't need car insurance - i, who know all the local cops well enough to order their donuts - i, who never speed - i, who haven't gotten a ticket for decades (you know the guy) well i just went in the ditch. in fact, twice! it was like this: angie needed diapers for buck and a ride and the whole world had good reason not to go help, so i figured what the heck, it's snowing real pretty and everything's pretty quiet around here, i need a few things from the store, might be a good excuse for buck to slide down the burger king playground - so "i'll be over in half an hour". then i decided to get to the highway quicker, i'd take the shotcut over blueberry bridge. well apparently i dove suzn's minivan into the first corner a tad fast - it kinda started drifting straight and kept going, regardless of my urging and intentions to turn right. (you know that sorta sick feeling of impending surprise when you haven't planned to visit any ditch, much less whatever one's looming its way into the headlites?) boof and she slid into maybe 6 inches of snow, but it was kinda an embankment and the tail did come around right and there weren't any mailboxes in front of me, so i stepped on it, whooptedoo and was back up on the road in seconds. (that's when i started thinking about nitro) well they were at home so settle down, slow down and learn from it right? wrong! coupla corners later, here we go again! this time it won't turn left fast enough to make the corner
and there's a signpost in the ditch to shinny around! in i went again, got it stable and it's still moving and upright, so i tried the momentum trick again. chewed my way to a good spot, maybe 100 feet, but every time i'd try for the road, she'd slow down and slide back into the bottom. so after rocking and getting stuck and walking around the thing and thinking, i decided to try backing up (the thing has great backup lites). well, i did get the rearend within maybe 6 feet of the road but it was gonna take some almighty run to hop the bank backwards, so when the suv came along and offered a tow, i took them up on it. and sure enough, i was only an hour late to angies so the rest of the evening went smooth.

be careful out there! :)

KellyGa    Posted 12-31-2003 at 17:31:39       [Reply]  [No Email]
Here in Georgia, nobody can drive if it snows. Everything shuts down, the stores are void of bread and milk (Why bread and milk?) like its going to be a blizzard. It never last long, it always warms up, and only snows for one day. Glad your okay and didn't dent the vehicle or get stuck! :)

Linda in UT    Posted 12-31-2003 at 10:58:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
About 20 years ago I was heading to work in a nasty snowstorm in Montana. It was 5 am and I drove the 3 miles out to the highway ok, then turned south onto the 2 lane highway for the 13 mile trip to the city.

Visibility was poor, the road was snowpacked, and the only thing I could see were two narrow tire tracks ahead of me. The tracks were so narrow I decided there must be a Volkswagen somewhere ahead of me. I was making fair time, but apparently not catching up to the vehicle in front of me. Those tracks seemed to go on forever, nice and steady.

Suddenly the tracks veered off to the right into the shallow barrow pit, up the slope of a cutoff hill, made a loop back down the hill, through the barrow pit, and chugged on down the highway, nice and steady. Never did see the vehicle, but I'll bet that was an interesting ride he had to the city! I still laugh about it to this day.

My personal ditch story occurred one early spring day when the ice was smooth and shiny as glass. Again, I was on my way to work, but for a different shift and it was daylight this time. Inexplicably, my van just slid into a deep ditch and sank into about 4 feet of snow. (I later learned I had a tire coming apart.) Eventually it took four 4WD vehicles chained together to pull me out of that ditch. I was a part time school bus driver and, of course, every school bus in the district came by about that time. School buses were backed up, full of kids, waiting for me to be pulled out of the ditch. Not a one of those kids forgot they had seen me in that ditch, either! LOL

Aww...    Posted 12-31-2003 at 04:00:21       [Reply]  [No Email]
Other people get all the fun...

No one lets me drive crazy anymore...Dang responsibilities...


Salmoneye, The Envious

Lazy Al    Posted 12-31-2003 at 03:52:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
Better keep those nitro pills in your pocket for times like that .
Last year I was coming home from town on some icey roads when I seen a car coming at me lose it and so I got over to give him room . When he went by me he was pointing the same way as me going about 30 in the other direction looking back out his back window seeing what he might hit . I kept an eye on him when his rearend hit his bank and it swings him around and he never stopped .
Just kept on driving to where ever .
I bet he told that story a few times

Cindi    Posted 12-31-2003 at 00:11:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
It just amazes me that anybody can learn to drive in that slippery mess! I can't drive through mud so I could just imagine the skill it takes to drive on ice and snow. Despite the dives into the ditch sounds like you did good. I love the way that white stuff looks but I'd have to get me a snowmobile.

~Lenore    Posted 12-30-2003 at 20:52:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
along with going off on a joy ride in the snow
in someone elses vehicle,
always take some nitro with you!!!

toolman    Posted 12-30-2003 at 20:50:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
i drive on these types of roads 7 months a year, sounds like you did just fine,better than me most times, my dad would go and do things reach for his nitro , and it would be at home,he would just chuckle.

Dieselrider    Posted 12-30-2003 at 20:06:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
Glad you made it ok. Sometimes the bears have the best idea. Hole up till it passes. Later.

Patria    Posted 12-30-2003 at 20:03:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
Ay Bendito! , sounds like a close call dc, glad you're ok.

Bob/Ont    Posted 12-30-2003 at 20:00:17       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Got that right DC, Glad you made it back okay, Don't want to call you Dead Duck. Sounds like you have some winter out there.
Later Bob

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